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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how college students are concerned about balance and how to balance between religion and job responsibilities. They emphasize the importance of prioritizing one's study and workload rather than just prioritizing a slab. The speaker also warns that there is too much time for school and that students will fall into line if they don't prioritize their study.
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A lot of college students, young professionals, they're very concerned about balance. How do I balance between, you know, my religion and my studies or my job? And how do I seek knowledge and become more literate in Islam? And I mean, honestly, it's like looking back and I'm 33 years old. So it's like, you know, I've been through college and you know, in the workforce had various jobs, you just have to prioritize a slab. That's just what it is, like, everything else comes and goes, like your work. And there's tons of things like this on the internet, they're not going to care, they're going to replace you, you die tomorrow, your works gonna replace you in a week. They're not going to

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put up a plaque. I'm not going to put up a picture of you on the wall. They don't care. Right? So why are you going to prioritize that in your life? It's your dunya it's your but it's okay. It's the means that Allah gave you to get money, but come on, like what's really going to give you salvation? What's really going to make you progress as a human being? Is your deen, okay, even your studies, okay? It's like I have a test. Let's say you have an exam, you can work 20 hours on it preparation or you can work 10 hours on it, or 15 hours, okay? It's inexhaustible the amount of time that you can spend preparing for your things. So prioritize a slab Right? Like that's just the thing like

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first thing in the morning, do your court and do your studies first. And then the rest of the day you can go about doing whatever else you know chasing your risk and whatever it is, you know, your studies and your responsibilities and things like that. The trick is that we get tricked all the time. But this is thinking that there's not enough time there's not enough time for a slam there's not enough time to study Alienware to further my knowledge of a slab or things like that. I'll do it later. Right? Well, no later never comes. It's not an issue of time. A lot controls time and a dad or a family but later on they have a law set in the Hadith. Coetzee says I am tired. I cause the I

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alternate the night and day. Okay, is one second like any other second is every second the same? Are they substitutable are they homogenous? No, they're not right. If you're doing something that you love time flies and if you are sitting in class waiting for that bell to ring so you can go on to your weekend or vacation time crawls. Write a lock and put bucket in time. You're not going to get anything out of your time. If you don't please Allah first prioritize a slip and everything else is going to fall into line.

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