Tom Facchine – Truth Has Come and Falsehood Has Vanished

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The history of Islam and the use of idiosyncrasies and negative language cover false claims. The importance of finding the right way to be the best person to use words and actions to cover false emotions is emphasized. The segment discusses the negative impact of people who do not comply with Islam and the use of the word Islam to describe actions and events, including the use of the word Islam to describe actions and events. The segment also touches on the use of the word Islam in political campaigns and political expression.
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Today in shadow Lozada, we will finish our series on salt as well as

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the 17th Chapter of the forehand. Last week we talked about being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala by investing in our prayer, by investing in our relationship with the poor N and by keeping some of our good deeds a secret between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala so that we practice sincerity. Next in Surah Tolis ha Allah azza wa jal addresses the spiritual attitude of the Quraysh and he tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam how to respond to that. First, Allah azza wa jal tells the prophets of Allah, why he the Sunnah, to talk about the revelation in general, that has now come to them a lot as it would have said, What would have

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gone badly in that I can call and say to them, that truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Indeed, falsehood is always bound to banish

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the truth that has come as the truth of Revelation, the final authentic word of the true nature of reality, and what Allah subhanaw taala actually wants from us.

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Before the comment of the truth, it was just speculation. You had all sorts of people claiming different things. Some people claimed that the angels were the children of Allah or the daughters of Allah, you had other people claiming that Jesus was the son of Allah. Some people claimed that the idols that were made of stone and would work representations of the gods, if not gods themselves. And if you appeased these idols with sacrifices and acts of worship, you wouldn't be protected from harm, and you would prosper. But if anyone stopped to ask, Where's the proof?

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You claim that this is true, how can you prove it? No one had any definitive answers. People might say, well, that's just my opinion, or that's just my culture, or this is the way that we've always done things. This is my tradition. But it was not possible that all of these competing claims could be true. Either there had to be one Almighty God, Allah, or they were multiple gods with specific powers, not one of them perfect. Either all of our devotion belongs to the one Almighty Allah, or our acts of devotion has to be spread out among the different items depending on what we need. Only one of these two possibilities could have been incorrect.

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Allah subhanaw Masada says that now falsehood has vanished, and the truth will remain, and that false that is always bound to vanish.

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That's because falsehood is not backed up by proof.

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Allah azza wa jal never once sent any genuine revelation telling people to worship idols or to worship the prophets were to worship the angels or to bury their daughters alive.

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These were all lies that people invented themselves.

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And do we really think that these lies these fabrications? Do we really think that they were innocent mistakes? Don't we know enough about human nature to conclude that they were invented as a shortcut? With a self serving motive, they were an attempt to cheat.

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worshipping idols is cheating because you're not loyal or faithful to the same object of worship. And so you're not fully accountable to anything either. If you make one idol angry,

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you've left yourself for an escape plan, you can go run to that other idol and try to please that one without repenting to the first

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and if none of your idols are perfect, it's not possible to have the level of respect and the devotion that one would have to just one true Almighty God alone. Which is why ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, it's an indica Wamena Nassim may get technical, I mean, we don't need it and you can go to

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one again and have no shutdown.

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Some people are devoted to it.

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idols in addition to Allah and love them and as only Allah subhanho wa Taala shouldn't be loved. But the people who believe they love Allah more.

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People were just as confused about what to do to make Allah subhana thoughts or other pleased with them how to worship Him. They were making Tawaf around Aqaba, drunk. And naked before the court and Cayman, they would oppress their women and they would bury their daughters. They would be constantly at war with one another taking revenge against this tribe and not track and all of this, they thought that Allah approved of it. They thought it was all okay. No, this is not innocent. They invented these rules without Allah's permission, to serve themselves, to justify what they wanted to do. And the people of reason, the people of Tawheed, they had little hope they could say to prove

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these people wrong until the revelation came to clarify everything to wash away the false claims of these people, false and vanished, and only the truth remained. Next, Allah subhanaw taala talks specifically about the poor and what does it mean for any man? Well, she asked me to leave what we need. Well, that is Eagle Valentina, in love for saba. And We sent down the poor attic, part of which is healing and mercy for the believers at the same core, and it does not increase the oppressors except in loss. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down the revelation to clarify everything to eliminate falsehood and to send the people who were controlled by their whims and desires to send

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them packing to send them away. And the Allah is Jimmy and well, you can go to Japan, he is the beautiful and he loves beauty. So the guidance that he gave us, it wasn't a rulebook. It wasn't a list, it wasn't an article of things that you do and don't do the rights and the wrongs know Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the poor en recited sweetly, recited with a melody with healing that she thought in it, with mercy in it for who ever wants to be guided.

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Allah didn't have to do that.

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But he went above and beyond out of His love and mercy for us. These words, Allah's words, they heal the body and the soul. They satisfy our deepest needs far more profound than the momentary urges of the flesh. The Qur'an tell tells you that everything's going to be okay.

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The Koran tells you that justice is real and inevitable.

