Tom Facchine – Tawhid Is Thicker Than Blood

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the story of Noah's son Noah's death during a flood and how his son's will affect his family. The story also touches on the idea of hate and the idea of a "guarantee from the last final data" that everyone is going to be safe.
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When it came to profit new on a Sadam, no no in English you know the story is well known he built an ark the rain came the flood came okay, but one of the most interesting parts about that story is his relationship with his son. So he's trying to tell his son you know, come on the rains come you better get a board and everything's gonna drown to panela we have the hurricane going on a Florida May Allah give everybody ease and protect everybody that's like it's I think people can understand more like what the situation is like you see the floodwaters coming up and how crazy the mentality of of Noah's son had to be because then like, even towards the when his options are running out, now

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it gives them a last shot and he's like, Hey, come on, like please come aboard save yourself. And Noah's son says, I'm good pops, I'm going to head to the mountain. I'm gonna go the mountain the mountain is gonna save me. And then he dies because the flood goes higher than the mountain. And so this this aspect of the story is super heavy. There's so many themes that the Koran you know, Allah subhanaw taala, in the Quran talks about again and again, comes about relying on the Creation versus relying on Allah's power to audit that's there when it comes to the kind of arrogance and turning down to help and not following the prophets that's there. But then a super interesting thing that

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happens is when No, either you sit down, he has like a little conversation with Allah, obviously he's upset, he's upset, his son just got taken away from him and died in the flood. And he felt at least how he understood it. He felt like he had kind of a guarantee from the last final data that his family was going to be saved. And so he asked Allah basically, it's like, you told me that my family was going to be safe. What, what basically what happened with that? And the last final thought is says Your son was not from your family. And that shows you that Sahid is thicker than blood, right? That belief that faith that your deen is something is the strongest bond stronger than

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your bond a family stronger than your bond of your ethnicity, your skin color, your race, whatever other idea, your gender, whatever you whatever else you got going on to hate us first. Right? So hate is your is your identity, right? In addition to more than that, but it is and this is why you know when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam came to Mecca people would complain he's splitting up households, he's a homewrecker right. Because you have people you know there were houses where some of the people of the house they became Muslims and some of them didn't and fought against the Muslims and but everything was rearranged everything was mixed up you know, even when

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the most of the Muslims they made hijra to Medina and what was the first thing the prophet or they said something did he made brotherhood between the hygiene and the unsought right he said, Okay, you're going with this guy go into his house and actually made them inherit from each other because now he is thicker than blood. And it wasn't until they were in a more comfortable financial situation after the after the Battle of better where they, they they stopped that but it goes to show you that you know, when it comes to Allah says in the Quran several times you know, you're your real family is your family of faith, your real family, you might you still have duty, you have duty

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to everybody who's related to by blood, but your real family is the family of Tawheed

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