Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #14 The Defining Characteristic Modesty (Haya)

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In Part 14 of our series, I discuss the defining characteristic of our faith, as per the words of the Prophet (ﷺ) : modesty (ḥayā`).Shyness and modesty is not about being quiet or acting like an introvert! The ‘ḥayāi’ that is praised is an innate feeling that dissuades a person from undertaking any action that will be blameworthy. It is an internal ‘check-and-balances’ that acts like a conscience and makes one feel guilty even before doing a sin, hence it stops a person before doing the sin.It is generally associated with abstaining from vulgarities and indecencies, in speech, interaction, and dress.The Prophet (S) said, “Ḥayā – all of it – is nothing but good…” [al-Bukhari].

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smell Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman whether Hammerberg today inshallah we will talk about another characteristic of the believer, and that is the characteristic of HYAH or modesty and bashfulness and shyness. The believer is characterized with HYAH you do not have Iman without higher. Allah subhanho wa Taala describes a beautiful incident in the Quran. And this is the incident of Musa alayhis salam when he is fleeing from Freetown and he goes to the land of Midian. And over there as your remember from the Quran, two ladies come and he helps them out. The ladies go back they tell their father what happened. The

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Father sends one of them to bring Musa back. The one that he sends eventually will become the wife of Musa. How does Allah describe this lady right now she's not the wife she will become the wife. Allah describes the wife by praising her in the Quran. For Jaya to ADA Huma attempts she either stay Yeah, one of these ladies came to him walking with bashfulness Allah praised her in the Quran by describing even her walk as a walk of Hyah. And it was this characteristic that caused Musa alayhis salam to eventually then end up marrying her. The wives of the prophets are all characterized with higher as or even the prophets of Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself said in

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the famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim Eman consists of 70 plus branches, the highest is La ilaha illallah, the lowest is to remove something of harm from the pathway. And hayah is one of the branches of iman out of all of the 70 he mentioned the highest and lowest and then he emphasized one one that you should all be aware of haya is of the branches of Eman. So you do not have Iman, if you do not have higher and higher is a fruit of iman, once the Prophet sallallahu just said a pass by a person he doesn't say Muslim who was making fun of his friend you're too bashful, you're too shy, you have too much high up and the prophets have said Let him be for indle higher Allah Yachty

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Ellerbee higher modesty bashfulness is only going to increase a person in good. There is no such thing as being too bashful. It's good to have higher, it's good to have this modesty, this shyness. Now what is this shyt shyness? What higher are we talking about?

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Hujjat is the characteristic that causes a person to make sure that he or she does not do something that others will criticize him for. The person covers up his false and even his I would argue the physical our art and also the spiritual characteristics that are our art. The person is conscious that I don't want to do something that will bring about criticism. So HYAH is an internal characteristic that puts you in checks and balances. It prevents you from doing something that will cause greater disaster or criticism or any exposure to your own weaknesses or your to your own our arts and that's why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of the earliest of this, the

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aphorisms the statements that people have heard from the beginning of the prophets is either them to stay first namah *ter if you have no higher than do as you please meaning the last checks and balance is higher. If you have no higher then nothing will stop you from doing every sin in the book. If you have no conscience, if you have no bashfulness no modesty, no internal conscience, that's what higher is over here. If you have no higher than what's gonna stop you do as you please nothing is gonna stop you in this case. And that's why this is putting this hadith here that the last barrier between you and the sin is higher. If that is not there, then there is no barrier left.

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Now this characteristic Dear Brothers and Sisters is one that is frankly difficult to talk about in our times.

