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Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The importance of praying in combination with the physical presence of the people they are addressing is emphasized, along with the use of words like "has" and "has" to describe the presence of people. Different narratives and their potential outcomes are discussed, including a woman named Sophie who wants to return to silence and a woman named Hannah trying to get people to practice Islam but is struggling to get them down. The use of words like "slack" in a negative way is also discussed, with a focus on the negative impact it has on individuals.
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That in itself is a proof that the ruler may use to show you the importance of praying Salat and Jamaat,

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that you would combine in a timeframe that you normally would not pray the slot and the slot to the shot, you would normally not pray it in the time that we breathe it. But in order to protect the Jamaat, meaning praying salah and Jamal, we combined it. And this is one of the posts that I use to show the importance of praying into my and since we have an early night and solo to make it easy for Oh, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for all of the brothers that pray here right now to be here for fudger inshallah, because it doesn't look like this. So lots of budget. This means that

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and either the brothers are praying at another Masjid or they're praying in their homes will understand. So inshallah tada we go to bed early tonight, as this is from the causes inshallah to add along with seeking assistance from a loss of final data that we make this a lot and Gemma, even for so lots of budget, the issue of giving the coupon balance there, you can break it down into two categories. The first thing is, and the reason that I'm dealing with this is what we talked about previously, and what the Imam mentioned on Saturday. And that is that, as we're looking to move towards creating or establishing a new community, that the community starts, the bricks of that

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community are each and every individual. And it's not necessarily just because we move to a new physical place or a new physical method, that is going to mean that they are going to be great new things each one of us has to evaluate himself reevaluate himself take account of himself as it relates to given this allowance to local fire.

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Then again, it can be broken down into two different categories. Do you first Can you say I said Mr. La come to a cafe just to start out? That's number one.

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Who knows answer? not

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know why.

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So can you say if a cabinet says to you or Sarah Molly Can Can you say why they come sooner?

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No. All right, Lisa answers consistent.

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Now, in the back,

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you can return a kit that even returns the last tab a bit too. But you can't start you can't give them slots to begin with.

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Or they can give Italian

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No. So that's the proof. The problem is a lie there was someone said do not initiate or do not start by giving the Jews and the Christians silence do not initiate the silence with them by

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some of the

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like we mentioned on Tuesday, like Ibrahim and Nephi. He said that if you have a need from a Christian or a Jew, then give them silabs say Salaam Alaikum. Don't ask him for what you need. And there are other olema there are other elements like his half Avila Hawaii, who has the same opinion.

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Or if you want to give them down

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is what he said if you want to give them data, then you can give them salons to begin with. But kind of at the end of the day, as they say Better safe than sorry. The safest thing is to stick to the test that a promise of love. It was someone who said to not initiate the salons with them fight the issue of returning the salons to the coupon. I'm gonna read the hadith

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of eyeshadow the low Tana and her and Denis Allah will take it from there I'm going to read with the with him says about this issue. And also with Schiphol many Rahim Allah says about this issue.

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It comes in Sahil Bacardi and Muslim

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the authority of ash or the Allahu anhu called a Salah rattle minion yahoodi Anna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There were a group of the Jews who entered upon the prophets a lot It was called Assam or alikum. Now, the problem is, many of the Muslims they don't pronounce the silence properly this

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could sound somewhat like this semi illegal now. So be careful that you say as silent as salaamu salaamu alaykum now, they said assemble Annika. They said may that be upon you may just be upon you. But for him to her that is a Chateau de La Hoya and her she says so I understood what they said because they were trying to be tricky not to make it sound like Salaam Aleykum Selam Aleykum

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Selam Aleykum

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is big enough to be upon you. So I saw the alarm set for him to her so I understood what they were saying. But I like Kusama Lana so she said to them and may death in the end the person may find you

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a call us who likes alcohol he was selling Melania as he said Take it easy. Yeah, he said

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that in the Lucha you hit board with

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V. Phil Emery Cooley he because Indeed Allah He loves gentlemen. And every affair

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of course era Salalah lm test Matt Mercado. So I said O Messenger of Allah. Didn't you hear what they said? Didn't you hear what they said? Oh la la, la la la la la la. La La come. The prophets I send them set. We're in de Esser y la come upon you. Okay. This is collected by Bukhari Muslim in another narration by Buhari a call it is all the Aloha aleikum.

