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The transcript discusses the history of Islam, including a woman who sent an email and a man named Mr. IPOc who caused a stroke. It also highlights the importance of learning from the "will" of Islam and being mindful of one's actions. The segment emphasizes the need to be careful about one's actions and not to give up on one's friends.

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A woman sent an

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email. He saw the how

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many Meena Mussolini

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Allah Melinda and founder and founder of Mr. Olympia Anna was in the in manjar. Camera he mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefits from what you told us and increase us in knowledge mean your bladder mean, my dear beloved the spected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who listen and apply

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our even observer

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of the Allah one he said, I asked Abdullah have normal are the Allahu and Houma

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and I said What was the worst thing that the pagans of Mecca did to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

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He said, I saw one day talk by Ben ebeam white

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aucuba Ben Ebby white, coming to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while He was praying, taking his scarf and putting around putting it around the neck of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and squeezing it severely, trying to choke Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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until Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu came and pushed Akbar away and he said and he decided the eye attack to attack to lunar module and a year called RB Allah wa Khadija can build by inheriting Rob become you are intending to kill a person just because he's saying My Lord is Allah azza wa jal and he has brought forth to you the evident signs of your Lord Akbar been Eddie white, this man he Honduras Allah say salam in this incident. And in another incident that we all know one time Abuja Hill and his group were sitting by the cab and Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was praying and when he was in his Sousou alayhi salatu salam Abuja al challenged the people sitting who will take the guts, the

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abdomen, all the dirt of the camel and throw it on the back of Mohamed Salah Salem while He was praying. So Akbar was the man who volunteer to do that. And he took all this dirt and put it on the back of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and they all started laughing left and right until 14 or the Allah Allah came and removed all that from the back of her father. Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And also Solomon he finished the Hadith in Bukhari by the way, he raised his hand and made dua against every single one of them. And the narrator of the Hadith said I saw them all dead in the Battle of of better.

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Let's hear the AI that we will be discussing today in sha Allah Tala recited by our beloved Harris Nadeem, and then after that, I will come back and tell you the story of this man. Baqubah been Abby might

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be learning Nina's shave on your Raji agin Bismillah

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me Lal now, Lonnie one day um, I'm

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late and he was too now was wound he sent me a

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letter later Nealon tells his fallen Holly Leila now Cordell one Lenny Lincoln Evander is

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Okay, and show you 175

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Subhan Allah What a beautiful dissertation Baraka Luffy brother Harris, Zack Lufia.

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he had a dinner over his house, and he invited all the leaders of Koresh.

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And also he invited Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This when you look at the books of the first year, you

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He mentioned this story as the reason for the revelation of the as you just heard,

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sort of Salah Salem told him I will not eat until you become a Muslim. Akbar said a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow Anika rasool Allah. He became a Muslim Rasulillah Salam ate, it was very happy he ate and incident is done.

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Akbar had a very close friend he had his Khalil Khalil in Arabic means a very close friend of us. Khalil is a man called obey Ibn Caliph. They have been cut off. This is his best friend. While this dinner was taking place obey he was traveling to the sham. When he came back, people came to him and they told him Did you hear what your friend Akbar did Lacan sawbuck used to? They used to say, and anyone who became a Muslim, they used to call him he became SABIC. Saba.

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So, obey. He was so mad, very upset. He went to Akbar. And he said, Is this true? You became a Muslim? Who said yes. Rasulullah. Salah was in the in my presence, and I wanted them to eat. So I declared the Shahada. He said, Watch hookah haram. I will not look at your face, you will not my friend until you go and do three things.

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First, you denounce your Islam. Second, your spit on the face of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and third, you curse him with the best curses you ever learned.

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This is obey, talking to Akbar.

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Obey by the way before I continue the story, obey. He was a man, that one time he sought a source I said I'm passing by and he was feeding his camel. He said Dr. Mohammed, I'm feeding this camel and I'm gonna continue feeding him until he get becomes big and strong. And I'm gonna ride him and kill you.

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Solos I said and said, I am the one who's going to kill you.

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Let's go back to AKBA when obey told Akbar to do that Akbar went to Rasulillah Salam denounced his Islam spit on the on the face of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he cursed him with all kinds of set of obscenities.

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Allah revealed this yet.

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We own a variety more Isla de la Allahu Akbar. Allah said on that day, this volume, this wrongdoer is not going to bite on one hand. He will bite on both hands. You're going to honor your day. Here is one hand the day is both hands. He's going to bite both hands and say yay or nay. 22 ma Rasool is a biller or you wish I stayed with the path of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you are aware you that you're aware that when you hear the word the away letter someone is in deep regret YAHWAH you letter late any limited fool learn and Halina Are you wish your Allah Oh to me? I wish I did not take obey as my best friend as my Faline look at the money and is decreed by the journey. He took me

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away from the path from the message of Islam after I became a Muslim Subhan Allah Subhan Allah.

