Omar Suleiman – Don’t Just Ask for the Loss to be Less

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of trusting loss of autonomy and not low balling during a virtual Hello is emphasized, along with the need for a strong faith in oneself and not letting things happen to oneself and others. A woman describes her loss and how she cannot get a replacement, as she has been taught to make her own decision and not ask too many questions. She emphasizes the importance of trusting loss of autonomy and not letting things happen to oneself and others.
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So I want to come around to my breakouts, everyone is asking, I'm gonna say Thanos. He does not know Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen what are the one a lot I mean, when I asked you about to limit Sakina, lama sadena Cinema Vatican II because we can Mohammed and solo and he was telling me, he will slap yourself to Siena Cathedral. So yesterday in the virtual Hello, we talked about this idea of building a structure of trust and a loss of a structure until I could and one of the things that we covered in that was this idea that don't ask a lot to answer the prayer, the way that you want it to be answered, but ask Allah to answer the prayer in the way that he knows is best. And that's

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extremely important when you're making your heart when you're supplicating. And so

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the balance here has to be though, that when you're making you're out when you're supplicating, when you're praying, that you're not low balling a lot, because you believe he's not capable, or you, you know, you want to lower your expectation, right? The perfect follow up the perfect request, the perfect supplication is when you ask Allah for the best for the highest in your perception, and then you are satisfied with his response as the best no matter how he gives it to you. Okay, so you ask a lot when tomoki normally Java with complete certainty in the answer of your application that he's going to answer in a way that's best. But at the same time, you don't pin your expectations on the

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exact the exact consequence of your request, okay? So you aim extremely high with your drop, and you expect the best right with your drop as well. But you understand that the best that you're expecting, might not be in what you understand as best. Okay, so what does this mean when you're in the midst of loss? And how do we, how do we reconcile this with what we're talking about when it's when you know, people are losing money and then they worry or my prayers being answered in the first place? Okay, so how do you come to terms with trusting a loss of autonomy with the answer and then not low balling along with your requests, with your applications still asking a lot with full

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certainty and with high expectations and one of the things that we find from the practice of the Prophet salani was on the Prophet peace be upon him. He said that when a calamity strikes you, when you're struck with some sort of loss, he said, say in Allah He went earlier onto your own to God we belong into him we return. And then he said, say Allahu Allah and the cactus up to mostly Bertie. That journey fee her What up didn't even her higher. Okay? The meaning of that is that Oh Allah, I seek the reward with you for my affliction. But God he has, so give me the reward of that affliction. Give me the reward of that trial, what ab dittany minha Hydra and give me better than

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that which was taken from me Give me better than that which was taken from you. This is really beautiful. If you really think about it, because you have a person that's losing everything. And when you're losing everything and you're drowning, you're supplication, as you're desperate, you tend to just ask for the bleeding to stop. You just want to preserve what is being taken away from you just don't let it be worse than it already is. Right? But here the prophets lie Selim is saying, don't do that. Instead, ask a lot to replace what's been lost with better and that is having a good opinion of a lot when you make your drought when you make your application that you believe that God

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will give you better than what has been taken away from you. Even as you are in your moments of desperation and things are fleeting from you, okay. So again, he sets his alarm system say he sets all alarms and then peace be upon me that was mostly but when one of you struck with a tragedy failure call in Allah He went earlier on your own let them say to God we belong to allow we belong into him we return and then say Allah Miranda catches up to mostly batie derny fee he didn't need hyaluron minha up didn't even have Hydra. Oh Allah I seek the reward from you of my affliction, so meaning the reward in the Hereafter, and give me better than that which was taken away from me and

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this was narrated by on Selamat er the Allahu taala. And on selama she says that when Abu Salah when her husband was passing away, it'll be a long time ago. He said, a lot of Muslim, early hyaluron, meaning a lot more fluffy. Li hyaluron many Oh Allah, replace for my family better than me, give my family what is better than me as he was dying. And of course, Selma also was making the rounds that Allah give her better than what she had lost. And she thought, you know, I will sell them a lot, a lot of time and it was an amazing companion and amazing human being an amazing husband, just an amazing person, an amazing Muslim. And she thought there is no way that I could ever get a husband

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better than Abu selama. And then she said, Allah sent me the one person who

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unanimously would have to be accepted as better than double selama. And that was the profit slice Allah, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon himself. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I'd be married to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, this old widow, right and I just lost my husband and amazing human being. I never thought that I could be married to anyone better than him. But I was taught to make that make that supplication not just to ask a lot to help me cope with the pain of the loss, not just ask a lost parents out to make the loss less, not just to ask a lot to give me the reward in the hereafter. But to ask Allah subhanaw taala to give me better what lovely Highland

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minha to give me better than that which was taken away. And so a lot of us are going to lose things. And these times you lose some health, don't just ask a lot to restore your health, ask a lot to give you health better than that which was before, a lot of us are going to lose careers, lose income, ask a lot to bless you with income better than that which was taken from you with opportunities better than that which was taken from you. Okay, don't just ask a lot to stop the bleeding. ask Allah to increase the reward and ask a lot to give you a better replacement. And that's part of expecting well of your Creator. When you ask of him again, as we said yesterday, don't concern

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yourself with how the answer comes. But know that the one you are asking, is fully capable, and knows what he's doing. Okay, have full trust that he knows what he's doing. I'm going to put the request towards him. And however he chooses to answer is best for me, however he chooses to answer is best for me and I have to have that certainty in my draft in my supplication, but that is part of his Nirvana and Allah having a good expectation of Allah, that Oh Allah, do not just replace it, make it better. Don't just replace it with the same make it better. Don't just keep it don't just preserve it don't just, you know, safeguarded increases and that's part of our good expectation of

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him some Hannah Montana so we asked the last panels out of that for everyone who has lost that they are given what is greater either in this dunya or in the market either in this life or in the next but certainly Allah subhana wa tada is the Bestower of all good and a loss of hundreds and is capable of all things so we ask Allah subhanaw taala for the best in this life and the best and the next, and to protect us from the punishment of the wicked Alanna I mean, that Milan famous and I like walking away with a counter

Ask for the Replacement to be More

The perfect supplication is when you ask Allah (swt) for the best, the highest in your perception, and accepting what He grants as the best. But how do you do this in times of hardship, times of loss and uncertainty?

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