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Weekly Halaqa – Episode 08 (17th April 2015).

Adab al Mufrad is a hadith book compiled by Imam Muhammad ibn Ismail al Bukhari. It contains 1,322 ahadith.
The book is about the manners of Prophet Muhammad SAWS.

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So we'll start in Charlottetown on page number 46. Chapter 25, the duty of maintaining ties of kinship and Kool Aid, Kool Aid even. He said, my grandfather said, messenger of Allah. So he went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he approached him and he tells us or asks the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, towards whom should I be dutiful? Who should I be dutiful, towards? So he said, towards your mother, your father, your sister, and your brother, then towards your relative, the nearest to them. So obviously, after your brother than your relatives, those that are near to you, the immediate relatives and the extended relatives, this is an obligatory duty, and

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those ties of kinship must be maintained. And we'll see why they must be maintained very shortly in Charlottetown. Obviously, we took some examples of that. So he shows us the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being dutiful, towards your mother, towards your father, towards your sister towards your mother, your brother. Now he mentioned the immediate family members, right people who are there within our household almost every single day, your mom, your dad, your brothers, your sisters, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, towards your relatives who are your relatives? Yep.

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Yeah, like not really their names, but who are relatives of yours that don't live in your house? your cousins? Okay, who else?

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your aunts? Okay. Your uncle's All right.

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Your grandfather good. Those are all relatives of yours, right?

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Oops, sorry. So, our relatives that live in our house, as well as those that don't live in our house. It's an obligatory duty meeting, we must do this as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, wherever on the lower end, he mentions that he said on the following verse was revealed, warn your nearest relatives. Now for those that have the book, you can simply look up the verse number, it's written there, 26 to 14, or if you look to the Arabic writing, you'll notice that as soon as you're sure at all, but there's a mistake on the Arabic. So it's not verse number. 412 is 214 on the Arabic side, okay, so you can just cross that out. It's actually verse number 214. And then it's

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also mentioned what ended our Ashi article, probably. So the army versus men is mentioned there. So now we're teaching a little bit on how to use these books, right? Because books with regards to Hadith and Islamic studies are used in a specific manner. There's ways of looking through them researching through them, and this one is actually fairly simple. And you'll see that as we go along. So it was also can with Allah says in the Quran, warn your nearest relatives.

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When this verse was revealed, don't be alarmed as it says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he stood up and he called out. He called out Oh, venerable cab, even Louis, right. So he calls out to the tribe of Bengal caribou eight, save yourselves from the fire. He then calls out to Ben who optimal enough Save yourselves from the fire, then we should save yourselves from the fire Ben who are doing about it, save yourselves from the fire fathima his daughter, he calls out to his own daughter faulty model de la Miranda. He says, save yourself from the fire. I cannot alter a Boston handle with errors are actually a decision about you. I cannot alter that the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam says, so your actions, your your speech, where you go, what you do, whatever it is that you do in your life, you are responsible for it. That's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling them, save yourself, be dutiful towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. He then says, I cannot alter a decision about you if you deserve it, meaning if there's something that is decreed upon you as being negative, or a punishment or anything of that sort, I cannot alter it. This is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam saying, accept, accept, accept for what except for the fact that you have ties of kinship, which I shall maintain. So the profits are the long values and and tell

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them it's your responsibility to save yourselves. But I will maintain my responsibility upon you that I will try my best to look after you as family members as those who I am responsible towards forgiving the deen and bringing closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But I can only do so much my ties of kinship is what I will maintain.

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So we see in the commentary, some of those some of you who have the book you will now notice that

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There's a commentary as well, we won't go through the entire commentaries I never have been throughout the beginning. But I will point out a few things with regards to those. So first and foremost, the Hadeeth orders, maintaining ties of near relatives, without restricting it to the Muslims among them alone. So we covered this previously, that maintaining ties of relationship is not restricted to the Muslims only. If you're, if your family members are not Muslim, you still have to maintain relationship with them.

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And for some people, you will notice, actually, let me ask because I asked this previously, how many of you have relatives or someone who's related to your family that are non Muslim?

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everyone in your family, you have relatives that are not Muslim?

