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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where they were upset and they were trying to get their way out of trouble, but were told not to do so. They describe a situation where they were alone for two days and they were trying to practice on their way out of trouble, but were told not to do so. They express their belief in the importance of Islam and the Muslims stressing the importance of proper character for individuals.
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May Allah subhanho wa Taala help, but it all depends on how you look at it. Some people they say, Sorry, sir, we'd like to sit you What? Because I'm a Muslim, what do you think that's not the right way to react? Go back to that hadith of eyeshadow, the Aloha,

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Island, relax, take it easy. Think about it, it's your chance your opportunity, Allah wanted it that way, they're going to hold you here for 12 hours, it's going to be your opportunity. Once I had a really big problem, okay, without getting into details not too long ago. So I walked through and they told me Listen, sir x, y and Zed, meaning they they read out whatever they had to read out to me, and they told me what was to happen. And I was so calm, it was with an airline. And I was so calm, and I was relaxed. And I looked at all these sisters who were there Subhanallah, my sisters in humanity. And what happened is, they were telling me and I was come by, and I know the instruction

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is not from them. It's coming from somewhere above what we do, we become upset and angry with the person lower down who's got nothing to do with the whole thing. And I was so common, I was smiling, until one of them commented to say you are the first person whom this has happened to.

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And you're just smiling.

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I said, You know why? Because I believe in the maker. And I believe if I'm not meant to be in a certain place at a certain time, the whole world can try to get me there, and I will not be there.

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And I believe that if I meant to be here talking to you, then that's what it is. And I can stand here for how many hours I'm not worried. I really I'm not worried, because I've tried my best and that's it and we will still try our best. So anyway, we were delayed for two days, somewhere. Two days. I promise you two whole days.

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And guess what I didn't I was just Hello, how are you? What's happening guys? I went back the next day and the same thing happened and I was just okay, no, that's fine. It's okay. Look, we're gonna try It's not your fault will love him. I hope and I pray that the mark that was left was actually a mark for Islam and the Muslims to say that there are people who have proper character and conduct I'm very far from perfection, nowhere near them. But it's one aspect that I tried, tried, only tried to practice upon, and I'm sure if there was a mark left. I promise you