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Tom Facchine
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So, they have put on a thorough way of showing up in as well

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as possible, what can or will ever see your

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we never sent any messenger before you what will happen, who did not eat food or go without in the marketplaces. We have made some of you a trial for others, whether you're not that Be patient, and your Lord has all seen

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is stressing his pseudonym, his consistent way of communicating dials to human beings. It has always been through human messengers so that they could show how to implement a lot of guidance in the context of a real human life, which has real relationships, real responsibilities, and real needs.

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That have our sense of I'm learning and I are doing a

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low level

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of them often.

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It's stuck with me and of course, anything whatsoever to one caveat on

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those who did not expect to meet us say, if only the angels were sent down to us, or if only we could see our Lord.

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They have certainly been carried away by their Africans, and have entirely exceeded all limits.

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Notice that Allah Allah is talking specifically about those who do not expect to meet us. Allah is not talking about people who are undecided. People who are sincerely seeking the truth, but are not yet convinced. People who are

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thinking about the decision they have to make No, Allah is talking about people who are making excuses, people who are arguing in bad faith to deny the afterlife, they pretend that they have objective criteria, they make it seem like if their criteria is met, then they will come to faith and righteousness, but this is not true. Their criteria are like a moving targets always shifting further away, as more and more proof is presented to them.

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Allah Tala has already responded to this doubt, he has never before sense of messenger except that he was a human being except that he takes food and he had other human needs. Why the demand an angel? Why then demand to see Allah.

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Allah exposes them yet again, saying that they have been carried away by their arrogance, and have exceeded all limits. demanding to see Allah is very similar to popular attitudes today regarding faith and religion. Since scientific knowledge has become the scale by which all knowledge is winning, and judge, many people demand scientific proof of God's existence. They want observable proof of the afterlife, physical proof of heaven, and how

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if you attempt to provide other forms of proof to such a person, you will run into dead ends. If you tell them look at the miraculous nature of a poor man, they will say that's not proof. If you tell them that the theological truth that is found in the poor and has been held as true by the vast majority of human beings throughout history, they will say all those people were wrong.

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If you tell them to look at the order and complexity of the universe, to infer the existence of a single ongoing creator, they will reject that too.

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So they're not looking for just any kind of evidence. What's they're looking for is 100%. clear, explicit observable proof. They want to spell it out for them. And only then will they believe they want to be able to see a law for themselves.

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A law to Allah confronts this attitude, saying that is thinly veiled. Arrogance.

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One of the things that makes this attitude so arrogant is that this type of skepticism is not consistent.

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If you look at the other

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things such a person believes to be true, whether they are scientific theories like the big bang or collusion, or everyday things like political events across the world, you will find that they don't have nearly the same level of skepticism for those things.

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They don't have any trouble believing in the scientific theories. Even if they haven't looked at the observable data themselves. It's enough for them to know that only a group of scientists believes it. And so, they accepted as true without having seen any direct, observable proof.

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But when it comes to the existence of a law, the existence of a creator who will hold us accountable for our actions

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that behind they are the most skeptical people on Earth, demanding to be shown only the most direct and explicit evidence.

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Such people are not really interested in investigating the truth at all. This is the attitude of many of today's popular atheists. Professor of Philosophy at atheist author Thomas Nagel writes in his book, The Last Word, folks, my one thing isn't to be true. It's not I hope, there is no God. I don't want there to be a god. I don't want the universe to be like that.

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cartoonist and writer of arts and Rosen writes, If God proved he existed, I still wouldn't believe him. I don't believe that not not because I can't but because I don't want

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a loss of natural so to put upon, you only are all in

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love Australia. I live in Lynwood, we were all on Maduro, but on the day, they will see the angels, there will be no good news for the wicked. They will cry, keep away, keep away from us.

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A law tells us here that if people want to wait until certain observable proof comes to them, they can

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but then it will be too late. Such clear proof proof that will satisfy the posturing of skeptics will only come when the day of judgment is not handed. And by then it will not benefit anyone.

