Minute with a Muslim #315 – Are You A Gatekeeper- – Check Your Sincerity

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Islam is not just yours, you do not get to speak for it 100% such that everything that you say is Islam and everything that you say that you don't say is not sorry. You know, Sheikh Abdullah also used to say that the truth is distributed, broken up and distributed amongst you. Maybe you've got 90%, maybe 90% of what you say is true, maybe 70% of what he says is true, maybe 50% of what I say is true, right? Nobody owns this, this deep. And the second when the second that people try to put themselves forward, like they are the final word.

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And there's a lot of sneaky ways that people do this. The scholars, that's my favorite one, right? Well, the scholars say this, scholars say that, right? And this person basically puts themself up as a gatekeeper. To say that, you know, what, I'm the the one person who's going to tell you what the scholars do and don't say, you know, how many scholars that are in the world? You're saying that, are you claiming to represent all the scholars, or just the,

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the real ones, just the ones who are on the truth, right? Supposedly, that's extremism, anytime when someone's calling to themselves and the I can't remember who told us this in Medina, but it was a good good metric is a good way to figure out the person who is sincere. They are happy, wherever you get your guidance from.

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If you're being a better Muslim, you go to this shape. You go to that shape, you go here, you go there.

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And somebody who has a poor intention, that person who is just calling to themselves in reality, they're only happy if they're guided through themselves. You're only happy if people come to them.

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And if people go somewhere else, a different message, a different shape, a different whatever. Subscribe to a different YouTube channel. Like this person is astray, this person is misguided. May Allah guide them