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Yeah, who

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one of your hunts Masha Allah is not Muslim, great, and you still have to respect her. Right? You have to be nice to her, you have to help her. She needs anything. You have to go over and visit her you have to speak to her nicely. You can't tell her things like Oh, you're just gonna go to hell, because you're not Muslim, right? You don't say things like that. You've seen it, I wish that you would go to Jenna, I wish that you would, you know, when they usually come with me to the cluster, I'll show you everything about the machine, I'll show you how the the carpet is different colors. I'll show you how, you know how our bathrooms are so clean. And I'll show you how we have a

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basketball court inside it. And I'll show you how you know the families get together. And I'll show you how this cool guy comes in. He's a smart cats, right and you tell them these things right and bring it to the lesson you should be happy and shot a lot of data, right? Because you're young, and she will be happy to learn that from. So it is not restricted to Muslim family members alone, we must be dutiful, towards those who are non Muslim.

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Now, for some of you sitting here, you probably most of you didn't raise your hands. Right. But I think I mentioned it last week or a few weeks back, that it could very well be possible that one of your children marry into a family of someone who's in unison, and therefore all of their relatives will not be Muslim. So it's important for us, especially as parents to learn these values and these morals and how to interact and behave with those future or potentially future in laws. Who will insolvable to either through the guidance of our children, and through the good example of our children that if they do marry into families of that sort, they will be a good example for them, and

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how to treat them and how to interact with them how to behave with them. So this is very important. Don't think that you don't have, you know, non Muslim relatives. So you don't need to pay attention you do because you need to teach this to your children as well. The prophet SAW the Lama and he was someone would quickly act upon the instructions of the Quran and give admonition. So another point that we extract from this is that the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would immediately act upon the verses of report and that were revealed to him immediately.

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He would not only act upon it, he would teach it to the Sahaba of the law, teach it to the companions that these are verses of the Quran that were revealed here, I'm giving it to you immediately act upon it. Right. And that was, as we see happening here in this example, a third point that I want to take out is everyone is enjoined to hasten towards acting upon good deeds and not depend on nor take pride in family ties. So it's important that we immediately act upon goodness, as we said, in our football today, those that were here, right, immediately act with goodness upon goodness, and try to spread goodness as much as we possibly can.

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Without insulting people without taking advantage of family ties. And we must not abuse our family ties and connections that we have as well. So for example, let's just say, your father, your uncle, you know, maybe even your brother is the president of the masjid or someone who's on the board or the Shura of the masjid. And you think now you can come to the masjid and use the masjid as you will, because your uncle or father or brother is going to just overlook it and you're untouchable. So you can come in when you want, you can use a basketball court when you want you can take take toilet paper home if you want. That's not the case, you can't abuse it, right just because your

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family has some sort of link to something or let's say you have a relative who works at Tim Hortons and so every time you go there, he or she gives you something for free, when they're not supposed to do it. They might be able to do it for themselves that you can you know, it's a great time so they might be able to take a donut that's you know, been there for more than four hours or something or you can make yourself a hot chocolate or coffee. Whatever the deal is, I don't know

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I never worked at Tim Hortons, but they might use that advantage as an employee and give it to family members. And I'm not saying to more than zoning. I'm saying this is an example that applies across the board. Wherever you work, whatever your profession is, if you're still in school, you can't change you can't get away with it. You're not supposed to use your family ties that benefits you in ways that are negative and displeasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala connecting Family Ties is emphasized Of course in this heading in chapter 26, maintaining ties of kinship.

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I'm sorry, he said a bed when men came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was traveling solo a Bedouin man he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was traveling.

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He asked, tell me what will bring me near to paradise and keep me away from the fire. What will bring me closer to gentleman and what will push me further away from john. He replied some longer that he was sent to

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worship Allah and do not associate anything with him and perform the prayer and pays the cat and maintain ties of kinship for things the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells him to worship a father with a loss of Hamlet is slowly without associating partners to him. He also says

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prayer and two pays a cow. Now what is the difference between performing prayer and worshiping Allah subhana wa tada without a partner isn't worshiping a long prayer.