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Yeah, that will be recited till the Day of Judgment, reminding us of the story of Akbar, my dear brothers and sisters. After we mentioned the story behind this, let's mention the lesson as the main idea is to learn from this ayat, apply this idea to our life. Allah says in the Quran, and

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we all know either the leader or the Nardo Elon Musk talking the best friends that Aquila is plural of Helene, the best friends on the Day of Judgment they will be enemies to one another except Except Alma tacchini Except the righteous May Allah make us all from the righteous me. Why, on that day, they will start fighting you the one who taught me how to smoke. You're the one who introduced me to drugs. You're the one who made me drink. You're the one they start fighting and arguing. When's that going to benefit on that day? It's too late. So my brothers and sisters who are your friends? Who do you hang out with? It is extremely important. There's a saying in Arabic says pull him into Azure

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Aquila. Come and tell me who's your friends. I tell you who you are. are better than that. The code of Rasulullah sallallahu says

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El Maru Isla de Cali lay the person is on the path of his best friend.

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And there's a

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saying that we use all the time a saw him, sir him. The friend saw him is a friend Sir hip from Sahadeva means Paul. So the Sahib he pulls you, he's from the people of the massage and he will pull you to the massage and he's from the people of the streets and the people of the clubs, he will pull you to the clubs I saw him said one is with sod and what we've seen Subhanallah so true. Ask anyone who went astray. I have experienced it myself with many people who come to me and tell me about their children. And when I sit with a child, and I speak to him, he tells me my brother, why did you start drinking? Why are you on drugs? Why?

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It was my friend. My friend told me try it. What's the big deal? Are you are a coward. But look at me. Nothing happened to me one time only. And all it takes Listen to me my brother, my sister. All it takes is one time to get addicted. We have lost so many youth because of that one time. They tried alcohol one time, they tried drugs one time and that was it.

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Who is your friend? Be very careful. Who do you work with? We are supposed to. We are supposed to advise our friends when we see them doing something wrong. Absolutely. Gently kindly, constantly. But

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when I started noticing that I myself started shifting and drifting going out of the path then it's time to boycott abandon that friend.

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When I start to see the feeling that my Eman is getting weaker. I look for friends that strengthen my Eman. The true brother, my sister, the true sister for you is the sister when she sees you going astray. She warns you and when she sees you going the right path she assist you. This is the real sister. The real brother is who supports you who goes with you to the Halaqaat and to the classes and he advise you on your see when he sees you doing something wrong. This is the true brother. This is the friend that you want to hold on to deal with your teeth. These are the friends which are very rare. If you see a brother that is constantly reminding you of Allah constantly warning you warning

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you gently about yaki please this is haram Why did you watch this? Why did you listen to that? This is Brother hold on tight to him. My sister if you see sister constantly reminding you of Allah hold on tight to that sister. They are very rare these days. We'll be careful watch. Who are your children hanging out with one friend could destroy your child. Just one friend. One friend could lead your your son or your daughter to hellfire. One friend who could put doubt in your son's heart about the dean, one friend withdrawn everything you have built. Be very careful who your children are hanging out with friends could be destructive. And I will end with a story which isn't in

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Buhari. But as we all know the story Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while his beloved uncle Abu Talib on his deathbed. He came to him and he said yeah, my beloved uncle, my beloved uncle, just c'est la ilaha illa Allah so I can stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and try to you know, intercede for you.

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Who's his on the both sides of the bed? Abuja hell.

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And Abdullah ibn Omiya the evil friends, they said you leave the dean of your father, you leave the dean of Abdulmutallab. How could you do that? Subhan Allah, the evil friends. They kept on whispering on his head until he died saying I am on the dean of my father, Allahu Akbar. So an evil friend. But the soup could lead the person not only for destruction in the dunya but also could destroy his or her after. Please

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look at your contact list and see all these friends that have no benefit. The friends that are you know, after you became friends with them, you start missing your salad after we became friends with them, you start using foul language those friends delete them. If you have tried your best to correct them and did not work. Now it's time for you to look at yourself. At the end of the day. Every single one of us could Lunasin Bhima cassava travina Every single one of us is responsible for

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his own doings. May Allah subhanaw taala surround us by the right company. I ask Allah azza wa jal with the best of his names to surround all our children with the right company, surrounding the children with the right company is one of the main main reasons for their righteousness. May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best these may Allah azza wa jal makers from the people who listen and apply May Allah azza wa jal make our last words La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah Zachman La Jolla Suhana Khan Lahoma behind ik Michigan La ilaha illa and Mr. Theologica on a tuba deck

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in Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning Mina demon quantity now look on it that the more slowly been I was born in Poland the one saw the Rena was foggy or odd the one before she you know a little harsh

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what unfortunately no one was watching. The one downside the lino one downside being bought in was all me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentle home one Hatfield law D was that good enough law that gets you Oh, what's going on? I don't law hula

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