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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the story of Soraka Abdul Malik, a longtime animal used to scouting out camps and is a longtime animal that only cares about war. A woman named Leila claims to be a woman and is supposed to bring her back to her within three nights. A man named Jesus was able to come up to the prophets and promise not to harm them. The history of the European Middle East is discussed, including the rise of Subhan conversions and the implementation of Islam in the United States, and the transfer of property and clothing among Muslims and the effects of Islam on the Middle East. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a model.
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The next person that we're going to cover is a man by the name of Slava. Even Malik will be a little taller.

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And Soraka bumalik His name is Soraka Abdul Malik, knee general Sham. His nickname or his Kenya was abusive young, not the abusive Jana been how to. But Abu Sufian Soraka. Abdul Malik, and Soraka are the alongside and who is a bounty hunter. He's someone who knows the desert, he is someone that used to go scout places for battle. And this is a very interesting, you know, profile of a person.

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You often find that people that are interested in war, are not interested in anything else. And this is before and after Islam Subhanallah there are people that are just dedicated to the craft of the battlefield. He is one of those people who's only interested in the arts of war, scouting out camps and he is someone of the longtime animal used to go out there, and he could count the amount of troops that were present in a place just by the footsteps, the human footsteps, as well as the footsteps of any animals that were to be found. So Soraka nomadic or the Allah Tala animal is a mannequin. And he someone who lives also to the outskirts of Mecca around the area where her name

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will take where you'll start to see those with her name. So he's someone that lives also amongst these people that are not city people. Right? And of course, that's a profile once again, that goes out and that traces these things. Now Abuja announces the bouncing on the head of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when the Hijra happens of love, right? It has come back and now it's known that the prophets lie some escaped with Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu. And they know that amaranth for hatred or the low tide and was with them as well. So we'll go ahead announces the bounty on the head of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam does anyone know what that bounty was? I already said a

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little earlier.

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100 camels

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imagine what 100 camels is like back then.

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You know, if you think about the most wanted man, right when they announced like these high bounties, you are the equivalent of a multimillionaire if you get 100 camels back then you're set for life 100 of the finest camels that Abuja has promising that all of the tribes will basically put forth their best. So think about like, your luxury cars, your luxury camels, and one man is going to have all 100 And so you had and the books marry up to you know, 400 people that are going out and looking for the profit slice everyone wants to find the profit slice and even if they didn't want to kill him, for his theology, salary, some for his rissalah they wanted to kill him for the bounty,

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and Bucha have said dead or alive.

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I don't care if you kill him, or if you bring him back to me alive. But the bounty is the same 100 Camel so Soraka, who has ignored the affair of Islam, and again, I want you to think about the profile type. He really wasn't listening to anything that was happening about Islam for all this time. When he heard that. He said, That's me.

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I've got this. And he was the most competent and capable person of finding people in the desert and he knows the area. So Soraka Radi Allahu Taala annual. He goes out and he's a skilled horseman, but all the Allahu Taala and he tells Abuja Hello, I'm gonna find him and I'll bring him back to within three nights. And subhanAllah he describes the incident.

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He traced the footsteps and he sees the Prophet slice them from a distance. And as the prophets lie, some looks back towards him, the prophet slice Allah makes it there against him.

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And Soraka says that suddenly my horse sinks into the ground, and it throws me off.

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And he said, That's never happened to me before.

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So Soraka says, That was weird. Something is happening here. Something is strange. Clearly, there's something going on with this man. That's 100 camels. So he gets back on the horse goes back after the prophets lie. Some he said, I got closer he said, this time it's sunk worse, and it threw me off worse.

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And the prophets lie. Some is unfazed by the oncoming bounty hunter, right? He doesn't care Salallahu Salam is continuing to precede it. His Salatu was Salam. And Soraka says, so I got on there. And I tried it again. Right. And he actually says in one narration that I was kind of confused by the situation. So instead, I pulled out my arrows and what are the Arabs used to do? Like how do they used to roll dice? That cast like there are lots right? That's how they roll the dice. Like flip a coin, roll the dice. He's like, should I be doing this or not? And he doesn't have a dean he really doesn't have a religion so he's depending on luck here, right? He's depending on

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Some sort of some sort of messaging from the arrows and he said, and I casted the lats, and they pointed to the opposite direction. But I still said to myself, 100 camels, I'm not going to let 100 camels go.