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We noticed that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam here says if you want to attain genda and you want to stay away from jahannam worship Allah subhanho wa Taala without associating any partners and perform your prayer but performing your prayer is a better it is worshiping Allah so why does he separate the two who can tell us

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some of the parents yes

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exactly example

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Okay, was the guys mentioned so we won't touch

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good so the brother for the sisters that can't hear the brother said because saw that story because the ADA is not only set up it's not the only type of variable there's other types of that as well. Like for example going to work and doing things that are liked and loved by Watson handling data and obviously we'll give a few examples Yes.

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So performing acts of worship based on the way that the current states to perform them like what for example?

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Right so acting in accordance to the law and is considered a bad itself good very good example. Yes.

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interacting with other people as the Sunnah of the Prophet Salam or the command of a lawsuit handling data advises us to do so who else

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anything else there's loads of different types of data Come on.

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getting set up What else?

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donating something good giving sadaqa to a Masjid What else? fasting good.

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Reading and exactly reciting for

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going for online Hajj. Yes.

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Respecting neighbors very good. What else making dry

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respecting parents donation and this youth Mashallah Mila and without a blessing here. This is my daughter's favorite chocolate three. He mentioned what I was looking for. He mentioned making drop. Now there are different types of a God as we just saw, right? We just saw so many different types of data saying I said Mr. Lee Kumar, somebody over a casual or any

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other casual dessert

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right you enter into the bathroom you say the dryer you exit the bathroom, you say the dryer, these are all different types of data. you're connecting with a Muslim handle the data, you're worshiping Him praising him in ways that he likes and appreciates. But this use Mashallah he said something that's amazing. The Prophet sallallaahu it was something Thomas adore up.

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Dora is now there's a different narration of this Hadees that some of you might have known

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I have a very bad drama, which is actually weak narration, the authentic narration is a drama about it. Doha is a bad it is worse. And we know that Allah is a type of drama.

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And when I just said, seem desirable level seems to drown when you go into the bathroom seem to drown when you come out of the bathroom scene as well when you enter or exit the mustard. Before you eat, you say Bismillah these are all types of doors. But to sit and make your eye as well as a type of a bad when you're driving your car and you say somehow the law This is a tape of very bad, right? So there are many different types of very bad. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us to worship a lot alone without associating partners ends up so so that is a type of drama is a type of very bad, but it's something separate is the first thing that will be questioned the boats

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in sorry, on the day of judgment, our set up? Did you perform your sold out? Did you fulfill your sought out, right? And the profit for Walmart, he was sending the highlights and aspects without associating partners with a law.

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You know, when you want to get good grades, sometimes you might go and suck up to the teacher. All right, you want to pass an exam, you want to pass your grade. So you be extremely nice to the teacher, thinking that the teacher is the one who's going to pass you or fail you. The reality is it's not the teacher.

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It's a law that passes or fails you in a subjective school. So if you do good, the teacher will see that you're a good person, you're good students, you attain good grades, they will simply sign or write on a paper that you passed. But it's up to a loss of handle with Allah to guide that person to allow you to pass as well. So don't think that you can simply go to someone else other than a loss of habitat and you want something, you have to go to a lot, you want to pass the first thing you need to do is make drive to a lot. All right. And drive itself is powerful. Just like the drive is to holla How many of you perform is to harder? on guys, you performed it because you're looking for

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a way for

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the only time really that we perform salata is the hotter and the drought is the hotter is when we are looking for a spouse, which is not the way it's supposed to be. How many times have we performed a staccato this year? Okay, let me say have we performed? Is the heart of this year? More than once? Raise your hand.

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Yeah, see? Many of us, right? How many of us have had to make a decision this year? That was a little bit challenging for us to make. And we were worried and concerned. But we still made that decision. Raise your hand if you've made a decision.

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You haven't made any decisions? That doesn't make any sense, right? We've all had to make decisions. And any decision that we have to make, we should always turn to a loss of Hannah Montana to bless us in that decision. And so we should all be performing is not 25 years ago when we got married, right? But we should be performing. So that is to call in the door out of his car when we want to make a decision or we're stuck or we're trying to choose between something. So I'll also handle the Titanic and make it easy for us and bless us through that. Okay, so let's get away from this trend of only performing a staccato when it's time to get married. Because that's actually not correct, right.