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Wa Alaykum

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa alaykum. Now, in another narration is about the Allahu anhu. I said, I like Danny and upon you and the curse of Allah and His anger upon Allah Maha linea Isha sort of prophesied someone said Take it easy. Yeah. I think a bit riff upon you, or you should have gentlemen is what yaqi will la ke but yes, he will run for well pass and be aware of being harsh, indecent, beware of being harsh, and indecent, harlot Olympus Mount makalu the problem so she said to him, the issue here, but they said to you, on LLM testimony, Did you not hear now that to La La him? Did you not hear what I responded to them?

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I used to jab at him while I used to jab hula hoops. So my do I guess them will be answered by law and they do I will not be answered by Allah. There are other narrations

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as it relates to giving them celebs like for example, either selling them It can I look it up but couldn't.

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Either Salama la familia who's for in America kulu aha to whom assembler alikum if the Jews give you cell amps, then barely one of them only says to you assembler. I like them even though he's trying to be tricky with the way that he says it.

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But call Alec so say to him what Alec

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what Alec, Danny and upon you. That's a handy development. Lovely alongside and Houma as it comes in Bukhari and Muslim. And let's listen to what he says. And it's very important. We read that I had the desire for clarity, we read the Hadith and Muslim and then we understand that the way we understand or we understand that the way that the Salafi understood it

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now we try to understand it the way that the seller understood it, and the way that those early scholars understood the religion. If we find something like that, this chapter in this book is called camel Zima. This is dealing with the rulings of the people of Dima the the people have dim the Jews and the Christians who live under the authority of the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians they live under the authority of the Muslims, this is a book live and die in his three wives

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are dealing with those type of rulings. So sometimes, even though I situation is the opposite, we Muslims living under the authority of the Jews and the Christians will love us that

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we find that there are still certain points of agreement mean it's talking about when you meet one another and how you interact in the life. So this chapter here is called How do we return to silence to them

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if we are sure that they have set as salaamu alaikum assalamu Aleikum

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he talks about how we say why they come that's in the beginning. Then he comes to says had a kulu he gets a haircut no who call assemble alikum all of what I have mentioned before previously This is it will claim because he's talking about what came before if they say a samurai they come to you say why they come Are you Oh Shaka female card or you have doubt about what he said to you. Okay, follow to have circa semi and dimia con Allahu salaamu alaykum lasha Kathy bahala who and yaku alikum Santa Oh, you're recording while

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he says so if it has become clear, that the one listening that this didn't mean and Who Was it me

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versus an abusive and under the authority of the Muslims. So if it has become clear that the Zim me, has said salaam aleikum, and is no doubt about that, meaning that there's no doubt about what he says is

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For him to say meaning the one who has heard it is about him to say why they come with set up or does he suffice himself was saying why they

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have no claim says but lady took for me him agenda to shut up a year with Hawaii to Sharia. And you call Allahu wa alayhi wa sallam in the head and in Bab Aladdin Allahu yet Moodle Bill adly will a set

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time says that which the legislative evidences require from us. And the general principles of the Sharia is that we say to him why alayka Sallam or we say why aleikum wa sallam because this is from justice. This is from justice and a loss of Hannah with Anna commands us with justice and he commands us with being righteous.

