Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #095 – Muslims Should STOP Doing This

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of loyalty and sharing advice to avoid anxiety and judgment. They stress the need for individuals to demonstrate their loyalty and sincerity to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. The importance of showing loyalty and care is emphasized in the context of guidance and guidance to others.
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Sometimes we want to give advice to other people. But in reality, it's just about anxiety, right? We give or we give advice from a place of anxiety. Okay? You might know a hadith, right? You don't understand the fact of it. You don't understand the other Hadith of the issue. But you know that you've heard it, said, Bellinger, and me, Annie will write, like, relayed from me, or spread it from me share it from me, even if it's just one verse, And you interpret this to mean that any little piece of information and knowledge that you have, you have to share it, you know, come what may no matter what the reaction is, no matter your relationship with the person no matter what, okay? And

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then you have this sort of anxiety, you're thinking, well, if I don't share this, then what's going to happen to me on the day of judgment, maybe I'm going to be held accountable, I didn't share this sort of thing, you know, look at all the anxiety that has piled up on top of you. And so then you you say what you have to say, it's not taken well, the person kind of rejects it, or they're like, who are you? I don't know, you whatever. And then you say, Well, you know what, at least I delivered the message and you walk away and you're kind of content with yourself. And I'd like to challenge that model. I don't think that's the model of giving advice that we need to be going for. I think

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that that does not demonstrate the proper loyalty that's in the term to see her at the prophets of Allah Allah. He was salam said in Edina, Nestle Ha is that the religion is not see her and then they said According a little man who to who is this no see her, Allah, Allah and He said to Allah, so for those who are translating to see her as advice, you run into a problem right away. How do you give advice to Allah? Right? Then he said after the law, holy Kitabi and to His revelation. Now the problem how do you give advice to Allah's revelation? Well, the Rasul Allah He another problem, how do you give advice to the messenger? Salallahu Alaihe Salam, you can't, right. So let's see how it

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is not just advice. Now see how it is about loyalty and sincerity right? Yeah, if Allah Dena avenue to Allah Toba 10. So returned to a law with sincere repentance with repentance is based out of your loyalty to a law and your sincerity to him. Okay. And so we talk about nnessee how the time but it's not just advice. It's not advice. Advice is one of the fruits of Naseeha advice is one of the consequences of no see her but let's see how it is really about loyalty and loyalty is much more comprehensive, because now you're talking about okay, this is how we apply the Hadith not one of you truly believes until you love for your brother, what you'd love for yourself. If I was in that

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person's position, how would I want to be treated? Maybe I got caught out doing something awkward. Maybe I got put in an awkward situation. Maybe I'm a daddy, maybe I'm a scholar or student knowledge and I was invited to some sort of interfaith event and then something awkward happened. And I was already there. And maybe I didn't respond in the way that I'm even happy with. Okay, how do we deal with that person? We put them on blast, do we smear their name right? Do we do all these sorts of things? Or do we consider hmm, if I were in that situation? How would I want somebody to respond to me? How would I eat let's say I met I made a mistake. Let's say I made a misstep. How would I want

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somebody to guide me back to the truth or to show me the right way? Okay, and that's why we get this wrong when we think about oh, well does it have to be in private can it be in public he said it in public he did it in public and via forget about that you're working on barely permissible. You're not working with SN we're talking about SN here what most demonstrates your loyalty and sincerity to this individual. Did you pray for them once did you pray for their guidance once How can you tell that this is sincerity and not an ego trip for you feeling like you know something better that you're able to put yourself above this person? They're so they're so misguided? May Allah guide

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them? Right. Sheikh Abdullah used to call us out on us all the time. He said like at the end. So May Allah guide you, who are you to talk about other people needing Allah's guidance, you need Allah's guidance more than anybody else, right? So it's about ascent, okay, in the sea Ha, loyalty, having loyalty to people. If you're loyal to somebody, you're going to think carefully about how to approach them, you're going to think about what's going to motivate them, you're going to think about trying to guide them in a beautiful way. And you're probably going to make really sure that you know what you're talking about, or at least involve somebody who surely knows what they're

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talking about. So when we're giving our quote unquote, advice to people, are we really fulfilling all of these goals? are we checking all these boxes? Are we acting out of anxiety in haste? Or are we demonstrating loyalty and care? Usually the first usually we're demonstrating anxiety and haste and it's a weak Hadith and the prophesy Saddam but many scholars refer to it as the meaning being correct. LRG lamina shaytaan is that haste is from the devil, right? And as we say all the time, like Allah says, in the end of Surah, to the calf, who's the Biggest Loser on a day of judgment, the biggest loser is the person who was doing evil and they thought that they were doing good, right. So

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it's not enough to have just a good intention. You have to have care. You have to demonstrate your s and demonstrate your sincerity. Demonstrate your loyalty to your fellow Muslim by putting yourself in their shoes and trying to exercise care when you're trying to give advice or guide them to the right way.

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