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Producing such clear explicit proof now would defeat the purpose of faith, it would defeat the purpose of human life in the first place. That's because the test of faith is not a scientific test.

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It's not a test of certain undeniable proof, the test of faith is instead a test of moral character.

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To choose faith, is to choose order and purpose in the universe, and in human life.

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To choose faith is to choose accountability for one's actions, and responsibility for the consequences of one's choices.

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To choose faith, is to choose an ideal of righteousness, and the practice of repentance. When we fail to live up to that ideal.

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It's a life of sacrifice, a life of temperance of chastity, and restraint that you choose when you choose a life of faith.

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After facing this choice, to use the lack of complete observable evidence as a pretext to choose a life that is unrestricted, that is unbounded. We have guidelines without rules living for the self living for the ego, and what it deems good.

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This is supreme arrogance and disingenuous.

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A lot of that serves what I did is I made the 100 a John and

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then we will turn to whatever good deeds they did, reducing them to scattery what it does.

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For such an aggregate type of person who wants to make up their own criteria, who wants to call their own shots and not be restricted or hindered by faith or by guidance, a lot will bring all their needs to nothing. It doesn't matter if they affect the poor. It doesn't matter if they feel swells across the world. Everything they did in this life will be worthless on the day of judgments. Why? That was the spec.

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Allah has to

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Due to the spiritual world, with laws of cause and effect, just like the material world, deeds done sincerely for a long time to purify the soul, whereas these done for other reasons, simply don't.

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Even if those needs help other people in this life, only that pushes up for a loss of half or to Allah will have any ways in the hereafter

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that the law says is how you get your money title was the ball rolling back so not the one on that day the residents of paradise on have the best settlements and the finest place to rest. As opposed to those who reject Faith. Those who do their deeds sincerely to please their Creator.

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Those video inhabitants of paradise

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we all went to Chicago. So now we'll be the woman with those images to watch for the day the heavens will burst with clouds, and the angels be sent down successive reps

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and the multiple yo money that have pulled it off.

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What can they help and I can hear you now the CEO.

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True authority on that day will belong only to the Most Compassionate, the most merciful among them. And it will be a hard day for those who do not have faith.

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In this life,

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many of us have some degree of authority

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from the President's to the military, to any corporation or organization. Even within our own families. We depend on leadership. We depend on the leaders and their authority to keep things moving along to make decisions.

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But all authority that exists in this world derives from the laws supreme authority.

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Allah has given us in this life,

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the freedom to have a small amount of authority, the freedom to decide the freedoms are commanded and be obeyed. Whether we're wrong or right.

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On the Day of Judgment, however,

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all of that authority will be revoked. It will be taken away and the Lord will exercise full authority over the Reckoning and our placements in paradise or hellfire.

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Notice starting to spice the terrifying nature of the Day of Judgment judgments. For the believers, there is a silver lining in this verse. Despite the fact that this is a day when everyone will be sorted into their eternal resting place. Allah Tala said that all the authority most of us

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have all the means a lot could have used for himself here. Allah chose

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not to

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not have have not somebody knocks me except inspire fear and dread. But

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the most personal, the most compassionate, he chose a name that inspires not fear, but love, not dread, but hope.

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And despite that alone includes the person the water, it will be a hard day for those who denied.

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Those chose a life without limits. Instead of a moral pious life. They have front loaded, they're fun, they front loaded their enjoyment, all of them will be wiped away and they will finally face the hardship they were avoiding

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these two ideas seemingly contradictory seemingly against each other communicate one simple clear message

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those who are sincere have no nobody's theory they can hope for a loss infinite person. Whereas those who made excuses and argue in bad faith they will finally face reality

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a law that says we all know your outcome quality on a modem yeah he's and he says up to now Masoli so be here

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and be aware of the data wrongdoer will bite his nails and regrets and say Oh, I wish I wish I had followed the way along with the messenger.

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All the enjoyments and heedlessness will transform from wistful nostalgia to burning regrets

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they may excuse

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is to avoid following the messenger in this life

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and in the next they will desperately wish that they had the humility and the honesty to follow them

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Yeah, well you have lately in advertising fallen in salida

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whoa to me I wish I had never taken someone. So, as a close friend. Here Allah alludes to a very common reason people reject faith and reject the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, it is because of the influences around them.

