Tom Facchine – The True Inheritors of Moses

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The importance of shaping people's perception of the world to avoid false predictions and harm is emphasized, along with the need to showcase the truth behind stories. Iran's leaders have made mistakes, including the collapse of society and the loss of people's power. Islam's actions to prevent the loss of people's lives and the importance of protecting their children are also discussed. The speaker emphasizes the need for strong faith in Islam and strong relationships with Allah Tala, while acknowledging the struggles of the devil against everyone. Consent to honor Islam and not give up on one's behavior is emphasized.
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You heard

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a shadow

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further also

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really love

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number one step number one I still feel

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whenever we can show we are pushing our say

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may have seen

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what a

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article was so

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supple law How about anyone else in

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the room

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yeah we

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talk a lot yeah the

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main industry in Washington what sort of I mean hello general assembly from 901 is

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what's up a lot of

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the media was out in the water

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yeah even on top of off our Hulu colon sadita You'll say come on down that way a little bit. Why make our solar panel suppose the Norwegian

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honeybees are a lot worse than honey honey, Mohammed, Allah by yourself. Well, shall we move

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on to call out

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some things in the form men are more important than others.

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This is not a controversial statement. Allah Subhan Allah Allah says in surah Usili because the story of use of XML is the best of stories.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that piles of poo see is the best

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in the poor.

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He also saw while he was send them send us also the fluff is equivalent to 130. For him.

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Some parts of the Koran are more importance than others, even if all of them are important.

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You can also usually tell how important something is by how much that is mentioned. It's how he did our belief that the last time was our other is one unique in the visible is everywhere.

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before during and after every story and the parable.

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The story of Musa

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is one of the most frequent stories in the form.

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It is found in many, many chapters including the second chapter, a lot about the seventh chapter of alcohol and the 28th Chapter of the process. This week we will be looking at the story of Rousseau

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In the salon, I've sold it in the form of a chapter across Allah subhanaw taala. He says, that's why you may never be most of them have told me you know,

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we narrate to you oh prophets, parts of a story of Moses and Pharaoh in truth or people who believe.

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Allah subhanaw taala, who uses the word never, instead of cover instead of this,

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because the word never is only used for important news. Who is this important news for?

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For people who believe Allah is not just telling us story is entertainment.

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Our education as believers depends upon the stories, communities of believers like ours have come and have gone. Many of them lost their way, many of them bartered away the guidance they were given for material gain. Many proved ungrateful, the list goes on and on and on. Allah recounts these stories to us here in Unicode 2021, not to make us feel better than them, but to show us the mistakes they made, so that we may avoid those mistakes, and realize the gravity of our responsibility as people of faith

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alone in the sense in

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you're stopped the people

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in your

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home were stepping into who can and will see. And D, the pharaoh arrogantly elevated himself in the lab, and divided of his people into two groups, one group of which he persecuted by slaughtering their sons and allowing them to live their daughters, he was truly one of the corrupt

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enlisting the sins of federal law to honor begins with aggregates all of

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our debts, as we mentioned last week, makes duty service and worship completely impossible. It ruins everything. And we see this quality personified in the figure of Iran.

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His second sin is to divide society into groups and oppress some of those groups based on their group identity. The people of faith, the Israelites spent a strong year were living in constant fear of the ruling class, they were arbitrarily killed, particularly their sons, they were enslaved with no opportunity of economic or social advancement.

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The reason for this has given to fear says it has succeeded is that the chiefs of powers people were aware of something that he brought, he has sent off ago to his son, this happened

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when he said to him was that he will have the sentence, the sentence will come from him, one of whom will end up destroying that

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they fear losing their power. And so they use every means at their disposal to try to avoid this prophecy,

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then almost ourselves, what do we do and

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so the way to fill out when a

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manager or whoever He

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will make the other both feel healthy or no realtor are,

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can do.

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But it was our will, to favor those who are oppressed in the land and making them the leaders and the inheritors, and to establish them in the land and through them to show Pharaoh and Hannah, and their soldiers the fulfillments of exactly what they have feared.

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Allah to honor outlines what he will do in response to Pharaohs corruption. He says matter of factly that he will favor those who are oppressed and reverse their fortunes, making the weak strong and making the enslaved leaders.

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The oppressed will remain after to inherits and succeed their oppressors. This is the very thing the oppressors fear will happen. Despite their illusion of power and control.

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The exact path that they took to solidify their grasp on power would end up being the

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The very thing that brought them to ruin

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Allah Allah only allows the oppressors to give so far before he snatches them up, and revenge, a lot of time on talking. The Avenger and the fact that he gives her precious time and the opportunity to give up their wrongdoing should not be misunderstood as an injustice. I love how that extends the same opportunities to everyone, and gives the oppressed an opportunity as well, to develop virtue and to secure their salvation because of what they suffer.

