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AI: Summary © The importance of knowing who is God and what is included in our beliefs is discussed in a series of segments covering topics such as the Prophet's teachings and the deenzie. The speakers emphasize the need for people to start with accessible and easy information to learn, as it is difficult to get ahold of them. The segment also touches on the history of Islam and its importance in our modern times, as it is taken away from people and requires people to start with accessible and easy information to learn.
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In Alhamdulillah Hina Ahmed who wanna stay in who want to struggle through who want us to hottie when are over we love him in short order unforeseen our women say Marlena

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Mejia de la who further mobile La La warmer Yorklyn Furla her the Allah

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wa shadow Allah.

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Allah Allahu Allah shady Kedah. What a shadow and Mohammed Abu rasool

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah will hottie Bashir and when of the era with the UN Illa Allah he is and he was the Raja monniera

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For sallallahu alayhi wa ala early hit by being a PA here in Oman. surah Allah had you him you know you'll meet Dean

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Yeah, you Hello Dean. Tapachula ha koutou katoa he wants to move to New

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to muesli Moon

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Yeah, are you Halloween? Taco Lucha Kulu colon studied your Salah Hola, como, la como yo KFI locums Uber con? Well May Allah wa Rasulullah who forgot the first 1000 I was in a bad for in Astrakhan Hadith he keytab Allah will Hyrule had he had Dr. Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon Ohmori Martha to her Wakulla Maha dasa timbira Will cooler be the atom Bala will call Ebola to phenol

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indeed or praise and thanks is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him we thank him.

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I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah Allah Allah who is free of any partner.

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And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Salam is his final messenger

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My dear brothers and sisters I want to mention and start

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with a topic which

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starts from

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the fact that Allah subhanaw taala a committed Deen completed our religion

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and that there is no need for any one person in any error or time for them to add to this beautiful Dean.

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed on the Day of Arafah during the Hajj of a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa early was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah comeliness know who, what, when to add a company and Mati What are we to locomole Isela Medina, that today I have perfected your religion and completed my favor upon you, and named Islam as your religion.

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So the deen of Allah Salam Alhamdulillah, his perfect, Allah subhanaw taala gave us everything that we need to know

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the path, the blueprint for us to follow, to be to be from the people of Ghana,

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and how to stay away and to avoid being from the people of the Hellfire.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained everything to us that we need to know

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warned us of every danger and anything that will take us away from the path of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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But we are living in a time of strangeness. We are living in as a man in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us a time would come.

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And how many generations yet to Allah NAS is a man

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where Hadith starts that there would be a time that would come upon a people.

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Whether it would be people like us are way below those unknown people speaking about great matters that affect many Muslims we've mentioned before.

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Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us that knowledge would slowly but surely disappear.

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And knowledge.

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If you might say, Well, isn't the knowledge isn't that in the books, or the books disappearing?

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The books are there.

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But throughout times, the books weren't the places that the people would go to, to seek knowledge. But rather it would be the people of 100. And

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I know thicker, the Allameh and the scholars. This is where knowledge would be taken from.

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But if you ask yourself or you ask others, maybe ask the next generation, the older generation. If you talk about that, who were the ruler of your younger days? Who were the people of knowledge that the people would refer to? Who worthy they passed on Rahim Allah Allah.

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Now in the year 2021, that you ask the people, Manila, Allah Ma, who are the scholars, who are those people that you regularly refer to?

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There are Al Hamdulillah you know, for example conferences that occur once, twice, maybe thrice a year.

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But who are those people of knowledge that you concerning your daily affairs of your deen that you refer to?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in a sound Hadith

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in Allahu Allah could be the only element is onion tizio humaneness that knowledge isn't a stripped away from the people just like that will work in your career. ALMA will cover the literal lemma, but knowledge is taken away by the taking over there Allama by taking over the knowledgeable people.

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Cutter is LMU Taraka lemon until there was a time with the Renault lm

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a Tucker, the nurse rousson to hurler that one the people who do they do what do they do?

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They take ignorant people,

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ignorant people as sources of knowledge for a loofa have to be highly when

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they are asked and they give answers with no knowledge for the blue or blue. They are misguided and they misguide others

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so at this point every single one of us to ask ourselves and those who are under around our responsibility our children and whatnot, how are they learning and how are they teaching? And so on with regards to their Deen?

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Easily months and years can pass when our children they reach adulthood?

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What assess to what foundations have they been given? What have they been taught to remain upon the deen of Allah subhanaw taala

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it is upon us to all ask Allah Jalla wa Ala to ask Allah to guide to keep us firm upon the need to protect our children. But the time will come where your children will have questions

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your children and the next generation will have answers or questions that need to be answered.

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So there you are asking Allah subhanaw taala profusely, many times in your sujood Oh Allah guide my children, keep my children firm upon the deen.

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Why won't fall upon your children. Revelation won't be given to them for them to be guided, that they need to be taught and they need to be shown.

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And in a time where l or knowledge is becoming more difficult to get ahold of where it is thought access to scholars is so much easier with internet and telephones and whatnot in technology. But the actual opposite is happening

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2025 years ago, somehow there was a connection with Allah even though there was no such thing as the internet in the form that we have now.

