Qatar World Cup 2022 Hypocrisy

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The speaker discusses the issue of politics and the influence of the media on people's perception of certain groups within the political spectrum. They also mention the potential for conflict between different cultures and the need for a cultural stance to avoid unnecessary conflict.

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There's a lot of hypocrisy that goes around. People always imagine or try to say that sports can unite people and no politics, but there's always politics and everything, you know, the World Cup, the logic of it, it deals with the nation state. And that's politics already, you can't get away from it. And then whenever something is done in a, you know, a space outside of Western Europe, or the United States, we always hear criticism about this and criticism about that. Now, it's about Qatar. And it's sort of their own, you know, some of the Islamic values against sexuality against, you know, certain types of expressions of individualism, these sorts of things. And there's a double

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standard. And everybody knows this, because when the Olympics or the World Cup is being held the United States who's going to bring up the displacement and dispossession of the Native Americans, who's going to bring up the treatment of African Americans and the slave trade north north Atlantic straight slave trade, who's going to bring up Nagasaki and Hiroshima, who's going to bring up all this and we could keep going, there's so many things. So it's like, you know, please, like, or let's go to the European nations and their colonialism, right? Like there was, you know, the, we can look at the map and the 1880s. And there's only a few colors on there because at one point, the European

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colonial nations or empires had dominated most of the world. If we want to open that bag, we can open that bag. We can go there, but it's not going to be pretty