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It's actually it's narrated and reported that some of the companions a lovely long ride home would pray and make the drive is the product more than 10 times a day. Some of them more than 10 times a day. And we might not even do a stick on a 10 times in our life because we only get married once right?

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I wasn't sure how to make it easy for us to hear someone say some of us and we're not gonna get down that road.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned prayer he mentioned things that God and he says maintain ties of kinship, maintaining ties of kinship, these that will get us into gender. associating partners with a lot will not get us into gentlemen, right? praying our Salah will get us into gentlemen 18 hours a cat will get us into gender and keep us far away from janome.

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We see in the commentary here.

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A Siemens by Avi Hamza he said, if there are non Muslims and evil doers, disconnecting relations with them for the sake of Allah is a way of maintaining ties with them on the condition that efforts will be made.

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to admonish them, it will also be made known to them that that is due to their keeping away from the truth. Even at that, one will still supplicate for them in their absence that they should return to the right path. So for example, he gives us a powerful statement, someone who harms you and asks you to do evil things, or someone who's possibly related to you and wishes evil and negativity upon you. And you have to break away those ties of kinship, maybe because they're forcing things upon you, forcing you and you come to their house to drink alcohol, for example, forcing you to do things that is displeasing and sometimes even shirk, with a loss of handled water. And then in that state, it

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might be, of course, it's best to go and seek guidance from someone who has learned a sheriff an email to someone of that sort that will be able to guide you through making a better decision. In that case, it might be best for you to not sever the ties, but distance yourself from interacting with them, okay, not severing the ties of kinship, but distance yourself from interacting with them, limiting the interaction with them. That might be your way of keeping cotton keeping those ties of kinship, how simply because you then have to tell them, because of x, y, Zed actions, or the forcing that you put upon me to do things that are displeasing to Allah, I am going to limit my interaction

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with you, not because I hate you, not because I don't like you not because of any other reason, except for the fact that you are trying to take me away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Therefore, until you can bring me closer to Allah or you can accept my lifestyle and the way that I am, I'm going to limit to my interaction with you. But I will still continue to pray and ask Allah for you to be saved, for you to be protected for you to be guided for you to be a good person. And that's what's meant by this statement. Okay. So yes, there is sometimes the case where someone is being harmed by their parents, by their relatives by their friends, or sorry, we shouldn't say friends

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here, because we're talking about ties of kinship. And that is a sometimes it doesn't happen all the time. We sometimes think our cases the most severe, we can't deal with it. As we said last week, do you think gender is easy to be acquired? Do you think that you will enter gender as the last panel analysis, you will attain gender without being tested without going through the hardships of those that came before us? It's not easy. Gender is not easy. Anything that's good is not easily acquired, or attained. Someone who wants to wake up for Fazal. I know today a brother was asking me and the way that he was asking me You can tell this person has not prayed for a long time.

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But he's asking sincerely now, he wants to begin praying.

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And so he was asking me questions. And the sincerity of his questions, were apparent that this is someone who now wants to come closer to a loss of power.

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And that's good. Also hand with our wishes good upon this person. And it's not going to be easy. For example, what time is your job?

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If I ask all of you what type of job you're looking at the wall, right? Looking at the wall,

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you already know, about hamdulillah. Even our youth know, right? That goes to show us that we know the time of project. If someone is asking you what time is low, you would think like really, like around midday just a little bit after you have like a chunk of hours, maybe four or five hours, you can pray anytime within that time. Right. But you know, right away this person, maybe he's been disconnected from a law firm for a long time. Now he's going to try now it's going to be a little bit difficult, but he's going to work hard, he's going to put in the extra time put in the extra effort. He's going to you know, grease those joints in him that have never been used for many

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months, maybe even many years. It's not going to be easy to perform the sudo to sit in the shower to make a report properly. But that's what it takes to get to gender. And so we need to work hard to get gender. You might go through difficulties with her family, with your relatives, and that's okay. Because that is only the struggles that we go through to get. So when something hard happens to us, and I know it's difficult, trust me. It's

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Much easier said than done. But when we go through the hardships, we should know in the back of our minds that I'm earning my job. I'm getting my agenda, and I'm building an agenda and shot a lot of data from my parents as well. So we need to strive as hard as we possibly can. In the next Howdy, what time is 140? Okay, inshallah we'll take another couple of days a little bit long, but they're just worried

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about what I will do, Lamar, and he said, the Messenger of Allaah, so long, I think you send them said,

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on one of the mighty and exalted, created the creatures When he had finished with that with that was creating the creatures, kinship arose.

