Mohammed Hijab – Zionist Rabbi Piers, I’m Surprised You’re Intimidated by this Man

Mohammed Hijab
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Northern Ireland was another conflict we seemed impossible to resolve it was a long and agonizing and deadly process. But we got there in the end, because both sides talked endlessly about their grievances, their hopes, their needs. And eventually, they did find unity, they find a way to come together, that clearly, we're not going to find peace in the Middle East tonight. But we are going to do something that doesn't happen very often by bringing together two very opinionated, passionate, influential people, very opposing views, and we're gonna have a proper debate. And we're gonna see if somewhere, there is perhaps more that we can agree on than we first imagined. So thank

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you for joining me, gentlemen, we tossed a coin before we came on air tonight. And actually, you won the toss. And you said you want to go second, I defer to my my brother. And the way this will work. Muhammad, we have four sections of this debate. And at the start of each one, you'll both get one minute uninterrupted, to say what you want to say about each of the themed titles of each block. So you go first, and at the end of your minute, you'll hear a sound and when you hear that, you end and then a rabbi, she really gets his chance to speak. So the first theme is a simple one. Are her mas to blame. You have a minute Muhammad from now, from one perspective, Hamas started the battle

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because obviously from October 7, that's even they themselves title it to final AXA or the flooding of Lok Sabha from another perspective here we look at from an international perspective, we're talking about 1967. We're talking about a resolution Syria resolution two for two in which it is actually stated that Israel is in a belligerent state because they're occupying the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. And they have been so therefore the war has been continual for a very long time according to international law. But let's remove Hamas from the situation altogether. Let's remove them. What do you have you have the West Bank and what do you have in the West Bank? You have 187

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children who have been put in prisons that have been put in prisons according to bet Salem without charge, you have 44 children before October the seventh that have been killed before October 7 is in just 2023 alone. So if you remove how much from your patient Well, you have you have the West Bank, you move dominants from the equation of the West Bank, what do you have? You have occupation you have settlement which you condemned, rightfully so you condemn that in your show the settlements there.

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Okay, for arbitrary divorce response resolution 242. In the UN doesn't mention the single thing about aggressive aggression or aggressor that is a total fabrication, and it speaks about disputed territories. But let's be clear, the occupier of Gaza is commerce. They won an election in 2006 had a civil war with MOC. Muda boss took the Palestinian Authority officials threw them off buildings kill Muslims killed Arabs, MOC. Muda boss is afraid to go to Gaza he's terrified of Hamas. He hasn't been there since 2007. And let's be clear, Hamas is an abomination to Islam. So Sultan's de la Cala de and the greatest Muslim conqueror of all time, after whom the main artery and God says name. He

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said that you have to allow all prisoners to be redeemed he would never hold hostages. This is and remember that Islam is about fair treatment of prisoners of war, Hamas beheaded Thai non Jewish workers, you asked your last appearance here for real firsthand sources. I'm the firsthand source I saw it and keyboard solo men, they raped women, they have searched for dead women's bodies, they are evil and do the right things and call them evil. All right, we've had a minute each. Okay, we've got a passionate start. Muhammad, let me ask you about her mass. I want to first before you do that. I want to commend you put it this honestly, because bringing me on for the second time. I have to

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commend you on the fact that you actually condemned the settlements is very good. But people want to know, do you think the idea for a terse organization? No, you don't think okay. Well, if you look at the UN definition of terrorist organization, they say killing civilians for political opinion. Now what?

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According to your definition is killing civilians for political objectives? Why they're not terrorists? Well, you've asked me a straight question. I don't think they are terrible. So when you see babies like this, the ones who killed the ones who killed babies like this are not terrorists. It's horrific. So

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let me let me respond. Yeah. Let me respond. I believe Israel has a right to defend itself. Okay. I agree that they need to get rid of her mass

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in this way. Well, here's the quandary for me morally right. Why is the country that tell you why with Hamas Islamic countries, countries in war in war, when you declare war as Britain did with a Nazi to one ratio? No, no. There are a

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far higher number of children in Gaza proportionate to population than almost anywhere in the world peers so when they get off to give me a chance

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you have done it you are the one who insisted.

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I never did. Respect I will come to you.

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30 seconds I'll come to you is gonna come to you after we finish please. I am charging Muhammad. So my final point on this is unfortunately, in war civilians, ratio

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Oh, yes. Yes, they get killed. No, no, no 100 to one ratio

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Can I say respectfully and I mean, this is no insult. I'm amazed that you're intimidated by this man. I feel I feel well, with all due respect.

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If I can,

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I wouldn't

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if I could speak.