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A Koran tells you that eternal life is real, for whoever sincerely wants it,

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of course, is eaten up mercy and how it was given to us in parts over time, so we could adjust and take it in little by little, is there any other possible source for this book than the mercy the Most Merciful Creator Allah, mercy to the body, mercy to the heart, mercy to the soul, Mercy on the ears, mercy in our lives.

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However, some people show their true colors. When this revelation comes, that people who want to cheat the people who want to take shortcuts who really aren't looking to be guided, who are really just looking for justification for what they want to do in this temporary life. Allah azza wa jal tells us that the same for n this same guidance will only increase the infrasound and loss. Imagine someone is lost at sea, floating maybe on a scrap of wood somewhere out in the middle of the ocean. miles miles away from planning.

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If that person drowned and died, it would be very, very tragic. We might even blame the rescue crew. Why didn't you look here? Why didn't you find him? Don't we have the latest technology?

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But what if this person the same person out in the sea, they encounter every type of help?

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While he's out there floating in the ocean? A rescue boat comes along and tells him

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Hey, come aboard. He says, Now, I'm not so sure about this. How can I tell that this is legit? And then another boat comes? Same thing? No, thank you. I don't need it. I don't even a helicopter comes but he still rejects it. He has his own ideas of what help should look like and none of this is it.

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Then news comes to us that this person drowned last and see, what do we feel sorry for such a person? Would we blame the rescue crew? Or would we say what? What a loser? It's almost like he didn't want to be saved. This is exactly how many people reject genuine revelation. This is how many people reject the court man. And it has consequences later on in life as Allah azza wa jal that says, why, you know, and I'm gonna honor the insanity out of all that whenever I began at logarithm, so we'll shuffle, Canada Yakuza, and when we bestow fever on people, they turn away and distance themselves. But when evil touches them, then they fall into despair.

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It's no accident that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says this immediately after talking about guidance, Revelation, of course, and there's a difference between a true person of faith and someone who doesn't care about faith. Those two are not the same. The difference shows up in times of plenty, and in times of hardship, in times of plenty the person of faith is grateful and close to Allah. Their devotion in times of gratitude is actually building up virtue for when times get tough later on.

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Now, outside the last few days, the weather has been pretty cold. This morning, we had a hard frost, we had to clean off the windshields. Winter is coming. All the birds and the animals are gathering their food for winter. That's just like the people of faith.

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The people of faith when we have free time, when the belly is full, we worship we get busy, we pray, we thank God Allah subhana, WA Tada, we fast we give.

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That way. When hardship comes, we're ready. We're patient, we find the way to grind it out and find a way to rely on Allah. But if you don't take faith seriously, this can't happen.

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When good times come, we relax, we enjoy. We aren't grateful we're distance as the law says we're far from Allah. We don't hustle to do good deeds. And so when hardship comes and it always does, eventually, we don't have these internal resources. We have not built up our resilience. We have not built up our trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala or our patience, and so we fall into despair. Then Allah subhanaw taala says politically, unwise, acuity

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federal will compound and will be meant for others to be safe. Each works according to his manner but your Lord knows best who is on the right path. Allah subhana wa Tada tells us to bet on ourselves. Don't worry if people mock you or look down on you or don't accept you don't mind the haters don't mind the naysayers. You keep doing you. You keep earning the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the results will show themselves when the time is right up we look for we have a lot of stuff going on

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have to be learning on it and send it out to people who wanted it much

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wider than it should have been and why should we be and that was even a Muhammad Abdul Rasul allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa f1 are suddenly going to see in the field.

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Sometimes it's easy to figure out who rejects the guidance of a law and who accepts it. Who doesn't really want to be guided but only wants to look for an excuse. Sometimes it's easy, but sometimes it's not so easy.

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There are some people who posture

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Some people who act like they want guidance, but in reality, it's just an act. It's all for show Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses these people next he says we don't have any rule. But the rule for me and Robbie, Tito making love funny. And they asked you all Mohammed about the soul say to them the soul is from the command of my Lord and people have not been given but a little bit of knowledge.

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This might surprise some of us. What's wrong with asking a simple question? If they want to know about the soul? Why doesn't Allah Subhana Allah Tala tell them about the soul?

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You're not realizing who's asking this question. And what's the motivation behind this question? These are people who reject guidance, who rejects the prophets of Allah who Adi he was someone who rejects the poor and who do not pray, who will not be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala or stopped their made up worship to the idols, but their curiosity has gotten the better of the deep down, they know that the poor and is true. They know that the prophets of Allah Almighty He was setting them as truthful. And even though they don't want to acknowledge it, because acknowledging that would mean they have to stop the harm and do what the Quran says. They can't resist asking about the unseen.

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Now that revelation is actually coming down.

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Allah subhanaw taala doesn't indulge them or their question, because they're coming up the poor man Oh wrong. They are not approaching the poor and with an attitude of submission. They want to benefit from the Quran without giving up control.

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They will listen to the poor and when that tells them what they want to hear or what they want to know. What they don't realize is that they are admitting that the poor and is true, divine goddess or else why would they care what the poor man said about the soul? Allah subhanho wa Taala tells them to make up their minds call it an insult when Gene know Allah yet to be mystery how that could lead to wanna be mythical he what oh, can about only about them and

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say to them, if all of mankind and the gym were to gather together in order to produce something like this bar, and they could not do it, even if they were to help each other.