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So he said, so I got back on my horse, and I pursued and I got so close to the profit slice on them, that I could hear him and he could hear me so like, now we're not even at a distance anymore like this is, he's right there. I just have to rope him up, Sal, Allahu Allah Sana.

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And he said that it happened again.

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The horse threw me off. So he said, I called the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And I said to him, oh, so and so? Can you Invoke your Lord, to let me go and I promise you, I won't harm you. Like, make sure that Allah frees me, and I'm not going to harm you. But I just want to come talk to you now. Like, I'm not going to harm you. So the prophets lie. Selim makes your he supplicates. And Soraka is able to come up to the prophets like Selim, and I will record all the a lot of chatter, and when the AMA room for hate all of the longtown and Soraka says, I said to the Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam,

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it is clear that whatever this affair of yours is, it's going to spread throughout the world.

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So he said, I want you to write for me,

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a guarantee of protection, a man that when your affair spreads to my part, that I'm going to be safe.

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Like, I know that whoever you are, I don't know anything about your religion. I don't know anything about your dean. I don't know anything. I mean, he's saying Emika like, all I know is that this affair of yours, whatever is going on here with you is pretty remarkable and amazing, and I don't know what it is. But I want a guarantee from you. That whenever it comes to my area, I'm going to be safe. So what are the prophets like some do? You actually gave it to him?

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So he asked, I'm gonna move Leila, to write him down anon and Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, here's your amnesty from the Prophet's life so I'm like this is your your your your safety license, your contract once Islam comes to your area that hey, I'm good. Like don't miss don't mess with me. So Soraka gets it from the Prophet slice and I'm so how Allah he knows that he's gonna get he knows that this man is special. He no longer cares about the 100 camels, right? The whole thing about getting 100 camels no longer matters to Soraka all the little animals just don't hurt me when you catch me. Or whenever Allah gives you victory when Allah gives you success, just don't hurt me in

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the province like some of course, if he wanted to hurt him, he would have hurt him right then he could have took the spear and just killed him. Right done right. But the prophets lie some has bigger ambitions. He has a bigger way of thinking SallAllahu Sallam and a bigger heart so the Prophet slice on gives it to him. And then he says to the Prophet SAW Salem, well how he keen on it for hood Salman minha. For in Mecca, SATA Monroe, Allah EBD was ill Murni be mecanica Okada, for whose minha hydratech He's done. By the way, here is my arrow, and I've got a place where I have all of my candles, and I have a bunch of servants. Go take whatever you want. If you go show this to

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them, they're gonna know that you're from me, and yada Sula, go ahead and take all the candles that you want, and take all the servants that you want. It's all yours and the prophets lie. Some respond in this narration is sahih. Muslim Paula had written even, I have no need for your camels. Go ahead. So Soraka turns away from the Prophets lie Selim and he makes his way and this is SubhanAllah. Like you think about remarkable conversations. The profit sign some is in the most vulnerable position that he could possibly be in. And he calls out to Soraka Soraka is leaving him in the middle of the desert again, when the prophets lie, some is being attacked from all different directions. I mean,

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all these other people are still out to kill him. SallAllahu wasallam

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and the prophets lysozyme says, key for Vica is LaVista. Cure Pistoia gassho Soraka. How will it be Oh Soraka when you are wearing the bracelets of kissa.

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Kisara is the most powerful men in the world. Literally the most powerful man in the world at that time the ruler of Persia and the prophets lie Selim is telling him that you're going to one day have in your hands, the golden bracelets of kislak You know, they had the crown and they have the robe of the of the king of the of the ruler. His bracelets were famous as the most precious and most expensive luxury belongings in the world. And he's saying the prophets lie Selim is saying to me in the middle of a desert, this fugitive, how's it going to be? Oh, Soraka when one day you're carrying those bracelets of kissa

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Soraka looks back at the prophets lie. Somebody says kissa kissa the son of Hormuz,

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like is there another Kisara that we don't know about here that kissa

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Imagine Subhan Allah if this conversation is happening in a remote part of the world and the most powerful man in the world,

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you're being told that you're going to carry his most precious possession by a person who's a fugitive in the middle of the desert.