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No, no, he does not because I have I have. Before he did this debate, he went on X on Twitter and said, I'm only doing it if this equal time and then he is violating that I never asked for equal time. I just want to be heard, but he won't even let me be heard. Let me explain something to you. You said in a in a video the other day and you can look me in the eye. You said that Jews are now trembling. Muhammad I am no no, no, no, don't interrupt me. I am not rambling. It's all it's all my Instagram page. Now you see this yarmulke? It means that I represent something I'm an ambassador, you're gonna ambassador. You are talking about a religion that started the world's first

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universities. Educated women thought team I started the first the first university and then in the ninth century in Fez, Morocco irrelevant. Now we have a man who says that he is representative of Islam. He will bring it

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back to me he will defend the Rockaway butchery running away savage really he doesn't care that come on away is it's an abomination to Islam because running away, maybe cos Islam he hasn't done the children in Gaza are dying because Hamas uses them as bullet proof vests. Okay, United States and France. And England said yesterday that the Shifa Hospital is a military base. Okay, that's a tiny veneer. And it's a tiny veneer of emergency rooms. But the underneath all of it is a military bathroom. And let me tell you something, if it's true that any of these countries care about the Muslims in Gaza, because they believe what he's saying that Israel is killing them. This is a map of

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all the countries that took place last week in Riyadh to save the Palestinians of Gaza from Israel. Do you know how many that's Israel a tiny thing? You know, many of them took an even long Palace away from Gaza. Zero, nothing. All right, get that? Because they

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don't intimidate me don't believe

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it intimidate me.

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It's a debate. Let's come. Let me ask you one specific question which he raised, which I don't think actually is your belief? I don't think you have to defend your hammers dead on October the seventh? Yeah, I haven't. I think you share if

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I'm wrong about this. Are they evil?

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accuse him of doing so. Let me ask you. What is your view of a mass post October 7? I think that they are just like anybody else have to be examined have to have to look at all the most your opinion about? Yeah, I think that if look, here's my opinion, it would be straightforward about this, right? Anybody who kills civilians, anybody, whether it's the IDF, I'm consistent in this manner. With if if it's proven with beyond reasonable doubt, that these people have killed civilians in both of our faith traditions in Islam and Judaism, in the Quran is mentioned in the prophet. He said himself, you cannot kill him. A woman cannot kill a child. I condemn them. I condemn them.

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That's why I do straight away, whether it's Muslim, whether it's non Muslim, whether it's Christian or anybody else. I've already said that. So I'm not being inconsistent here. My question is, if that is exactly the barometer that we're using, if that's the moral reasoning that we're using, then we have to say, look, if you have a 100 to one ratio, and that's what it is 100 to one ratio. And you know how I got this figure, I got this figure from the IDF themselves, because they have reported but let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. Does Hamas deserve to stay in power after what they did? I don't think we should have Hamas in power what I think we should know, let me tell you, we

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should we should have rid of them. We should have a Palestinian authority with bigger army, okay? And airports with proper tanks. And with aeroplanes, like every country, you know what you might be right? They won't allow it.

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If you get rid of a mess, what you don't do I can tell you for a fact is try and kill three thoughts. 1000 of them with 100 to one ratio, because if you do that, then you can get in genocide because you'd have to kill 3 million Palestinians. Do you even do even know the definition of genocide? I haven't said genocide once that you just said I just said if you read the definition of genocide, what I said if you do always claim to be an academic you're always missing your Oxford conditionals what is the definition alright.

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sinusitis where?

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You target and ethnicity for extinction Genoa ethnicity side. Yes. If you

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if your

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point over 1.8 million Muslim was live in total peace in Israel as equal citizens in fact, Israel practice reverse discrimination against the Jews because the Jews are constricted from us. So

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excuse me, no, you will not interrupt me if you will not interrupt it you will not interrupt.

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To me, you will not you will not bully me you will not drop me. I am not afraid.

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Let me shout over each other well, then let then you need to control your guests. Well, do

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you control both? Yes, set equal time and there's no equal time now there's no equal time if Israel was interested in a genocide of the Palestinians, why do they have 1.8 million equal Arab Muslim citizens who are in the Israeli Supreme Court who are 1/3 of the medical profession?

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Do you know that an Arab an Arab judge but the President of Israel in jail for accused * that was Moshe Katsav that's how little Israel is an apartheid state genocidal state this man sitting next to me Muhammad hijab will not distinguish between self defense when Hamas comes to brutalize and murder your people versus when an army like France stops on a verb I should retaliate simply protect I believe that you should have a right to say no right and then say it

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Everybody has a right to the facts

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but no, no, hey, hold on. Let me tell you let me tell you why they can go and no question go ahead.

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Yes, they can go into even fight even Apple obeyed the general of hummus he said no fintiba recommened Arabic we are waiting for you that's why Hold on. You've asked me a question. They do have a right what my advice what I've been advocating all along is face to face confrontation. What I'm against hold on Excuse me. Why I'm against is 100 to one ratio because if you have to come to

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hiding under hospital what face to face conference come

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with face to face conference to like it rock to is less honorable wait Mach two is exactly this question.

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