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The prophets of Allah ye he was set up and he said, a person is on the path of their close friend. So each of you should look very carefully you should watch who you befriend.

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Your friends haven't been avoidable, undeniable influence on you. Even if you have different ideas and different lifestyles, the people you spend most your time around, they influence you. They set the boundaries of what seems normal to you. If your inner circle of friends smoke cigarettes, statistically, you will probably ended up smoking cigarettes. Even if you don't do it yourself, smoking cigarettes is going to seem normal to you, you won't be as likely to be bothered by it or think that it's wrong.

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The same goes for every other single lice and sin right down to denying Allah and His messenger. If you spend a good portion of your time with people who deny faith, it will no longer seem like a big deal to you, it will no longer seem strange. Over time, all of the warnings for animals seem shrill and oppressive, backward and outdated.

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In this way, our emotional reactions are like a litmus test.

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They show they indicate where our faith is act, if you want to know who I know they are of Allah. The saints and the righteous people look no further than this. Not only are those emotions are in harmony with Allah, Sharia,

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they are keys with what pleases Allah and they hate what Allah hates.

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The devil, he wants to corrupts this harmony. He wants to turn it upside down. He wants you to be pleased with what a lot of hates and despise what Allah loves.

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Such a person is one of the devil is only one of his soldiers, whether they realize it or not.

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There are people like this in this world, I have met plenty and I'm sure you have to. They hate to see a pious person. They hate to see a chaste person.

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Just the fact that you live according to a higher standard is enough to make them feel guilty.

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They would love nothing more than to bring a pious person down to their level, because they want to be validated that what they're doing is okay.

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If our surroundings dictate what seems normal to us, then controlling our surroundings, especially the surroundings of our children has to be one of our top priorities.

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In the short term,

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we should do our best to give our children and Islamic environments at home.

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This includes limiting and supervising the use of smartphones, the use of the Internet.

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We simply can't let our children have unlimited unsupervised screen time and expect them to love what Allah loves.

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In the long term as a Muslim community, we should make it a goal to provide Islamic schools and we should make every effort as Muslims to live close to one another and be together

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a law that says Love all couples I mean, I doubt that they

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will kind of say hello to you Sandy from hula.

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It was He truly made me stray from the reminder after it heavies me and the devil has always betrayed mankind.

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Allah describes bad influences as those who distracts from the remembrance of Allah. Similar to what we mentioned last week. Sin is made possible among the people of faith when were made some forgets a lot. And it is the devil's sworn task to distract us from that. Remember, it's either by the suggestions

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Have you placements directly to us, or in the form of bad influences that will not only have our stuff provide anyone with money so more significantly than the subtotal in a waffle

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this phenomenon, and Henry rockin it was salatu salam ala in the city of being Northwestern Muhammad Ali Salam was good to see.

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Then Allah says, What color rasuluh yellow minion, that's all we have, to

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the messenger has arrived online or my people have indeed received this quote and with neglect.

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The primary meaning of this verse, as recorded by the Pope, to me and others, is up the full life of people on the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they fled away from the Koran, literally, by stuffing content in their ears, talking over it, or playing music to drown out the sound of the recitation of the war and also figures by calling and poetry, calling fables, calling and magic and sorcery.

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Even computer dyspepsia,

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he gives this verse a powerful secondary meaning

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for muscles who, although we may offer like a poor man's true, don't skip the poor man, it's do right.

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We neglected we neglect memorizing things, and studying if we neglect reflecting upon it, and understanding is

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we even like acting in accordance with its guidance. We don't prioritize it. Rather, we prioritize amusements and entertainments, Netflix, music, video games, anything else. This is all part of that neglect.

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Other nations have lost their roles,

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and ours, which is complete and preserved. It sits on our shelves, collecting dust,

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they all make us

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look badly. He wouldn't even be in it what I do, you know, what do they mean and what we do on a single. Similarly, we make enemies for every prophets from among the wicked people. But sufficient is your Lord as a guy that helps the opposition that the Prophet will happen. So a lot already was set up face from the denier as a faith, who may all these excuses to not follow Him in His message. It's all part of the Lord's plan.

