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Tom Facchine
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But Hamdulillah, our hearts are still alive. We see that every time things escalate in Palestine, we see that the OMA is still alive, we still have a heartbeat. Because we're all together in this. We feel like one body. Right? And that's a miracle. And that's amazing. And I hope that the lesson that we take from it is that when things die down, or things return to status quo or when things evolve, hopefully they evolve in a positive direction, that we realize that a lot of what we spend our time bickering over needs to be put aside to deal with these bigger issues. Okay, right now, the United States Government writes blank checks for Israel, blank checks, they can do whatever they want, they

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can murder and maim and enslave and do whatever they want. And they're gonna get billions of dollars every year. In order to get the latest weaponry, the latest gadgetry, the latest technology, all the trainings all the help they can possibly get.

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That's a failure for us as a Muslim community and specifically a Muslim community in the United States. Right? We're fighting about Moon sightings, or we're fighting about this and we've got dalla bros, and we got feminists and yeah, okay, believe me, like I understand, like, we have to set our own house straight, and we have to check certain people and we have to check certain trends. Yes. But if we can't work together for this, if we can't prioritize, and say it's like, Listen, I don't like you, or I don't agree with you, in this particular thing. But we both agree on this. Let's get this done. Let's get this done. Right, like political pressure, political power, to stop at least

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just like very, very, here's like a very baseline expectation that any US military aid, have some criteria for who it's going to write that it not be just completely unconditional. Right, that there is no ally that's beyond reproach, right? Even that would be a small victory, hopefully, as part of a larger strategy, but a small victory. And honestly, like we could help contribute to that, right. But if we spend too much of our time, getting bogged down, right, with the sorts of infighting and infighting, we look at Muslim strainer, what happens, right? Like this is part of what brought us down there. So we have to find the balance, right? And if we're teetering on one, and if we ever if

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there ever comes a day where we're teetering on the end where we're all just trying to sing Kumbaya when people need to be checked then Okay, then we'll talk about that situation, but we're not there. We're at the opposite extreme, where we're infighting and bickering so much, that we're dropping opportunities. We're dropping opportunities to work together and to have a bigger impact that we're having currently.

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