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So we need to ask ourselves in the direction of what we are doing with regards to instilling knowledge in ourselves and in our families Akula cola there was still fear Allah Holly will come and call you them for stuff have you in know who will have?

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This Mullah will handle the law was salatu salam ala Rasulillah who early he was Herbie he Jemaine.

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Some companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam traveled north.

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And on this journey, there was a small group of them. One of them fell and cut his head

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and there was blood pouring from his head.

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They took rest that night, while this companion body alone who is injured?

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He woke up in the morning having Orcel

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need to be done. Tell him you need he was in a state of Geneva. He needed to perform Wasson so he didn't know what to do. He asked his companions. What do I do? How could you do an ollie rasa? Do you find for me a permission to make TM one.

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They said no you need to make also

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for Qatar Salah format.

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He made awesome and he died.

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This news came back to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa early was a limb for Ramadan. And he was in he was told about what happened.

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And he SallAllahu sallam said Cthulhu Catella harmala They killed him. May Allah fight against them.

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The ruling that they gave led to the death of this individual

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Elesa aloo. Islamia Allah moon, if only they had asked because they didn't know if they did not know for in Sheffield as well.

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The cure for not knowing or ignorance is just to ask

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We are wound by Allah subhanaw taala and many places

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our Lord has made haram many things from them Unto Allah Allah him Allah Allah moon

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to speak about Allah's Deen by that which you do not to know.

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And how many opportunities and ways that we have

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because we're not living in a time where there was absolutely no recourse or connection with a hurdle and with the people of knowledge there are

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but because the

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broad spectrum of who we can refer to and what to refer to has become so diluted and confused, people don't know what to do.

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So where do I start? What do I do?

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There are many ways many things you can do. Nobody's asking you to go to

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slide a body and start reading from that. But start with what the

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generations before us today we'll start with something that is accessible and easy for us.

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An example a lot of pain and now we're we're 40 Hadith of Imam and no Rahim Allah.

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This compilation of 42 or so a hadith cover all aspects of our deen and Eman will be la mala Ekati he will go to be he will also lay the articles of faith, the pillars of Islam, a HELOC, manners, characteristics, all them about it or Dean, the introductory affairs of our religion can be found in these 40 or so a hadith and imagine going through those narrations one by one understanding it correctly. There are so many explanations out there in book form.

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In recorded lecture form,

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it could be said well, Allahu Adam.

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If you go through the 40 Hadith of Imam Nui properly correctly, with a teacher, you may be in the top 10% of Allama or people and knowledge and Islam may be an exaggeration.

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But if you were to go through this correctly,

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how much you would raise yourself

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in terms of your basic knowledge and Islam

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which we don't have an excuse not to know.

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So this may be an area maybe something you can think about you can start with yourself and your families, how to introduce some knowledge in your home and that you start with yourself.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us who fossa Kamali coonara Save yourselves and your families from the hellfire. How do you start doing that? Removing Jehovah removing ignorance from yourself.

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And replacing that with Elmo nerf it with beneficial knowledge.

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Knowledge which involves Karla Allah walk Allah Rasool or a salatu salam, starting with that what Allah has told us, and that what His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us and not to listen to individuals or people or an understanding to say

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that I'm going to refer to the Quran and Sunnah myself.

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I'm going to refer to the sources myself.

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The best of nations never did that.

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The Tabby rune, the students of the companions never said to the Sahaba, we don't need you. We're just going to go to the statements of Allah Allah says, Allah is bound to Allah and the messenger so seldom, and will understand the ourselves they will reliant

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they felt it is a must, to go to the generation before them to learn from them to understand the texts in the correct fashion.

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And this same methodology continued throughout the ages.

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So for people to disassociate themselves from a huddled, Ellyn, from the people of knowledge is a clear marker that the person is on a path of Ebola.

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But the person is on a way of misguidance saying that they themselves are the ones who are going to interpret that they have no link to the dilemma. Don't quote the dilemma. And if they asked who you studied with, I can't tell you. I won't tell you. These are clear signs that this individual

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is marked off.

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There has to be a link with your Allama.

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And so we need to ask ourselves, if there are matters of the deen that we don't know. Who do we ask, and who do we refer to? And when's the last time I actually asked a person of knowledge about the matter?

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Or is it that the past year I never asked one person about a month

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You're my dean, and he's everything that anything came past my way. I had an answer for it.

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How can that be?

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The masters of the religion you had answers for everything. Nobody has answers for everything. We all in need of referring back to the people of knowledge, if not matters of halal and haram, but to advise you,

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as the Companions Radiolarian would advise each other to fear Allah Azza wa Jalla Allah How is your Eman? Let us say Musa let us sit together to mention remember Allah subhanaw taala

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to the straight path. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from ignorance and all of its ills Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad while earlier Muhammad came also later Allah Ibrahim or other early Ibrahim in Naka Homido Majid Allah whom is Hello Manuel Muslimeen Allahumma is islam al Muslimeen Allahu Allah Kalama naffaa Allah who in narrows will become in la mala young Allahumma Fila northern Obama era but I mean Robina Athena for dunya has no effect