Quranic Concepts #4 – What Is Aqeedah

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Another key concept in Islam is called akti. The Thida. It refers to literally it's something that is tied, right? It's like a commitment or a covenant or a pact. So it communicates there's undertones of obligation, that and duty that are involved in it. But it also refers fairly accurately to a concept that we have an English or a term theology, right knowledge about the divine knowledge about Allah knowledge about things beyond this world, what's going to happen after I die, angels, Revelation prophethood, all these sorts of things enter into the things that we believe even though I think that an Arabic and an English there's a difference between belief in Arabic and

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belief in English, the things that we believe in, and the reality and the information and the knowledge and the imperatives that duty, how do we respond? How do we react to that knowledge of this divine of Allah and all everything that has to do with the divine all of that is Akita