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Now, you're probably thinking, What do you mean kinship,

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kinship, maintaining the ties of kinship

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in Arabic, as we see, it begin to speak to a lot.

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Now, it sounds strange, but that's a reality. You know, inside of us, we tend to overlook who we really are. Allah created us. And within us, we have fear. Fear is a creation of a lot. in us, we have hope, hope is a creation of a month. In us we have the ability to maintain Family Ties or to destroy family ties, it's called the writing is also a creation of Allah.

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When we feel sad, that's a creation of a lot sadness, all of these feelings are creations of us accountable. And on the Day of Judgment, they will speak to us

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they will testify to a lot based on how we work. So our maintaining of the ties of kinship will speak to a lot will communicate to a lot and don't think this is superficial is actually an authentic narration. If you look down at the end of it in blue, it says authentic. Okay, so almost of Hannah Montana, he created the creatures. When he finished creating the creatures kinship arose, meaning it stood up it spoke up, almost said stop, told it stop.

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It said, so it spoke to Allah subhana wa, Tada. This is the opportunity for one is seeking refuge with you from being cut off. This is my opportunity to seek nearness to you. I don't want to be cut off from you. I don't want to be cut from you from a connection with a loss of habitat. Imagine that it's hard to imagine our children have a good time doing it because they watch a lot of movies and stuff, right? You guys watch movies?

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cartoons? cartoons? No?

00:27:56--> 00:28:00

Who doesn't watch? No, no. He doesn't watch cartoons.

00:28:03--> 00:28:03

His father's like?

00:28:05--> 00:28:07

Who else? No, you don't?

00:28:11--> 00:28:12

Okay, so

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I heard one of you liar.

00:28:18--> 00:28:23

So it spoke up and said this is the opportunity for one who seeks refuge in You to

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go seeking refuge with you from being cut off also kind of what Allah said, Are you not content that I should maintain connections with the one who maintains connections with you, and then I should cut off the one who suffers from you. Meaning if someone cuts off their ties of kinship with someone else, Allah will cut his ties of kinship with that person, meaning the connection you have with Allah, Allah will cut that connection. If you cut your connection with your family members, you get that? So when we cut our connection with our relatives, Allah told, kinship told

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those amongst the creation that Have you eaten, we all have ties of kinship from amongst us, if we cut off our ties of kinship, Allah will cut his connection with us.

00:29:19--> 00:29:31

Very powerful statement very deep. And this was done at the time before you and I were even born. When a lot created the creation.

00:29:32--> 00:29:59

It said that it responds to a lot. Yes, indeed, my Lord. He said that. Allah says back you have that meeting, you will not be cut from me, except that the person that you are part of cuts themselves off from their relatives. Then over the long run, he makes a statement with regards to this he says, If you wish you can recite, so remember what I was going to

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telling us this Headey now he's giving us some advice. He's telling us, he says, If you wish you can recite. And the verse of the Quran is mentioned there. The hell I say to him into enlighten, and to see to fill out the what to what to do, or how would you then if you were given the command work corruption in the land and sever your ties of kinship? Would you do that you wouldn't. If you understood this, if you understood the fact that a law will cut his ties with you off, if you cut your ties of relationship off with your family members, then you wouldn't do it. But you need to understand it first. And this is not a Hadeeth

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that is commonly spoken about. So you just learned something that is very powerful.

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A statement that many people would not hear. And this is each and every one of us have responsibility. It is our responsibility now to take this to our friends, our family members, our relatives, and let them know of these statements. teach them about it, tell them I even though you hate me, I don't care. I will maintain ties of relationship with you. I will say goodness about you, I will ask for goodness for you. I will make do out for you. I will wish goodness upon you and so on and so forth.

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We'll stop there.

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Or should we finish the chapter? We want to finish the chapter?