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Why? Because we live at a time when HIA is almost gone. We live at a time when HYAH has become something that people mock people make fun of. If you are bashful, if you are modest, if you are keeping to your morality, people make fun of you, our high school students have to face this reality that when they're acting morally upright, when they're keeping within the bounds of the Sharia, and 90% of the people are not, they are the ones that are made fun of. So the tables have turned brothers and sisters, and this is why it is so important that we Muslims maintain our higher, dear parents, those of you now all of you who are parents, they realize this, how quickly hire has

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changed how quickly hire has gone. I was growing up in the 80s. You know, I'm of the age I grew up in the 80s. I remember clearly my parents would criticize the television I used to see in the 80s. Right? I swear to you, when I see that television, compared to what my kids are seeing, I don't even understand what they found problematic in the 80s. Like I don't even understand what is there compared to what we are seeing now on public on social media. There is no concept of HYAH la, la La Quwata, illa biLlah. In one generation, what has changed in our own publicity, you cannot even protect your children, even if you wanted to when you're driving down the road. There's things

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they're everywhere, there's images, and there's things that are not appropriate. You cannot even protect if you wanted to. And by the way, it's not just over here, anybody who starts daydreaming about another land overseas. Yeah, he The internet has made the world a global village. Doesn't matter where you are, unless you go to an island and you cut off from society, in which case, how are you going to live love, we are living in aphorism, and the fact of the matter, we're living at a time where HYAH is gone around the world. So we have to face this reality. And dear Muslims, I say this bluntly and loudly. And clearly, we are the last civilization on earth that is maintaining

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higher and morality. If we are going to fail in our commitment to IOP, then who is going to live up to it? Everybody has abandoned it mainstream other faiths Christianity and Judaism mainstream, there's still pockets amongst them mainstream amongst them have also changed in this regard, we are the last large civilization on earth, that is maintaining the reality of higher if we are going to give this up. And if we're going to change, then that hold on to that Billa, we have failed in the mission of Allah subhanho wa taala. So because everybody has changed around us, it becomes even more imperative that when it comes to this issue, we the parents maintain higher in our own families, our

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children's have to see the reality of what higher is our children's have to see it in our own clock and our own interactions, they have to be taught through the Sierra through the lives of the righteous before us, they need to live the reality of HIA. So that when they see on the outside what is happening, they have something to compare it to also do your Muslims realize this as well. You know, people that are not Muslims can do as they please. But deep down inside, if they have a true conscience and faith, even they know right from wrong. Even they have something inside of them, the pure amongst them, that when they see purity, they recognize it. And therefore Listen to me

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carefully. One of the easiest ways to do that is by maintaining our values of higher. One of the easiest ways to show the reality of our faith to our fellow non Muslim neighbors and relatives and and colleagues around us is to live the reality of modesty, and of gender interactions and even of gender and gender roles. We live with this reality in our lives, because they can walk and laugh as much as they want. But after the laughing is over deep down inside, many amongst them realize that too much has happened. I don't want to go too much time is limited here. But I need to just say one quick thing. We are undergoing right now we meaning Western civilization, a crises and a

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catastrophe, the likes of which are anthropologists and our psychiatrists are still not fully understanding why and out the breakdown of marriage, the breakdown of sanity, the rise of depression and suicide, the the lowering of even birth rates. Do you know there is a crises around the Western world of birth rates? The number of children being born is at an all time low. Even though you would think because of promiscuity wouldn't be on the contrary, they've already gone beyond or below what is normal there on the downside. And of course we know why. And that is because they have tinkered with higher. They have been higher Beshara as we say they have no higher promiscuity is everywhere.

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The images the free for all the one night says I don't want to go too much. You get my point when you break

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Keep down this barrier, society will suffer. And they are seeing the repercussions and they don't know what to do about it. So many anthropologists, psychiatrists, scientists are talking about the upcoming wave, the catastrophe, of the suicide and of the depression and of the breakdown of the family. There are many, many reasons. But I would say humbly, number one reason we have broken down hierarchies, we've broken down the family. So if they have done that, we cannot allow that to affect us. We have to maintain higher in our personal lives and our family lives, we have to teach our children the reality of what it means to be modest, the reality of interactions with others. Now,