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While Okay.

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And how they are eu 3050 IV, the young one has asked me what our taxonomy is now or do you know it was in Oklahoma City, We inspired the mother of Moses nursing, when you fear for him, put him into the river, and do not fear nor greed, we will certainly return him to you and make him one of the messengers. A mother of Moses side of the Sudan is asked to make an extraordinary leap of faith. She knows that if Pharaoh finds maybe Moses, he will kill them.

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In normal circumstances, keeping your baby with you will give the child a much better chance of survival than sending off the child down the river by themselves. But because the mother of all societies believes in her heart that Allah Tala is more capable, more capable of protecting her child, than the everyday causes of protection and safety that Allah Himself created. She obeys. Allah is the creator of those causes. And so he can easily intervene and bring about safety from what would normally be the most threatening situation. A fire can become cool, just like the hockey.

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In this story, sending your child down the river by themselves is safer by the middle of the law than keeping them close by your side.

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Allah Tala doesn't tell the mother oppose this. That's even worse than what she knows that Moses is going to be promptly delivered to their sore enemy Pharaoh.

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Maybe it would have been so much better. If she had known Allah knows best. But even given what she knows, it's a very difficult choice that no mother ever wants to have to make. She relies upon Allah and passes the test

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that we talk about border no fear on the corner of the room I don't worry about what happened. In the Quran. Allah Allah knows you know that will that can call the lady Tallinn. And this so happened that Pharaohs people picked up the baby Moses only for him to become their enemy and source of grief. Surely Pharaoh, ha man and their soldiers were sinful.

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Allah subhanaw taala is a lovely leaf. He is the most solid. By the power and knowledge of Allah. A fire can become refreshing and cool. The oppressor can become a protector, and the innocent baby can cause the downfall of a mighty dynasty.

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We'll call it as a commodity with your honor. toll roads are in the

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glue the banner Oh, that's one of the woman who borrows wave sets of power. The speeding is a source of joy for me and you don't kill him. Perhaps he may be useful to us, or we may adopt him on the site. They were unaware of what was going to come Allah Allah He controls the entire creation, even the hearts of the people. He doesn't want to follow with the promises what why he was so dumb used to say it was

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it this story Allah Allah softens the hearts of Iran and his wife FCM toward baby Wilson, who could have been an Israelite they don't know. Which explains why Pharaoh's wife tells him not to kill the baby. Even though he was gripped with fear and paranoia and the illusion of control,

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a lot to soften his heart to accept the Moses into his household

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whilst knowing the most valuable element cannabis, the tools or the roadmap of how we have these are gonna meet and our hearts

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Moses, his mother ate so much that she almost gave away his identity. How do we not reassure her hearts in order for her, in order for her to have faith and almost promised, just as a last soften the hearts of her arm towards Moses, he strengthened the aching hearts of Moses, his mother, a mother of Moses, it is to them is expressing a need that every single one of us has. When we suffer, when we go through hardship, we need to share this hardship with someone. We go looking for encouragement and understanding from those who we trust.

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This is not an pious act. This is not a complaint. It's a law is a guy. And part of the way that a loss of hope Subhan Allah Tala guides us is by placing in our past mentors, and good friends who give us sound advice. asking for advice, guess what it means you're going to reveal your difficulties to other people. This need is so strong and a mother of Musa

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she almost blows her cover.

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If she had told anyone that she was missing a child, people might connect the dots and realize that with certainty the child that Pharaoh was raising in his own household was in fact one of the Israelites. This would have changed their attitude towards him and put Moses in grave danger.

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All as little sticky. We'll see.

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The Hustle of the army there aren't gonna be one day.

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And she said to his sister, the mother daughter said to Moses and sister he tackled me. So she watched him from a distance while they were unaware. We learned here in this verse, as we do in so many others. That's what good reliance upon Allah to Allah is not a passive activity. It's not sitting back and doing nothing. No. It is relying upon Allah to Allah while you act and give your best efforts. Just like a prophet or insightful Savannah, and the companions of the Battle of the Trench. They felt the trench and then relied upon Allah. Here, the mother opposes studies to realize online cycles are brief, at least in public.

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But then she sends her daughter to see what's going on.

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Oh, how long are they, all the men in Republic, the following lesson has become the basis yet Faloona. For homes that no one else,

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and we cause him to refuse talking about Moses refused all the women who tried to nurse him at first. So his sister then suggested China direct us to a family who will bring him up for anyone to take good care of him a lot as I believe he is the subtle, he has already prepared the way for Moses and sister to have this unique opportunity. Just as he called hearts to soften toward Moses.