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I'll also count on the dollar uses the same argument again and again in the car and to prove that it comes from Allah azza wa jal, he reasons with us. If this poor man was made by a man, then you shouldn't be able to reproduce it. Since you cannot be produces, then it must be from Allah Subhana

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Allah azza wa jal is trying to send a message. Either the poor man has a divine source or it doesn't either the prophets of Allah on me my son is telling the truth or he's lying, decide one way or another.

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But if you decide that this is really from Allah, and submit to it, follow whatever you find inside don't pick and choose.

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Don't think for a second that these people were truly undecided. They knew for a fact that the Koran was true when it the prophets of Allah wa salam was truthful. If there is someone who is truly undecided Allah azza wa jal has accommodated that by providing every type of example and proof this is why he says next one up on us on Ruffner in NASCI, we have them for any Minako limited further mercy he like before, and we have certainly given the people in this bar and every type of example but but most people refuse everything except for ingratitude. Allah subhanaw taala he uses stories. He uses logic, he uses metaphor, he uses prophecy, he uses history, every type of learning style is

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accommodated and all this with Melody, with beautiful sound and sometimes even with Brian, do people really expect more than the Koran?

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No. Those who want more are not asking in good faith. They are posture. Allah subhanaw taala than lists that are many demands throughout the next several verses. We won't believe until you make a river of Gosforth like Musa we won't believe until Allah makes you rich. We won't believe until you break the laws punished

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come down upon us right now. We won't believe until you show us along, and the angels, we won't believe until you have a house of gold. We will believe until you go up to the heavens and bring us down a physical book that we can read for ourselves.

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It sounds like our man ocean refusing helicopter.

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Helicopter masuleh

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Say to the Prophet exalted as my Lord Allah, was I ever anything but a human messenger, co located nothing all the melodica to em sure Nevada in Maine, and then us and now hiring him Minister man he never can

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say to them, if there were angels on earth, that we would have sat down angels as messengers

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could have been that he could have taken you up in Canada be very good if you call me, I'll see you to say to them, Allah azza wa jal is enough of a witness between me and you. Indeed, he is ever concerning His servants Acquainted and Seeing how Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best, who is sincere and who is not sincere, who is really trying to find the truth and who's just pretending. Which is why when they question the possibility of the resurrection, saying, Well, God couldn't go on while Fattah in another row through the data.

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And then and when they said, when we are golden dust, are we really going to be resurrected into a new creation? Allah subhanaw taala responds, I want them you know, and Allah the Holocaust, somehow it went out of God in honor any you know, comment down? Would you measure them Lowri Buffy another volume, forever falling in love photo?

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Do they not see that the last part of a document the same one who created the heavens and earth, he's the same one that's able to bring them back or create a similar creation. And he has appointed for them a term about which there is no doubt. But the wrongdoers refuse anything except for disbelief.

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They refuse reason and logic. They refuse an academic discussion. They refuse weighing the evidence fairly. Because in reality they had already made up their minds Long, long ago. This is why Allah azza wa jal compares them next to their own. Just a couple of verses later. Well, Tina and Musa Yeah, to me that first first element he saw it the Jasmine from Allah who fit around in neither Noca yet to some nice photo. And we certainly gave Moses nine evidence clear signs so asked the children of Israel about when he came to them, and Pharaoh said to him, indeed, I think Moses, you are affected by magic. Listen for most of this response on our limited ends and a half or die in

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opposition allottee but aside the saw a little while, inhale, don't look at Yeah, no, no.

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No, as I said to Pharaoh in response, you already know that none has sent down the signs except the Lord of the heavens and the earth has evidence. And indeed, I think O'Farrell that you are destroyed.

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Brothers and sisters and faith. We need to realize that Allah is kind of what's odd, is not just telling us stories, to entertain us. This message is aimed directly at us just as much as it was aimed at the parade 1400 years ago, because Allah azza wa jal is warning about an attitude. And anyone can have that attitude of whether you were born into a Muslim family or not. That attitude that Allah azza wa jal is warning about his internal hypocrisy. Knowing something is true, but not following through being selective, trying to maintain control and only let this snap into your life when it's convenient for you. Or when it serves you in this dunya

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that is not submission that is not to trust in Allah subhanaw taala that is not true believe. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada ends the chapter explaining to us what type of faith we should be looking for. What type of faith is our goal? What does it actually look like? Either use the RA him a favor one I mean as far as he suggests,

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when it is recited to them, they fall upon their faces and prostration why not go daughter so

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About Hannah Bina in Canada. I've been at MF ruler and they say exalted as our Lord. Indeed the promise of our Lord has been fulfilled. Whereas he wrote in a little funny you have Hakuna YZ you don't know for sure

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and they call upon their faces weak

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and the forehead increases that in humble submission.

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Brothers and sisters in faith, we won't see the fruits of faith until we throw ourselves into it until we sacrifice for it

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until we submit fully

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