Minute with a Muslim #234 – Be Aware of This

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The devil doesn't care what side he takes you down from, he just wants to take you down, right? So if he wants to take you down by getting discouraged, and he's going to go through that door, he's going to try to find that chink in your armor. If you're somebody who's easily discouraged, who's caught up with all this doubt and self reproach some people that go to extremes, I am worthless. And you know, a lot of probably he doesn't love me anyway. And he's not going to accept what I did. And I'm so I'm not doing this. I'm not. They don't ever focus on what they are doing. They only focus and can only see what they're not doing. Right, the devil will take you down through that door, he's

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going to try to get you to be so desperate and full of despair, and you just give up. So for that type of person you need to know and you need to meditate on the qualities of Allah, that kind of counterbalance that. Allah is Allah doodle Hakeem is the most loving he's the most wise he's looking for and offered, right? He's the one who is always constantly forgiving and more forgiving than anybody can imagine it awful, right? The one who, who pardons who completely will erase and overlook the sins of other slaves if they try if they sincerely try, right, so none of there's always the other type of person, right? Who the shaitan is going to bring them down with their hard headedness.

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And it's kind of the opposite situation where there's a type of person that you, you can't tell them anything. They've got it all figured out. And they're just, you know, it's like a lot of left I'm in charge and they're going to tell everybody what they should be doing and what they're doing wrong and whatever and they never look inward, right? Well, the the St. John's going to try to bring that person down through their excesses through their relative chinks in their armor as well so that's the type of person who needs to be told that a lot as I'm on top him a lot is eligible to hit right he's the one who is indomitable, irresistible, who's able to punish and punish very severely right

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and all this comes back to to hate because people need to know Allah through His command through his wholeness, right. And wholeness requires knowing both sides, right both the total leave and the total heat, the the encouragement and the discouragement, and if you only know one side of it, then you're going to tilt and you're going to fall off the fall off the edge.