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Yes, yeah, finish the chapter. Okay. We'll finish the chapter. Mohammed even Moosa reported that even our bus or the love more said, Sorry about the alohar and Homer said about the verses of the plan and you can read through the verses of the Quran there, give the relative is due and the needy and the traveler and the squander not for your wealth. And this is actually very traditional English translation of the Quran. So for those of you that want, you can find it a nicer, more understandable, translation go to core And you will find a beautiful from similar publications. International, they have a beautiful, more modern translation of the Quran. When I say

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modern, it's not like the the Bible that has a New Testament. It's just more understandable English, we don't use words like you see here in this translation here, like thou,

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who says though, how many of us tell our children thou art smart, we never say that,

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thou art in trouble, go with to thy room. We don't speak like that, right. So more modern English is used by say International. So in the verses there, Allah Subhana, Allah mentions, good, and so on and so forth. He begins by commanding we move down as you see the numbers, he begins by commanding the most pressing of the obligatory dues, and he directs men to the best action if he has something. So if you have something, give it to someone, do goodness to others, by his saying, Give the relative is to give to your relatives what they deserve. And this is not the cat brothers and sisters, we don't give our zecca to our relatives, why?

00:33:31--> 00:33:33

I spoke about this before Why?

00:33:38--> 00:33:55

Because taking care of your relatives is already an obligation. We can give them our setup, the profits little value, someone told us the best of soda that we give, is that that is given to our relatives, our family. So spend on your family's bazooka

00:33:56--> 00:34:18

is something additional that you give to others, those that are not related to you. Because sadaqa itself is an obligation that you must give. Sorry, maintaining the family relations is something that's an obligation and you must give to your families and that you consider something okay, so give yours a cat outside of the home.

00:34:19--> 00:34:38

He teaches men how he should excuse yourself if he has nothing. So Allah subhana wa tada here in the verses when you read through it, you'll notice Allah says don't stretch your hand out and give everything away. But before he says that, he says, Don't hold your hand. You know, if I give you all this candy and chocolate, you'll be like, all

00:34:40--> 00:34:48

right, you hold on to it. And you'll notice a loss of habitat. It says don't hold on to it, grasp it and you'll hold it to your next meeting.

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

Mine right chokes you to give it to someone else. Right. But at the same time, don't just give all your wealth away. That You Might be of the person that

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

Now has to go and beg from the people that need your money to.

00:35:04--> 00:35:39

So in these verses a loss of handling data shows us the importance of giving to the traveler giving to the family maintaining those family ties, but at the same time, don't be stingy and greedy with your wealth, yet don't be so open and giving it and just let it flow and it's all gone and taken away from you and then you sit there and you cry and you weep. We know many examples of the companions of the Alomar at home. They would give all that they had, right? How many of us know these examples? We've heard of it before write a book cover the logline on

00:35:41--> 00:35:52

an iPhone. I leave the low hanging from the from the waterfowl Rashidi, they themselves used to give from their wealth had all of it, he used to compete amongst each other to get their wealth.

00:35:53--> 00:35:54

But they weren't poor.

00:35:56--> 00:36:41

They didn't have, but they didn't have to go and beg. So the example that most people don't, are the part of the example that most people don't explain is that yes, they would give all of their wealth. But they would go back on the markets the next day and make back what they had sometimes double what they had triple what they had 10 fold of what they had, and they would make it back to the next day or the next week or the next month. So they didn't need to make these struggles. Yes, they did take me on small amounts of food, sometimes not enough clothing. But that was enough. That was enough. It was sufficient for them, their families were okay and comfortable with it as well.

00:36:43--> 00:37:05

And then when they needed more, they would simply go and get more. So here it was finally dad is saying don't give all your wealth, don't give your house don't give all your cars and your bank accounts. Don't give your business away that you have nothing after to go back and get some more wealth. If you have a business and you give from what you have failed. The business is bringing more money in. So that's good. Right.

00:37:09--> 00:37:17

So we'll start there and shall Dr. Hanna and we'll continue next week on chapter 27 from chapter 27 onwards.

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We'll open it up for q&a. But will I think is it time for dnn hopefully

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still some time? Okay, so q&a inshallah. anyone has a question.

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