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how do we do this again, much can be said number one, number one, demonstrate in your interactions with the opposite gender, the lack of the movement, the lack of the Muslim, do not flirt around do not speak in an indecent manner, lower the gaze, bustle, this is of the etiquettes of the believer speak in a manner that is demonstrative of you following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu either he was seldom even if everybody has forgotten it, you don't forget it and you will impact people will Allah he I know of a person I know this lady that she converted to Islam, because she would dress the way that everybody dresses people would flirt with her stare at her one man would not do

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that. He would lower his gaze speak with her in a decent manner. And she was like what is wrong with you? Am I not attractive? Can't you see you know, whatever I have, he said no, I'm a Muslim. And my religion teaches me to lower the gaze and to interact with women in a decent dignified manner. This sparked in her a curiosity that ended up to her converting Islam and studying Islam full time I know this lady myself. So understand this point, when you interact with higher people have higher up will be impressed with this. So point number one, interact with people of the opposite gender with higher point number two, keep Be careful as well in the wordings and what you say. And the the nobility of

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speech. Don't be crude. Don't use swear words. It's not of the Sunnah. It's not even of the Quran. When Allah speaks about things that are explicit. Look at the wording when you come from the restroom. Allah didn't say what happens there do will do when you come from the restroom. Allah says when you touch your wives, look at how Allah is speaking. It's not touching the wife, we know what is meant. But when you don't need to, then don't say something in a explicit manner. This is of the hire, a lady came to the Prophet system and said, O Messenger Allah, how do I do husen? You know, after I have done the menses, how does the hosel so he told her what to do. And there's a phrase in

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there he said, then take a cotton and follow the blood. She said, What do you mean follow the blood? The Prophet says and became bashful Subhanallah follow the blood and he didn't say anything more, I should have pulled the lady aside. She said she he meant that what was your private organ, he couldn't say that in front of the lady. This is how ya Subhanallah just wash it, he didn't want to be verbal about this, this is where Hujjat comes in the higher of even when you have to say this word to use in a generic manner. I say to the younger generation, oh college students, it is not cool to use foul language to be vulgar to be crude to say things in an explicit manner. This is not

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from our o'clock, this is not from the clock of the prophets. So number two is your wordings number three, and it needs to be said no matter how problematic people find this but of HIA is also how you dress how you dress is of higher. Yes, it's not the only thing of how Yeah, and yes, both genders we say this, but still when all is said and done, it will not change the reality, a part of how ya is how you dress and men and women have specific guidelines about what they should cover and how they should cover and this is something that is explicit in the Quran. Yeah, Benny Adam, but when it comes to bass and or children of Adam, I have sent down to you close, Allah has sent it down. Allah

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gifted us with clothes, we are the only creation of Allah that has closed and Allah has gifted us with clothes, it is not cool to discard our clothes, it is the lack of higher it is the last barrier of higher so men and women and especially our sisters, because Allah has blessed you with what he has not blessed us with. Allah has blessed you with power over men, Allah has blessed you with what he has not blessed us with you have what we do not have and you have the power to do what we do not have the power to do. So with that power comes privilege with that power comes responsibility. And that responsibility is you dress in a modest manner and yes men as well. We dress in a modest

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manner. So these are of the mechanisms of hire. Final point. Don't confuse hire, with all types of shyness and embarrassment, no hierarchy that is encouraged is the shyness to commit a sin. That's how Yeah, that is encouraged as for to be shy of your faith. Yesterday we said what is in Islam? There is no higher this is a misunderstanding. You're not embarrassed of your religion that's not higher, higher to speak the truth No, there is no higher you speak the truth when you need to speak the truth higher in seeking no

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Knowledge No. If you have to ask an explicit question, then yes, we have plenty of evidences, the Sahaba would ask very explicit questions. When you go to a fatwa, you go to a court of law, you have to be explicit. Of course you're explicit there so don't use those exceptions and make it larger than it is small exceptions. The general rule with this I conclude Hadith isn't isn't sunnah necessity. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said beautiful Hadith memorize it. Every religion has one defining characteristic and the defining characteristic of Islam is a higher that is our defining characteristic May Allah subhana wa Tada bless us with higher punish Allah will continue

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