Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #202 – Faith Is An Orientation

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of faith as a virtue and how it is not just about collecting evidence, but also about faith being an orientation. He uses a analogy of someone who believes in faith as a virtue, not just a virtue, and explains that this person has all the evidence in the world but cannot accept their own orientation. The speaker also discusses the importance of faith as a virtue for pastings and legends.
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Faith is not all just about collecting evidence. And then you know, now you have enough proof. And so you believe faith is an orientation. It's a virtue, right? So there are people who are faithful, and maybe they haven't figured it out. And maybe they haven't collected all the proof or even a lot of proof, but they have faith as a virtue, right? And then other people, they have all the signs in the world and all the proof in the world, and yet, they don't have an orientation of faith. And so it's it doesn't mean anything to them. And the kind of parodic Matic figure, or the archetype of this is Abu Lahab, right in the Quran, because Allah Spano Tata said, in sorts of Mehsud that he's

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going to enter the fire, right and Abu Lahab is somebody who he had such a stake in trying to disprove Islam, he was saying that, you know, the prophet is not a prophet. He's a he's a fabricator, he's a liar. He's a magician, all these sorts of things. All he had to do was believe. All he had to do is become a Muslim, he would have disproved the Quran, he would have for for eternity, everybody would have been able to say, Oh, the prophesy sometimes not true. Look, I will not have became a Muslim, right. The Quran was wrong, but he couldn't do it. He couldn't do it. And it wasn't just a pride thing. I said, No, he did not have that virtue. He did not have the virtue of

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faith. He did not have the orientation he had buried whatever was sincerity was inside of him to the point where he could not accept he could not submit he could not even a name right. And he had all the proof he had all the evidence in the world.

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