What Are The 3 Types of Divorce-Q& A

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So the first type of divorce is Talak. That is when the husband pronounces divorce upon his wife. The second is hola hola is a divorce that is initiated by the woman accepted by the husband. And is she exchanges a portion of her dowry in exchange for being divorced. And then the third is a type of special situation where a religious authority comes in and steps in and dissolves the marriage contract. Now, these are the three sorts of things that are open and available to terminate a marriage contract.

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In the first scenario, it would involve you asking your husband to divorce you. So if he answers, yes, I divorced you, you're divorced, you got it, no problem, then your waiting period starts. Given that we're assuming here that this was done when you're not menstruating, your waiting period starts three menstrual cycles come and go. And then if you have not had sexual relations in that entire time, and you have not decided to reconcile and stay together during that time, then the divorce is finalized and you're no longer married. If you were to get remarried, it would take another contract, and another matter, mother dowry. Okay, if he's not willing to do that, then you can

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pursue or you can pursue the second type of divorce, which is initiated by the woman, so it doesn't take his initiation. And she agrees to relinquish part of her dowry in exchange for the divorce. So that's something that needs to be negotiated between the two, but it's still according to the agreement of both. So if you were given $20,000 in dowry, and you say, I'll give you 10,000 in exchange for a divorce, he says, yes, okay, no problem. Then same thing applies. Once he agrees, the waiting period starts, three menstrual cycles come and go.

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No sex, no decision to get back together, and it's finalized. You're not married anymore.

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If he still under no circumstances, agrees to separation. Then at that point, you need to get somebody else involved. mufti, Accardi, somebody who is a religious authority, that person at that point needs to investigate and make sure it's almost like a court case procedure and used to investigate and make sure everything is how you say it is. And then if they deem fit, they've tried reconciliation. They've tried everything else, then that religious authority can dissolve the marriage contract if he deems it worthy, and Allah knows best