Tipus Tiger at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

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The speaker discusses the V Kiaator V.I.Q. which is a collection of items made by humans and their supervisor, the British Royal Empire. They showcase a few examples of personal belongings, including a lion's sword, a tiger's sword, and a men's leather leather jacket. The speaker also mentions a famous men's leather jacket that was made by a woman in the 18th century and is considered a V.I.Q. collection.

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Okay, everyone has already come. I am at v&a, Victoria and Albert Museum. Behind me are the belongings of the lion, the tiger of Mysore to Bhutan. That's his personal sword. It's kind of look at it as his personal sword. That's his telescope. That's his walking stick.

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And this is as far as taken from his throne that Little Tiger had studied with emeralds and Ruby. And these are the Sarang Potter metals,

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silver and bronze.

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And this is the famous people's Tiger.

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People's Tiger was an instrument made for the Sultan

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to basically mock the British. In this case, there's a British soldier under an Indian tiger, the tiger is devouring the colonial East India Company British soldier. So it's basically an instrument musical instrument. You can see the handle there when you turn it and then play

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basically, it's it's a, it's a panel or harmonium like instrument when you play it, the tiger roars and the soldier moans. So this was given to people from Taiwan as a president, because he was fighting the colonial rule in India. So this is a very special gallery and v&a, Victoria and Albert Museum you must come and visit and see this place. Okay. And there's not you don't have a lot. You don't have a lot here. But there is enough for you to see what this man was about. People's Tiger their

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personal sword.

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Okay, that museum is closing so I'm gonna have to wash. So these are some couple of handguns made insolent pattern by the engineers of the Busselton. Okay, there were factories making weapons in

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the 18th century. You can see some of the personal belongings of the Sultan. v&a is in South Kensington, London. It is open on Wednesdays, weekdays and weekends come and visit VNA and check out the bustle towns belongings. In this corner, you can see the swords personal sort of belonging to the Sultan, one of them by the way sold for 14 million pounds in a recent auction 14 million pounds, okay, the telescope and the rest of it was all done was a Muslim King in South India, who ruled from 1782 to 1799. He was killed in battle by the by a coalition of the British East India Company forces and Murata has and then his arms of Hyderabad, three armies came to fight him to subdue him, because

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he was fighting for freedom against a foreign occupation of the East India Company, okay. So, this was a very special thing very, very famous in history very, very well known very much appreciated by Indians, Muslims, Hindus, Christians alike. Come and check out his belongings and read a book published on him by Kate brittle bank, the tiger the book is titled The Tiger you will be fascinated by this character. I have published an article on this king

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on the royal Asiatic society you can find it there, published by the Cambridge University Press. More will be following a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. It