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Al-Hajj 1-24 Translation 1-24

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah

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now whether we want to solve a lot of pseudo HIV karimabad fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Frobisher it Saudi were silly, Emery Washington. Let me melissani karhu Cody probenecid in Lesson number 168 surah two hedge is number one to 24 translation. Yeah Are you here? or a nurse who the people? It Taku your fear. Rob bekam you're in indeed Zelda earthquake a saga of the hour. Shay on a thing or Lehman great

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yolmer en de Tarragona hi her. You all will see it. That Hulu she will forget she will be distracted. Gullu every move there are 10 nursing mother. I'm from what have that she was nursing, what other and she will put down Gulu every vetti possessor hamlen of pregnancy hamler her her pregnancy, what are our and you will see anessa the people so Cara as ones intoxicated, drunk,

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warmer and not home they be zucchero at all once intoxicated, while our kin, but are the punishment, Allah He of Allah shed Eden is intense is severe.

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Woman and from a nasty the people man who yuja de leeuw he disputes fee in Allah He Allah bill at without eliminate any knowledge where we are and he follows color every shade line in shape on w devil married in rebellious katiba it was decreed I lay upon him and know who that indeed he man whoever though Allah who he befriends him for under who then indeed he you will know who he will miss guide him where he and he will lead him either to either punishment or sorry, of the blazing fire.

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Yeah, Are you her or anass the people in if quantum you were fee in Raybin, any doubt men from adverse the resurrection

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for inland then indeed we have a Lacuna Coil we created you men from Robin dust. So more than men from notified in a sperm drop. So, then men from are locked in a clinging substance or a leech like suspended thing.

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Some then men from Moodle attain a lump of flesh,

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more maharlika one formed was a and not mohalla aka one formed Li Nabina so we may make clear Lacan for you, we're not a row and we cause to settle fee in our hand the wombs, man, whatever, Misha Oh, we will either do agile in a time muslimah one fixed, sum, then no hurry to come, we bring you out

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as a child, so my then Lita boo, so you will reach I should the comb your majority. women come and from you, man who you thought was, he is raised? why men come and from you, man who euro do he is returned Illa to other than most abject, most miserable or more the age licola so that not your element? He knows men from body after element knowledge shape anything. What are our and you see the earth? hammy that and barren for either but when and zelner we sat down, I lay her upon it, Allah the water. It does. It stirred one robot and it's wild. What under that and it grew. Men from goodly every zodion gained by Heejun beautiful, lovely.

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There Lika that be under because Indeed, Allah Allah who are he is the truth.

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Well under who and that indeed he you he he gives life a motor to the dead ones are under who and that indeed he Allah upon Kali every shame thing pudieron always all able or under and that indeed Azhar the our tier two one that is coming they're not briber any doubt fee her in it or and that Indeed Allah Allah Guevara through here is his or he will raise man who fee in Elko boo the graves woman and from a nursing the people man who yuja de leeuw he disputes fee in Allah He Allah vileda without Inman any knowledge wala and nor houden guidance Allah and nor keytab a book Munir illuminating

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Fannia one who bends one who twists earthy he his neck or his side

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Lila so he misleads on from Sabine Wei Allahu of Allah La who for him fee in adonia The world is your humiliation went to the zoo and we shall make him taste yo ma en de la Amma the standing are their punishment and how do you have the burning fire?

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There Lika that vema because of what ultimate it sent ahead, the other can your two hands are and that Indeed, Allah Allah laser he is not billing them at all, one who is unjust, they are being paid to his servants or to the servants.

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What woman and from a nursery the people man who Yakubu he worships Allah, Allah, Allah upon how thin and edge for him then if our Sahaba who it reached him higher on some good, Atma and he became satisfied. Be happy with it. We're in and if asaba to it reached him fitna tone, a trial in Canada, he returned Allah upon what he he is face, hustle, he lost adonia the world while a healer and the hereafter there Lika that who it is also on the last movie in the clear, gather he invokes men from donella he other than Allah, man that which led not yellow iRULU it harms him warmer and that which lead not yen for who it benefits him. There Lika that who he is abala the misguidance and varied the

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one for

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the extreme.

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The other he invokes lemon surely one who Barbara who his harm uporabo is closer, main than never he is benefit libbets surely how bad? Surely Richard Alola the protector? Well a bit sir. And surely how bad Ella she the companion?

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In Indeed, Allah Allah eautiful he will admit alladhina those who am a new day believed what army do and they did asylee had the righteous deeds, Jeannette gardens, that God it flows, men from death the hair underneath it, and how the rivers in indeed a law of law. Yes, he does. Man what you read he wants man whoever Ghana he was yellow new he thinks on that land never young Sora who he will help him Allahu Allah fit dunya in the world well as era and the hereafter Valium that then he should extend the suburban with Arab Ella to a summer the sky, summer then Leah Cotta, let him cut off

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fairly and then he should see how does Will you the urban it definitely removes gay the who his plot man that which you do it in rages, it angers

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worker their liquor and thus under law who we have revealed it we have sent it as as versus bugginess. Once clear, well under and that Indeed Allah Allah yesterday he guides man whoever you read he wants in Indeed, Allah Vina those who

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I knew they believed when Medina and those who had do they became Jews also been and the Serbians one nesara and the Christians, one more Jews and the major ones the fire worshippers, one Medina and those who are Shaku they did ship in Indeed Allah Allah yfc lu He will judge bainer home between them Yama en de LTM the standing in the Lucha Indeed Allah, Allah upon Kali, every che anything shahidan a witness

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and and did not tell you see and that Indeed Allah Allah yes do it prostrates lahu for him man who fee is in a seminar the heavens woman and who fell out in the earth was shampoo and the sun will come around and the moon one region and the stars will double and the mountains will shadow and the trees what the web and the animals well Kathy Iran and many men from a NASA the people work a theorem and many hacker it became true. I lay upon him

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or there will the punishment woman and whoever you Haney he disgraces he humiliates Allahu Allah firmer than not level for him. Main from macrame anyone who gives respect

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anyone who bestows on

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in the Lucha Indeed Allah. Yes, he does, man whatever your shirt he wants. had any these two horsemen are two adversaries

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if there's some they have disputed fee in robbing him there are fun leadin and so those who go through they disbelieved got that it was got a home for them. Thea been close main from now fire you sub boo it will be bored men from fofi above rocm their heads and humming the boiling water

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use Hello. It will be melted. Be happy with it. Man what fee is in with only him their bellies while you loot and the skins what a home and for them macadamia or meses hammers men from headed in iron

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Coloma every time or do they intended and that Yahoo do they come out main her from it men from our min anguish

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redo they will be returned fee here and it will do and you all taste are there the punishment and Harriet of the burning fire

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in the Lucha Indeed Allah Yoda Hello he will admit and levena those who are Manu they believed what army do and they did a slightly hurt the righteous. Jenna gardens tragedy it flows men from that the hair underneath it and how the rivers you Hello now they will be adorned fee her in it. Men from a salvia bracelets. Men from the heaven gold will look blue and pearls. Wiley bassel. Home and their clothing fee her in it hurry run of silk wahoo do and they were guided Ella to upper Yep, the good men from alone the speech were hoodoo and they were guided either to Surat

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and Hamid of the Praiseworthy one.

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He shouldn't be Amina CMA

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Mary quotevalet

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na na

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na na na

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Danilo morini Kayla. Kayla

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on the

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la la Bula

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boo boo

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in ashampoo in Ohio

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a woman

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de la creme.

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Army, US

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Army army handy

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