Taqwa is an Attribute of The Believer #shorts

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of "taq wa" in English, explaining that it refers to God consciousness. They also mention a " cameras staring at them" and a " freezes you up" moment when they realize something happening. The speaker emphasizes that God consciousness is not something that everyone understands and that people may see and feel differently.
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Taqwa is a term that a lot of people you know, we translated as God consciousness or fear of Allah or piety or righteousness. But for the majority of English speakers, they don't actually know what Taqwa means. What does God consciousness mean? So I want to give you this analogy. If you've ever gone to like an ATM bank machine, and as you're typing in your password and you're looking left, you're looking right, you're seeing it does anybody see me? And then there's a moment when you realize there's a camera staring right at you. And then this consciousness that you're being watched and photograph just comes over your whole body and it kind of like freezes you up. At that moment,

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you become conscious. Now when we're talking about taqwa, God consciousness, it's that you understand that Allah subhanaw taala sees you and because you understand that Allah Azza just sees you. It makes you do what Allah commands you to do, and stay away from what Allah subhanaw taala for