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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various examples of places where people have visited and enjoyed, such as the graveyard of Musriya in Egypt, the APJ, and the APJ's hill garden. They also mention the importance of visiting these sites for a period of time and sharing their experiences in the comments. The speaker invites viewers to continue sharing their experiences and donating to the group.
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Can we visit tourist sites that happened to be a grave such as the pyramids in Egypt for example,

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almost kind of data set into author and verse 11 or zero fill out for Mumbo k for Canada altimeter mocha dB, and also soft enamel almost when I said cool zero fell out fumble okay if I can talk a little more dreamy, travel an earth in look at how the outcome or the end of the mocap DB is the one who belied the profits are rejected the profits and then would remain the criminals on the in the disk believers. And the amount of classy metal chemo law said, Those who travel around on Earth, because they did travel to sites to see the remaining

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signs are remaining homes or places from people who have done good or bad in the past for the person to reflect upon their life to reflect upon their experience. So here we say that in general, it is permissible to visit places even if it belonged to non Muslim even if it is a place of worship, like temples or churches or things like this. As long as you don't go there for the purpose of worshiping Allah or thinking there's a ritual to be done there. No just to see like the sentiment of the law and how she said to the process. I love that when she was here and Habiba. This is your solo when the person before he died, he was in his bed, and they said, jasola when we travel in a procedure,

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we went and we visited this church, they have beautiful architects and beautiful writing and pictures and individuals on didn't tell them it was haram for you to do that or not allowed to do that. He just told him how that it is in Islam absolutely not allowed for people to draw pictures and images of people in the places of worship or to build a place of worship over the grave of someone. But the concept itself was a proven by the prophets and allow them which is entering that place. And there's plenty of narration where the Sahaba entered churches and places of that nature. So if you are a tourist and you see something like that you want to go and look at it, it is

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permissible. As for the graveyard pyramids, is a tourist place is not a graveyard in the sense of graveyard, that's a great for somebody was very there but it is an iconic place that a lot to go on to see it and to reflect upon the story of Musashi ceram and the people who have Pharaohs, Pharaoh and his people and there's a plenty of stories of the scholars who lived in Egypt used to visit the pyramids have picnic they're like even hedge offer him online so many other other scholars who happened to be lived and stayed lived in Egypt or human Willow Jamia. So if you go there, I guess you can go visit the pyramids and just reflect upon the story of mortality. So I'm from Ireland.

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