Tom Facchine – The Comment Section #12 – DON’T WATCH THIS If You Can’t Handle The Truth

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of individuals having a strong understanding of their actions and loyalty to their fellow Muslims. They stress the need for individuals to be more aware of their actions and try to act like they understand and know their fellow Muslims. The speaker also mentions the importance of avoiding embarrassment and mistakes in public.
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A lot of Muslims have a lack of sincerity when it comes to their fellow Muslims or we have a lack of loyalty and fidelity in the meaning of Naseeha in the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, a dean on a see her and it was a pillory man. And then he said Lila, we're lucky to have a little crossbody wali immotile Muslimeen while I'm at him, right and everybody knows the hadith is a very, very famous Hadith and we get from this, that the deen is no say that it is loyalty, its fidelity to one another. And one of the fruits of that fidelity and loyalty is advices. What's what everybody translates Nestle has, but really its fidelity and its loyalty. Okay, so then we have people, they

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go online, and they listen to shake X and shake y and mm x and Eman, y, and they find something, let's give them the benefit of the doubt it was a mistake, they find something that they said that was a mistake. And then what happens? What's the process? What is the response of that person to a mistake that they find? Let's make a theoretical? What would the response of a sincere person who had fidelity and loyalty look like? And what would the response of someone who had no sincerity or fidelity or loyalty look like somebody who felt the requisite loyalty to their fellow Muslim would at least make dua to Allah that Allah would correct this person and show them the guidance so that

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they would fix their error and be right, and if you find somebody who takes somebody's name and drags us through the mud for a mistake that they made, and that person needs to take care of themselves? If they haven't even asked a lot of fix that person, then that person should be afraid that they have a lack of sincerity and a lack of fidelity and loyalty, the type that is requisite that a Muslim should have for another Muslim was the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said Aquila, Muslim and Muslim haram. And he mentioned what are the in the end all of another Muslim is haram for another Muslim, his wealth, his blood and his honor, right? Treat people the way that you would want

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to be treated. Imagine that you're shake X or EMA x and you made a mistake, you were wrong. How would you hope that other people would deal with you? That's how you should be whatever that is. Right. And it's not to say this is not to say that there's not a time and place for public correction is our saying, and we're not saying that some people don't make very embarrassing, horrible mistakes that even hurt the Muslim community, right. But at the very, very least, we have to make sure as a process point that as Muslims, we have the requisite amount of fidelity and loyalty to one another, even if we vehemently disagree with each other and think that this person

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says something wrong, mistaken, dangerous, we have to be able to at least go to our graves being fairly sure that we were sincere, and that the process or the result, or the response that we had wasn't just about us. And our ego wasn't just about me competition, or even just like false expectations, we say, right, that's like, Well, nobody's perfect, but we don't act like we believe that. We say that, Oh, everybody makes mistakes. And then when someone makes mistakes, we act like we never saw it coming or we never expected it to happen. No, your favorite Imam, your favorite shave. Your favorite YouTube channel will make mistakes. They'll say things that are wrong. Get

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ready for it. I don't know what else to say. Get ready for it prepare for that day. Are you going to throw your whole faith going to be thrown into jeopardy? Or are you going to fall into sin, right because of something that everybody knows, surprise, surprise, nobody's perfect. Everybody's human. Everybody's wrong about something. I'm wrong about things, plural things. And I hope that Allah guides me and that I'm wrong about at least less things as I go along. But I'm wrong about lots of things. Right, we say we say that we understand but we don't act like we understand. Everybody needs to really, really look inward and check themselves and their sincerity.

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