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Call us at what he does for you to be to hear, but how you will be executed minha Allah and Allah subhanaw taala has told us in the Quran,

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if you are given a greeting, then returned to greeting with that which is better than it or with that, which is like Vanessa bettinelli father, so he encouraged us or recommended that we do that which is better. Meaning that we add to this and hence why they can sit down when I'm so lucky. What Oh gibble added and he may obligatory upon us to be just to be equal. Okay. Well, you know, he had shade and men have eaten better be watching man. And this what we have mentioned, does not negate nor does it contradict anything from the idea that we have mentioned in this chapter with this topic from any angle, but in the Rasul Allah who was selling them in Amara kasady, Allah COVID la de la,

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they couldn't be an Allah suburban mathcore a lady can Oh, yeah, it's me doing a Lupita yet see him because that is because the proper sort of law it was something only commanded us to say or to to suffice ourselves was saying, why they come

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due to the cause, that has been mentioned in these headings. But there has been mentioned in the way that they were giving the to hear and the way that they were given the greeting, and that is that they were saying assembler alikum Nina make that be upon well shall La La he had eta shall be allowable and her for college.

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Now, so it will tie in he goes wants to say I have to bring some things here, he says well at VA, and that was just to be considered what and can be removed in love. Even though the

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Hadith itself or the general the generality of the expression that that has been mentioned in the Hadith, even though it's general in the mat, your little movement rufina viettel was cool, we only consider this generality, when there is that when that which is mentioned with his resemblance to that which is has been mentioned, what does that mean? What's mentioned in the Hadees

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na, na, exactly, that's what's mentioned in the Hadith. So that is the cause of the process by someone saying why they come. So now, if there's anything that they say, a sandwich, or anything that's close to that does not sell them when I let them know or anything that we dealt with, they're saying that we say why they come and that's it, okay, based on the reason, so, the only time we go with the generality of here, when we when we consider the generality is when there is a resemblance to that which has been mentioned, Laffy maou Holly boo, not to that which goes against or contradicts that which is mentioned in the Hadith. So they actually say a Salam why they come. Then

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we say why Aleikum? wa sallam by and they will claim goes on to say call it an hour either Joker hi Joker Bhima LMU hi ye Kabila.

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waiuku Luna de emphases. Lola you as the moon Allahu the man who has wound Johanna.

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So if they come to you, they give you a greeting with that which a law does not greet you greet you with this is referring to the statement of the Jews when they say assemble alikum Okay, so if they come to you, now, they come to you and they give you a greeting that Allah does not greet you with and then they say to themselves, why is it that Allah does not punish us for what we say? Meaning if this was really a profit wise a lot not punishing us for what we're saying hospital home to handle them. So last minute Allah answered them and say that sufficient for them is the Hellfire with bits of mercy and what an evil destination. But he does Allah had a Southern Miss the last sentence

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Michelle loves

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it McCain says so if this cost has been removed, and we know that the keytab e, who was a keytab you

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Now in English have you

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know Jews and the Christians? So if the cost has been removed, then a Jew or a Christian says Solomon, I should listen to this. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah.

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Well agile fits here, then justice and given the greeting requires that we give him that we return to salaams the way that he gave it to us for beloved Sophie, and then he says, and with a lot his success, I just read very quickly with Jacob Vanier, him a lot of times says about this thing. He says, what what that can be why they come, he says is a return to silence to them by saying why they come is

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Danny moon Indeed Allah is lm Yoku Salam sorry, ha, he said that is I considered that or any according to me, if they do not give the salams explicitly or in a clear way, well in that was of a mocha Bella to whom will miss it. Otherwise, it is obligatory that we respond to them. Likewise, the way that they gave us the synapse, the coup wa Alaykum wa sallam so we say why they can say that. And that is due to the generality of the statement of a loss of Hannah was adequate enough for you to be to hear, but how you be asking them in her or to her, if you are given a greeting, then return the greeting with that which is better than it or return it, I need the way it is. And likewise, due

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to what we understand from the statement of the purpose of the law, it was tell them if a Jew gives you the silence, then he only says to one of you assemble it, he only says to one of you assemble it. So say what are they and this is

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collected by Al Bukhari Muslim and other than those two mean we understand from this that if they don't say why assemble I like them and they actually give you the celebrity you can return them properly. So then they say hello, my name Allah says and perhaps this is the angle that many of the early scholars

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as has been mentioned, by habit have been hesitant and fetch will vary on a group amongst the seller that they saw the permissibility of attorney to salaams by saying wailuku Salim just like one word returned to salons to a Muslim and Allah Subhana who was Allah knows best. And I didn't get a chance to go back to pothead Berry, but this was sufficiently so lozada had a willow it was Hello Southern Anna Vina Mohammed

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like what what many of the Muslims do this as a director

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like what I need is a Salaam Alaikum aleikum.

