Tom Facchine – Unwavering Faith- Muslims Stand Firm on Core Beliefs

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of how one entity can achieve limited actions within time and space. They use the analogy of God himself creating and denying actions to reconcile the confusion around the definition of time and space. The speaker argues that this is a human tendency and a malpractice behavior, and that the definition of time and space is not a complete blank.
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So if you go into history of philosophy in the history of metaphysics in the history of theology, there's maybe there's a few like very, very central questions. But one of the main central questions that confounded a lot of people are how can like one entity that's perfect, such as a creator god? How could it have activities or do actions or have qualities that are limited in time and space? Right? So a loss final data speaks, or he creates, he makes something or anything else that he does that would occur within time and space. For some people, this is a big problem, because they said God himself is beyond time and space. So how can he do something that's limited to time and space?

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That's the the general in layman's terms kind of source of the issue. And so people throughout time they constructed all these convoluted philosophies and ways to reconcile or solve this problem, a lot of those ways that they tried to reconcile it, you know, for example, they ended up having a tremendous influence, especially on Christianity, you look at the whole doctrine of Trinity, it's extremely influenced by Neo Platonism. And this particular brand of Greek philosophy, all of that based on the assumption that these two things can't go together. Right? That if you're going to have a perfect creator, God that also can't go together with accidents with things that are done in time

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and space, things that are limited but Allah is Allah hath he is the one singular, which means that all of his characteristics and all of what makes Allah Allah, his actions, they are all within that one entity. They're not spread out. This is one of if we're gonna go to a typology of sort of theological malpractice, this is something that people did they said, okay, they have this one God and He creates and He destroys and he forgives and he punishes well how could all of that be within one let's separate them and the four Gods now we have Creator God, destroy your god forgive her God or merciful God loving God and then punishing God? Right? This is a human tendency and the devil is

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right there to try to suggest these sorts of things to people to make it seem like a good idea. I had Allah's name and I had reminds us now it's all within the same entity. It's all the same God just because Allah has all these different attributes and all these different characteristics and all these different activities doesn't mean that it's we need different entities in order to explain that it's all the power and the mites and the characteristics of Allah subhanaw taala

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