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It's not a sign that he was doing things wrong.

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There wasn't a better way that he could have carried out his mission that would have caused those enemies to go away.

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Similarly, the opposition and the struggles we face in our lives are part of the Lord's plan for us. Allah tests those whom he loves, and the fact that you are living a righteous life doesn't mean that you won't have enemies.

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You can't make everyone happy. And as Muslims, we often find ourselves having to be content with doing the right thing. And be prepared for criticism and opposition from the wicked.

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Then Alonso's sells a polynomial

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loader for June as of last year. Can daddy comm New Tab be happy to add one on 10 Now it's on to

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the disbelievers safe if only the Quran had been set down to him all at once.

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We have sent it in such stages so that we might reassure your heart with it.

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And we have revealed that kind of deliverance pace.

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The gradual revelation of the Koran is one of the clearest signs of Allah's mercy and goodwill toward us that allow the show yard to be formed and gradually in a way that took into account the ignorance that people lived in before his son. The first decade or so of the prophets mission on a sauce was mostly centered around theological truths like top feeders and refining people's beliefs and attitudes. Many of the iconic rules that distinguishes them from other religions came home after after the hindrances Medina, like a hijab, the prohibition of alcohol, the five daily prayers fasting went along a lot so get slow with people because people take time

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off a shot herself will kneel on her arm on

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have affirmed in this one, she said that this was recorded associated with volume. The only chapters that were sent down at first were some of the short chapters, in which power legs like * were mentioned. That was until the people were certain of a snap, then a Fallout 4%. Now, if the first thing sat down had been don't drink wine, they would have said we will never give up wine.

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Then the last sentence,

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whatever you're talking about, the better the view that object now I've been happy when I said that I've seen or whatever they bring to you and arguments, we come to you with the truth, and the best explanation. The fact that the poor man was revealed gradually over the course of 23 years, providing the opportunity for the revelation to respond to directly to the challenges posed to the Prophet alayhi. Salatu was Salam, usually by the Jewish inhabitants of Medina, who were familiar with previous revelations, parts of sorts of mother of an Imam, and that they saw an ad capital and other sections of the poor animal revealed as direct responses to questions posed to the promise of

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a loved one at the center. These questions usually have to do with theological truths, like what is the sole witness that they have judgments? Or they have to do with previous comments and civilizations, such as the people of the cave, or the upon name?

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Either way, these are things the puppets have a long way he was someone couldn't possibly have known ahead of time. Nor did he have time to go and ask somebody else the answer. Yes, he responded accurately and timely, every single time. His questioners never had the opportunity to celebrate an incorrect response. They never stopped him. But instead of believing, most of them simply came up with more questions, establishing their guilt and entrenching their denial.

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This was, and it is further proof of the validity of beforehand as Revelation and not human infection. Finally, allowed to have a service and learning your shadow no one ever told me that I've had an

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initial mechanical one of those seven year

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those who will be dragged into how their faces will be in the worst place and or the farthest from the right way. A lot is referring to the end of that awaits all those who knew the truth, but acted to the contrary of what they do.

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Those who rejected faith who hid behind excuses and denied the messenger or even so that was set out for them as a horrifying torment. The Messiah was selling I don't we often cannot have a cup of cocaine for fall in the law. How are

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you following me? You

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know why he was suddenly who was a steam and all of a sudden you

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don't have to have us all HR people working for other people working in budget. Well, they cannot handle what will happen.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:32

Tomorrow he will never leave him in the cash machine you have

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to know but our company run the city. all over China. One thing will be to learn and watch the one on one the more learning automatically I don't have a right You mean Allahu Akbar. What is it going to sit down? What are they?

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What are some electricity now? They are going to walk in number

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seven, we're into the quarterback warrior. manufacture. He will tell you we're talking. Yeah, I

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will. I will have fun while we're young. We mess up now.

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