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He caused hoses to refuse all attempts of nursing.

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And if you've been around enough hungry babies, you can imagine the kind of distress that this causes Pharaoh and his way past.

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Moses, his sister immediately seizes the opportunity, and presents herself as someone who can find a solution to this problem cleverly concealing her identity.

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But other than that, here we go. Now we know we need to talk about what has happened, what has happened

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what I can I have thought on.

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This is how he returned him to his mother so that our hearts will be put at ease. And not really. And she would know that a lot of promise of Hello Tada is always true. But most people know not. Allah, Allah is the Most Merciful man.

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He doesn't want to see the people of faith, depending in brief, he has complete goodwill towards them, and wants the absolute best for them.

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But more than happiness, more than the beautiful things of this life, such as children and prosperity. Allah wants us to know that his promise is true. Not just the promise a long way to reunite Moses with his mother. But his promise of justice, his promise of paradise. His promise of

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Eternal life that he has paid to the people have faced poverty have was suffering along with the wonderful play sadly, most people are still people who live in a world

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what's up another woman I Tokidoki once in

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a while back to luxury hotel remember Sharpie was Hello, Vienna, we'll see you

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who were sold for dairy and on the go, I mean, some of the wealth why, why? Why are suddenly with the sea feel.

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Next, all of our services, whatever, blah, blah, should that was our thing. Now we'll have another way to look at how you can adjust indoor seating. And when he when he moves on, he reached full strength and maturity, we gave him wisdom and knowledge. This is how you reward that there were some good. Then Allah says that one day he entered the city on notice pious people. There Moses he found the two men that were fighting. One of those two people was coming to his own group. And the other was from his enemies, the people of Pharaoh the ruling class, the man from his people call out to Moses for help against this enemy. So Musa is struggling, causing his death.

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Musa in Sudan cry that this is the work of the devil.

00:21:44 --> 00:21:46

He is certainly a sworn misleading enemy.

00:21:48 --> 00:22:25

Moses Hadees is drawn into a fight based off of his identity. He sees someone he identifies with in this fight. So he enters into the fight not as a peacemaker, not as someone trying to establish a law as justice, but as a partisan. As someone who is biased to the group he belongs to. This is the opposite of a law of justice that he calls him beforehand. The Justice has applied equally to everyone, regardless of creed, regardless of tribe, regardless of satis.

00:22:27 --> 00:22:38

Justice that isn't reactionary, justice that relies on facts finding, and verifying what's really going on, before rushing into things.

00:22:39 --> 00:23:03

Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us everything important lesson about priorities. There's nothing wrong with being part of a group or feeling a strong sense of group identity or solidarity. In fact, an essential part of our faith is having allegiance to the Muslims, both vocally and over the goal.

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Without allegiance is conditional. And subordinates to Allah's command.

00:23:10 --> 00:23:13

Our supreme allegiance is to Allah sometimes.

00:23:14 --> 00:23:30

So we have someone, even from our group comes along and tries to appeal to our common group identity, and to our allegiance to each other, and leverage not to get us to violates one of the last commands. That's where we stop.

00:23:31 --> 00:23:36

No one is exempt from the laws. No matter what group, they apart,

00:23:37 --> 00:23:49

Musa makes, makes an honest mistake, and even immediately regrets it. He also immediately recognizes the role that the devil played in this situation.

00:23:51 --> 00:24:11

The devil is always there to fan the flames that leads to conflict. And then, once it's over, rationalize the mistakes that we made. If you were our war in posesses situation, the temple would have been there as well to help us recall every single wrong that other group did to us.

00:24:12 --> 00:24:20

And then after our mistake, he would suggest every reason why we were justified to behave the way that we did.

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Most of the things he sees right through it, and we've had this so far that I've been able to let's see, hopefully about Alana in the hall before Rahim. He tweeted, my Lord I have definitely wrong my soul. So forgive me. So Allah for havior, for he is indeed the author giving them the Most Merciful. Musa alayhis salam. He has a true understanding. He not only knows that he was at fault, he knows that the biggest oppression committed wasn't against anybody else. But it's

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along those that are attentive SaLuSa eyes this year. And so he accepted.

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This should not surprise us. The prophet is thoughtful Salam said that if we approached Allah subhanho wa Taala sincerely, even if we had not sinned and filled the heavens and the earth, a lot still forgive us. If we were truly repentant

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and lost us all up the mountain I'm not a fan of going out

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of ego is the

00:25:37 --> 00:25:43

most essential pledge. He said, My Lord for all of your fingers upon me, I will never side with the wicked.