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He says kissel on the southern border was the prophets like some smiles at him and just walks away.

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Subhan Allah Soraka went out there looking for 100 camels and was willing to kill the prophets lie Selim. And now he's asking the prophets lie some for safety. And the prophets lie. Some just told him that more than the 100 camels one day Allah is going to put in your possession, the most expensive items in the world.

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So Soraka what does he do and some Hanlon shows you the profile again of people, I will not buy the no matter but they went to Medina and assalamu they became Muslim and they stayed with the profit slice on them. So Rocco went back to Mecca, and hold on to that paper.

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And when's the next time he sees the prophets I saw them fed to America.

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A decade later, the prophets lysozyme comes to Mecca. And her name is unfolding after the Fed and Soraka comes out and he says, Remember this.

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Prophets lie some remembers. Soraka says a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah was shadow Anika rasool Allah, I knew Allah was going to give you victory.

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And I bear witness that there is one God and that You are the messenger of Allah and then Soraka about the Allah and who becomes a companion Subhanallah I mean, he waited all that time, holding on to that, that documents

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to just say, remember this, when ends up happening Subhan Allah.

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As time goes on,

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the prophets, like some passes away.

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A while back, it'll be a long time and hope as soon as the theta and his time passes. And then I'm gonna hop out of the allotted time and who assumes the philosopher and the battle between the Muslims and the Persians unfolds. And in one year, the most powerful empire in the world that was at war with the Romans for over 700 years falls to the Muslims, who the person has looked at and said, the Bedouins of the desert, like what are you people are going to do to us, right? And we're constantly picking and bullying on the Muslims from different directions, and bothering them and attacking them. And in one year, Allah subhanaw taala gave the Muslims victory over the Persians and

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Sandman and Pharisee law, the law and Saudi Arabia will constantly law and will enter into the most luxurious Palace of the World, which they used to call what are they used to call it at the time? Does anyone know? They used to call it the White House, basically. Right? It was the white palace of Madonna, which which was considered

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the largest palace in the world at the time.

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And all of those possessions come out of that palace. Now when the Muslims came back to Medina, after the conquest of that palace, and this was, of course, the end of Kisara, as well. When they came back to Medina, they're carrying all these belongings, and they're happy to bring it back to beta none to the Treasury. Right. These are the spoils of battle, but this is also it's panela. All of these things, these material things, and almost all the allowance out and home. What arrives in the lot, here are the bracelets

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of kislak

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In our model, the allowance and

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he goes in he stands up on the member holding up those braces.

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And he says Where's surah? Club pneumonic.

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Time I want you to think about this. How many years did this happen before? Where Soraka bumalik

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Soraka Brahmanda comes forward. He didn't even go he wasn't part of the battle.

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But this is a prophecy Aina Soraka where's the rocket romantical the Allah Tala Anna

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and Soraka are the Allahu Tada and who comes forward and almost all the law of town and who puts the bracelets in his hands and he says sada Casa he will hurt and makan

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that the one who had this position also lost my son was truthful Allahu Akbar. Right like Look what Look what came true. The most improbable transfer came true right in front of your own two eyes and our model the Allah Tada and who is showing Soraka Oh, the Allah Tala and holding these bracelets, and he's saying to him, If ARIA dAche hold up your hands, Well Could it Henry la Hala de Sala Bahama? kislak normas wild vessel mas raka Alharbi say Alhamdulillah who took these away from Kiss Allah, the son of hormones, and instead gave them to Soraka the bedwin or the Allahu Taala and who this was a guarantee from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Subhanallah you're seeing on

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that level, the Allah Allah, and the effect of that, that still continues in that conversation in that house, in that tense on the way and now you have the bounty hunter serata or the Allahu Taala and who, who tried to catch the Prophet SAW Selim and instead was it

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round with great baraka and a great blessing that would come to him