Abdullah Hakim Quick – The Age of Deception

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the lack of human knowledge of delusion and the resistance of American men to control territory in Africa. The importance of showing gratitude and submitting to others' beliefs is emphasized, particularly in the upcoming crisis and crisis management. The speakers emphasize the need for strong connections with Allah and the importance of showing gratitude and submit to others' beliefs.
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else they will deny once they are trapped. Once the infant truth comes to them, they will deny it.

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Openly deny it. Number four, diversion.

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And so a diversion will happen when an important thing comes out, when the International Court of Justice when South Africans came diversion

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when they wanted to destroy more people in the area of Rafah, Super Bowl,

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the society is set up with diversions to take our minds and thoughts off the real issues that are happening in our life.

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And number five, delusion.

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These great liars in some case, become people of the life.

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People of the lie are not just liars, they live in the lie,

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and even go to the point where they are deluded to think that what they are doing is the truth.

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And so the age of lies and deception.

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And for the younger generation,

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you have to know this information. It is being suppressed. But you have to know your history, the history of these lands that you are living in the history of the world, the history of the colonial period the past 600 years. You have to know this history, because we are living it today.

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The last 600 years, all over the world, especially here have been an age of destruction and savagery

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that people will say no, it's the age of discovery.

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Christopher Columbus discovered America

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How can you discover a place when they are 73 million people already living there? See the distortion?

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That's the lies.

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But if the liar controls the press, get the liar controls the libraries and the universities, then for innocent people, it appears to be true.

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You will be surprised to know.

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And we are we are shocked in living real time to see how Palestinian babies are being dealt with

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how families are a double standard.

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But this is not new. In 1496.

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Henry the seventh of England commissioned John Cabot to come here.

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And Henry said to him, conquer, occupy, possess the land of the heathens and the infidels. He told him to conquer this land, possessed this land. And they considered North America Terra nucleus, which means empty territory vacant. No human beings are living in their look at the double standard today.

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The reality was millions of people lived here. Great civilizations flourished in that in this part of the world. But Elias will distort the truth and cover up the truth.

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You will be surprised to know

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that between the 15th and the 19th century here

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was one of the most savage times in human history. It is called Atlantic slave trade.

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And we are in what is called Black History Month. And some people would say why you have black history month because of distortions in life. You will be shocked to know the reality of this part of the world over 12 point 4 million African people were taken out of the African continent.

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Think of those numbers and that is when the world population would not like today

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12 point 4 million people in the middle passage between Africa and the Americas. It is reported over 2 million people died.

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For every 100

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people who were taken from Africa

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only 28 survived and they only lived for about three years.

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This is the level of destruction that happened in this part of the world.

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But it was the resistance of the people

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the resistance on the shores the resistance

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In the Middle Passage, the resistance on the plantations in America, in the Caribbean in Brazil, it was the resistance that ended the slave trade.

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And the African Americans, Afro Canadians, Afro Caribbean people that you see our results of this still here, resilient and still here.

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But the lions will cover that up.

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And in some parts of America, they want to change the curriculum in Texas to say that African Americans came to this part of the world as immigrants.

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And they had a good time.

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It was better here than it was in their own lands.

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Think about this as a basis,

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especially younger generation, because information is now pouring out at us. Keep this in your mind that Palestine in 1917 99% of the territory was in the hands of the Palestinian people. 99% in 1946 90%, in 1949, after the war,

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Israel controlled 77%.

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And after this after 1967,

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they took over full control, shift it

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the same way that it happened with the indigenous people here.

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Who wants lived in these lands and control these lands, it's the same way.

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Destroy them, kill them, brutalize them, poison them, kill their children. And then if that doesn't work, put them in reservations.

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And many of us many of our programs, I don't say it's wrong. We start off by saying that we recognize the indigenous people, the Mississauga people, and we recognize the treaty where the people wins the treaty, this land right here actually owns to the to the indigenous people this land. But where are they? They're gone. That's what's happening in Gaza. forced displacement.

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And so no matter what we do, we have to continue to struggle with our leaders here. Our governments, our representatives, continue to struggle not only for the ceasefire,

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not only for humanitarian assistance for people to be able to live, but to stop displacement. Because that's the intention.

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In the same way they put the native people they say the Indians on reservations, where do they live now?

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Where did they live? The intention is to make Kazaa

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to make that to be a tourist resort,

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to displace the people, but the difference is Hamdulillah, Allah subhanaw taala has enabled this generation to communicate through social media. It is also put into the hearts and the minds of a new generation of people who are rising up all over the world, millions of people now, we're not going to forget this. We're not going to forget the innocent people as they forgot the native people as they forgot African American people. We're not going to do it this time.

