The Comment Section #11 – She Fell In Love With a Muslim

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AI: Summary © The speaker advises against being too critical of non- Gimatic couples, as it can cause them to become a Muslim. They suggest being flexible and trying to be a Muslim, even if it doesn't work out for them. The speaker also advises against being too critical of non- Gimatic couples, as it can cause them to become a Muslim.
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A lot of times it happens where, you know, they're developed romantic feelings between Muslim and non Muslim. So, you know, if there's a Muslim guy, for example, and there's a non Muslim woman and they develop romantic feelings for each other then mashallah, the guys who have principal and who are acting on principle, they won't marry that person, you know, assuming they're not like a practicing Christian or Jew, but they won't marry that person until that person has become a Muslim. And that's great. Good for them. Fantastic. The issue for the non Muslim person for the woman in this situation is that can cause them to doubt if they were to become a Muslim. Maybe they were

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thinking about it already. Is their conversion sincere? Or are they just doing it for love or for marriage? And my advice to a person would be become a Muslim, become a Muslim. Don't let yourself fall prey to this sort of, you know, doubt because first of all, these things aren't mutually exclusive. Okay? You're falling in love with somebody, that person's a Muslim. Why are you falling in love with them? Part of the reason is Islam. Okay, so you can't cleanly separate out your feelings for Islam and your feelings for this person. It's not like you're falling in love with this person but you hate you hate the Islam that he follows. If you really are inspired by this person's

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religion and this person's faith then that's part of what you fell in love with. So act on that become a Muslim, get married inshallah live happily ever after.