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The segment discusses the importance of acknowledging the presence of only one God in Islam. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to learn to play trade and establish prayer. They also mention the importance of not forgetting Christmas and the upcoming holiday.

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Mohammed is His Messenger.

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There is no God.

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Salaam Alaikum.

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Very excited. I'm very excited hamdulillah we, every week, Saturdays at 730 on cat TV 36. We're humbly trying to do the dour trying to clear the many misconceptions. People think that is Islam

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is something that represents an Arab, right and doesn't try to blow people up. That's a big myth, Miss conception. And we're trying to slowly but surely clear up these misconceptions.

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This brother James, he's seen some of our shows. He's also a martial artist. So we met. And my brother has been talking to a little bit about Islam, he's read a little bit. He's watched some of the shows and hamdulillah the guidance comes from Allah. He's given us the ability to do the work as the best business to be in the business, the Buttercup business, world love. I don't even want you in this life, but in the Hereafter, and there's nothing better.

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Not a better feeling when somebody comes to the truth, acknowledging that there's only one guy worshiping Him alone and not his creation. And that's what this brother, acknowledge, is acknowledging today.

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So I'm gonna go ahead and say that English is the testimony of faith. James, you acknowledge

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that there is no deity? There is no God, worthy of worship, except the one true God, Allah. And that Muhammad? Is his slave serving the messenger. Do you acknowledge this? Yes.

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Now I'm just going to repeat it.

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And repeat after me.

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En La Ilaha Illa

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Illa y

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en Mohammedan.

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To what a suitable

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now, one second, we get all the tech news and we get excited. These are all your brothers.

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Now, they're your brothers in faith, they're going to come up, it's gonna be an overwhelming experience. They're gonna hug you they're gonna introduce themselves.

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But I want the brothers to not just leave here excited today. And then they forget about this brother. There's another brother here. Chris, he took Shahada over a year ago. I don't see his full blown up not blown up literally. But people calling him checking up on him. There are brothers and sisters who are coming into a salon and we're forgetting about them. They need to learn how to play trade, you're going to start to learn how to establish the prayer, pray five times a day, you're going to pretty soon pay the charity, you got the excess? Well,

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you're gonna be fasting during the month of Ramadan. And inshallah, you're gonna be making hands,

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your physical, financial, evil, all these things, you're going to slowly start to implement.

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Now, these brothers are going to come up and introduce themselves. They're not going to forget about Christmas over there, get the blond hair, blue eyes. I want you brothers, to invite these brothers to your house, to get to know them, to support them and not to forget about them. Welcome to Islam, my brother.

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It's such an exciting moment. All his sins are forgiven. He is now like a newborn baby sin free and the Creator of the heavens and earth who is so merciful, takes those bad deeds and turns them into good deeds. Where else can you get this? Now he needs to struggle and strive to obtain the right knowledge to continue because this is the first step now he's going to establish the prayer five times a day. He's going to fast during the month of Ramadan, going to pay the charity while we told him to the hatch and tried to be the best human being that he can be striving for excellence doing the good that the Creator of the heavens and the earth has called him to stand away.

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From all the bad things that he's told him to stay away from this is a simple way of life is the way of light brought by all the messengers of God, the submission and the surrender to one God. Islam is not a new religion, but by Muhammad. It was something that was implemented and taught by all the messengers of God to worship the creator and not his creation. See us at the deen show calm every week. We'll see you next time. I sit on Lake and peace be unto you.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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There's only one Moses was he's missing.

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There's only one God.

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There's only one he created.