00:25:45 --> 00:26:42

Mousavi Salaam has two powerful key ingredients to sincere repentance that we can learn from first he is grateful. He recognizes the favours of Allah to Allah upon him. Even the ability to come to Allah in repentance is a blessing. We are intended to Allah for our indebtedness to Allah to Allah establishes the obligation to obey Allah and admits we have fallen short. This is the internal dimension of genuine repentance. Second, is to make the resolution to change. Would anyone accept an apology from someone who didn't show any results that change their behavior? Imagine someone use powerful insulting language with you. And then apologize for it. You accept their apology, but on

00:26:42 --> 00:26:47

the very next day, they're backhanded, insulting you once again.

00:26:49 --> 00:26:55

You would tell yourself, this person is not actually sorry. Their apology was fake.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:03

If we want to prove our sincerity, when we repent to Allah to Allah, we have to at least resolve

00:27:04 --> 00:27:14

to change our ways. Even if we end up falling back into old habits by mistake. This is the external dimension of telephone of repentance.

00:27:16 --> 00:27:18

They also have been a DNC call

00:27:19 --> 00:27:25

that's outcome over here. Let me stop there before that he had some fun with MC

00:27:27 --> 00:28:09

the assessor before Barlow also in federal law we'll we'll be so Moses became fearful, watching out in the city, when suddenly the one who saw his house the day before cried out to him the entertainer for Moses now in the future, and he you are clearly a troublemaker. All of a sudden Saddam has learned his lesson. He knows that he can't take everyone on their word. He can't take every situation at face value of justice. As a matter of fact checking justice demands verification, the truth has to be uncovered. He notices a pattern of behavior with a span and refuses to be led astray by prejudice twice.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:27

A law that suggests that when he was about to lay his hands on their phone the enemy said that all Moses you intend to kill me. Just as you kill someone yesterday. You only want to be as higher as to LA and you did not attempt to make peace at all.

00:28:28 --> 00:28:37

Word has spread about what happened to Moses. And Moses, his fears are proven true is no longer safe for him to stay in the city.

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00:28:39 --> 00:28:43

in Arkansas community. Yes, I fall in love.

00:28:44 --> 00:28:45

Yep, tell me of all

00:28:47 --> 00:29:03

the efforts look, that was in the lock screen and there came a man rushing from the further center of the city. He said almost us the chiefs are conspiring against you to put you to death. To leave immediately. I sincerely advise you to do so.

00:29:05 --> 00:29:13

There must have been unease among the chiefs of the city about Moses on Easter, who was an Israelite raised in the hospital.

00:29:15 --> 00:29:19

Their suspicions about him must kind of worsen as he grew up.

00:29:20 --> 00:29:44

This was the perfect excuse to get rid of it. In a society that was just this would have been treated for the accidental death that it was like in Pharaoh's society. This was a case where members of the slave class killed someone from the ruling class. Justice would not be done rather than example would be made out of boost.

00:29:46 --> 00:29:47

I thought it would be happy to call even if

00:29:49 --> 00:29:59

we never really hold it all the mean supposes that the city in a state of fear and caution pray my lord deliberately from the wrongdoing people do

00:30:00 --> 00:30:19

Mussolini's must now make a similar leap of faith, just like his mother did so many years ago, he has to leave the only home that he has known. Go into exile, fearing for his own life, always looking over the shoulder to see if he is being hunted down.

00:30:20 --> 00:31:08

But, as we've seen, sometimes ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He turns what we experience as our biggest hardship and setback into our biggest blessing and period of growth. Mossad agents has no idea where he will go or what he'll do, but he's not being asked to know or to have it all figured out. All he's being asked us to do is trust a lot harder. The one who has protected him and guide him every step of the way so far, as long as your relationship with Allah Tala is strong. And if you put forward efforts, Allah subhanho wa Taala will take care of the results that are selling ilnp off

00:31:11 --> 00:31:12

in the long

00:31:13 --> 00:31:16

run to use on Google nowadays Yeah.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:21

Software while he was in the US has been a lot

00:31:25 --> 00:31:27

of government has said that I can isolate

00:31:29 --> 00:31:36

him in the government made over 100 100 come out but after

00:31:38 --> 00:31:49

a rocky in the lead on lots of mechanical turn. whack them into worship on a one on one they all learn as you go. Yeah.

00:31:52 --> 00:31:52


00:31:53 --> 00:31:53


00:31:54 --> 00:31:55

what I

00:31:56 --> 00:32:01

was gonna say. Yeah, we have a lot in the last half. Yep. A little bit

00:32:03 --> 00:32:05

more into even more about

00:32:06 --> 00:32:08

your own category. Yeah.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:12

That's what a lot

00:32:20 --> 00:32:21

a lot of

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