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sanni. They're trying to see they they're not trying to say anything other than a

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lot of us.

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He's even more so permissible here. If we if they were under our leadership.

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If the Jews and the Christians were under the leadership of the Muslims, it will be permissible for the Muslim to return to us. And so it's even more so the case when we're living under CSRS

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most of the

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day, because some of the Good Friday try to they try to be smart.

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At that point, we're not going to

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say why. Because we know that they might even be as smart as

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a lot but it seems like to turn this attention.

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Maybe that's one of the questions that we get out as soon as

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This, this, to me is a very important aspect of doubt. I remember I remember because for a long time I believed that it was not permissible to return. So you run into a Kaffir and they say Sarah Madison usually

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knows better than somebody and is very difficult to give somebody down. If they don't have a good opinion about it very difficult to give them doubt. Or rather, if they don't have opinion at all about you, that may even be okay but if they have a negative opinion about it is very difficult to get them down. So we need to consider all of those facts and Salo Salah as we tried to call these people to Islam and do our duty living amongst the kuffar and we should not act like you know, we should not be complacent, just living here, acting like it's just okay for us to live amongst the compiler, this thing is destroying it. And if we are not actively involved in practicing Islam, so

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that they can see from us the beauty of Islam, and calling them to Islam to the best of our ability, because every Muslim is Allah Allah knows will lay the law means well, not every Muslim but Salah all of the Muslims from this lesson. Know what that means. And if you know what Lalalalala means, then you know why you were created. And that's enough inshallah Tada, Danny in order to start to call somebody to Islam, for them to see the beauty of Islam for them to see Islam and practice. But I'm not to hear foul language come from you from them not to see you throw trash out on the street from them to see you have some consideration with your neighborhood, which are black with your

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neighbors, with your family, with your mother and your father. All of these types of things they should see from the Muslims. So Danny, this is a part of that. Because some of them out of respect out of respect for the Muslims, most of the times, they say Salaam Alaikum they want to be friendly, they want to try to you know, you're not gonna find too many people that don't respect the Muslims just come up and just, you know, try to give you some apps most of it is due to respect. So inshallah tada we try to gain these people's hearts and call them business now, but then it shows you trying to say

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Chico Samia used it as a proof to sell us I really don't know I haven't read was hit with him. He said about this

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is another flood as handled.

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that's another issue because if you suspect that this person or you suspect that he may be a Muslim, then that comes under the

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different than that and that is similar command in the good and forbidding the evil.

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It was asked by one of your students names have poses hacking on the sword. And he asked him afterwards. He said if I go across the people that are playing

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that game that

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game is forbidden is anything he said do I give them salons in Athens Allah Allah Salama, don't give them salons and I was wrong.

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And yeah, and there's no honor for them.

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And you know, and don't even feel bad about it. Don't give us an answer. don't even feel bad about. So then he asked his hackathon Hawaii the same question. And he said, Yeah, don't give them salons unless you want to give them down. You want to give them down and give us the same same as he gave about using attrition. So last month, Alan was but some evil guys drinking beer and that type of stuff. I really don't know the answer. I was just saying way.

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And that's the answer is Hashimoto, Hawaii. In other words, given the salons and then enjoying the good of the video, he will not settle here.

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Then Salah man will give a lecture

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on the rulings of silence because there are a lot of rulings related to synapse,

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the synapse to the kuffaar so dance to an innovator that is the one who was disobeying Allah Subhana Allah how to return this allows the reward for returning the Sams

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and it's a lot of rules related to Samantha said Matter of fact there's a book called a cam salon or something like that.

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To do

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it all the

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time 100 said on that as well, of course

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