Tom Facchine – Prayer Times Explained – Advice for New Muslims

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker explains that when praying in a window of time, the prayer is not allowed to happen until the event time. The only difference between federal and state prayer is that federal prayer is different and state prayer is the same. If the window is too long, the person may not be allowed to make the prayer.
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Sometimes when near a new Muslim, you get a

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prayer chart or a chart with a prayer times from your local Masjid. Or you might even download an app. And it's got all these words that you're not familiar with, right? Then

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go home or Ossur, etc, etc. And it can lead to a lot of confusion and a lot of misunderstandings. I recently had someone tell me that they thought that they weren't allowed to pray, pass the armor. And then other people I know have have told me that they used to think that they had the prayer right at the event time, and that the prayer wasn't acceptable if they waited. And so there's a lot of kind of misunderstandings that can happen. So the way that prayer times work is that prayer times they have they exist in a window, right? It's not a moment, you have a whole window of time, where you're allowed to make that prayer. And each window has a beginning and an end. B then is the

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beginning of that window. So if we say the door, then that's the beginning of that window of time where you're allowed to make love, can't make it over before it, you have to wait till at least the event of the horn happens.

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But you have until the other end of the next prayer time to make that prayer, right. So the time to make the war is from the other end of the horror, all the way until the event of awesome. Anytime in between those two, you can make your over prayer. And the same goes for the next prayer. So for us are the beginning of the time for us or is the event. And then the end of the time for us or is the event of Belgrade and so on and so forth. The only difference is with the federal prayer, the Federal prayer is a little bit special. Because the beginning is the same the beginning of the federal prayer time is the other. But the end is something that maybe you'll see on a prayer chart

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is Shrock or shuru, which has to do with not the hoard but when the sun rises. So that's the end of the time for federal prayer. So you don't have to worry if you're a student, if you're in school. If the then time comes, you don't have to run out of your class and pray right then you don't have to get yourself in trouble with your employer. You can wait until your next break or your next moment in between classes. Or even until you're finished work. If it's within that entire prayer window, then you're good, right? Now what's the comma? The comma is simply whatever Masjid you're following or whatever mischief gave you that prayer chart then that is when they gather in the actual machine

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to pray. Has nothing to do with when your prayer is allowed to happen. Are you allowed to do it before or after? It has nothing to do with that. It's simply that if you want to go to the masjid and make the prayer with other people, that's the time that they're meeting. That's the appointment time to make that prayer in that messaging.

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