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But that requires sincerity.

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That requires a strong connection with Allah subhanaw taala.

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The Prophet saw some of them and telling us in his famous Hadith about the religion summarizing the essence of sincerity in the religion of Islam, he has told us so the Allahu alayhi wa sallam, a dino Naziha

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Paula Lehmann ya rasool Allah, Allah Allah Allah he will era SULI he will Leakey Tabby he will the harmattan misdemeanor Wakasa to the Prophet SAW salem said

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the essence of the sense the essence of this Deen of your religion, your way of life is sincerity, not see her which means advice, but also means sincerity and support.

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The essence of our of our way is to be sincere.

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And they asked him or messenger of Allah. Who is this sincerity for?

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And he said as for Allah, for his messenger for his book for the general body of Muslims and the leaders.

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We have to be sincere and all different

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The key point right in the beginning

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is sincerity to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And one of the great scholars of Islam in explaining what is sincerity.

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He showed us that sincerity is that you need to follow Allah's commands.

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You need to support his religion

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can you need to submit to His will or Tasleem they hooked me here.

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We need to submit to the will of Allah.

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How is submission to the will of Allah there is submission in those things which are out of our control.

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Life and death is not in our control.

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The hurricane is not in our control.

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What happens in Middle East politics for us innocent people here, not in our control.

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But we have to submit if Allah allows something to happen, there is a wisdom in this and we have to submit.

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But there is something that we do control.

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We do control the conditions Allah put us in.

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And if Allah gave us blessings, then we should be show gratitude to Allah Shoka

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if we are sinners, that we need to make Toba

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we need to repent to Allah. But how do we show gratitude we show gratitude by giving from our blessings, continue to give, give to the cause, whichever way we possibly can. Muslims are suffering. Now, if Allah blessed you, it's a test all of it is a test. And so we need to continue to lift up our voices,

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to lift our hands in writing whatever we can do, to be part of the struggle for change and protection of this ummah. We are at a very critical point. And I believe we are at the doorsteps of the coming of the great liar.

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And that means we need to be sincere

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with a Creator of the heavens in the earth. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us sincerity in our hearts. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us sincerity in our deeds. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us sincerity in our unity. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on the children of this ummah, especially in Gaza and especially in Philistine. May Allah have mercy and bring dignity to the women of the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah give the strength and understanding to the men of the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah enable our leaders are confused political leaders. Take them from darkness into light or raise up one

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who will lead this ummah

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according to call the heather well supposedly welcome Lisa le Muslimeen him and colleague Ambien iStockphoto in the whole of affordable.

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Alhamdulillah and Why hadn't I had had for the summit? Allah the let me alert while I'm youlet well let me Aquila who for one, while suddenly was salam ala Sierra Linville Arkadin the b&m Muhammadan while the Allah He was happy at Jemaine were bad for yeah he bout to lie Takala haoma quantum where your call Alex Aparna Macmillan barometer in Allahu Allah He cut to who you saw Luna Allah Nabi Yeah, you had ladina Amanu suddenly one day he was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli wa salam ala Abdi covered a Zuleika Muhammad Ali he was her big man was the law one and whole of Russia Dean Abu Bakr Omar Earth man. Well Ali, why not be Rama Tikka? hamara Haman Alhamdulillah Allah yada yada what my

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Hakuna Lena Terrier, Lola and her dad Allah but Allah to Z Kullu banaba yet her data Anna will have learner Mila do Kurama inna cancel Wahab Roberto Southfield another new banana will Cafe under say, Tina, what's our firm our obra Allahumma and live Boehner Colombina was left at bay Nina watin. US So Bella salaam we're not Gina bin Abdullah Mati Illinois, which are nibh Melfa Heisha Mahara minha button. Were bad Atlanta fi asthma in absorbed in a war Kullu Bina will do reality now as

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wodgina What's up Elena? And decanter? Taraba Rahim. Allah Houma is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam when Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam and Muslim he was the lead Sherpa machete cane with DME Mayor Dean once or a brother Kira Bella Alameen Allah Amen Aradhana B su in vegetable houfy Nuptse watch al Qaeda who fina hurry, watch el tat beer who had Mira para hombre ticular the Jalali will cram Oh Allah, whoever wants to harm us and our lands, then keep them busy with their own troubles and return their plots to their own next and make their plans to cause of their own destruction. By your mercy Yahama Rahim Allah Allah Tada Allah London elever Fatah, Wa La Harmon Illa for Raja all

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that deen and Illa CoreData Well, Emery then inertia feta will make it an era Hampta well, that has been Hawaii dunya Illa data ha yah hamara he mean, we're como de la sala de como como la

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