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well out of my little haven hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi, the VA with mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does live on cathedra cathedra from Nevada my brothers and sisters

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we are in the desert and you're after class and I want to talk to you about seven deeds which cause punishment in the grave. This is as per the

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the Quran and Sunnah

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the first of them

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is stealing. Salsa Salam had a server, who, during one campaign was hit by a stray arrow and died. The Sahaba said congratulations to him on being a person, a man in Jannah. As soon as I sent him said no, by Allah the clock that he stole in hybrid is wrapped around him and his burning him in his grave.

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Now, we think about this,

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let Muslims reflect that if this is the punishment for stealing a piece of cloth, what is the punishment for stealing land and buildings and money and other property?

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Law product as are some people who specialize in this,

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do it, do it

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and pay for it.

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second, and third is NAMA, which is slander and not purify yourself from urine. This was a Salem passed by two graves and he said they are being punished in their graves, but not for anything major, one used to slander and the other did not clean himself properly from urine. Now not major meaning that things like murder and so on.

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But slander is very serious.

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Nama is not

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Nama is not backbiting. Nama is slander in a way where by a gesture or by a

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you know, by almost a non verbal thing. You cast aspersions on somebody. So, for example, if somebody says, do you know so and so? You say, Oh, yeah, tell me about him. Tell me about it.

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People say well, you know what happened? I mean, why are you bad talking to that person? So I didn't say anything.

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But you didn't say anything, but you said everything.

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Now, this is the, this is what Namibia is

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not purifying from urine is being careless about especially garments and that is why sometimes people will urinate men will unit standing up and urine splashes on the clothes or specials of the body and then you don't clean it. So first of all, it's very important to sit down when you when you urinate, and to ensure that your clothes and your body is not soiled. And if it if some urine splashes to wash it clean. Otherwise this is a cause for punishment in the grid. On this subject, also I will talk about people,

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men and women, men and women but especially women, who were abayas, which are very long and which drive on the floor. Now I am amazed how and a lot of these people the fact that you're wearing an A by itself shows that you are a religious person may Allah bless you and accept your your piety. But how then do you allow this Abba to drag on the floor? And God knows what it's dragging over?

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And then you pray in the same thing. You go to the masjid and same thing you pray the same how is the prayer valid? I mean, because your bias probably soiled with Allah knows what I distinctly remember one day I was praying in the Haram and there was a man standing in front of me with a very long thought and the bottom of the thumb was discolored. And when I went into studios, I could actually smell urine

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that is one that is valid his thought was so long that is dragging on the floor and he's been in the bathroom and it's you know picked up on it or whatever whatever it picked up. Now I obviously haven't prayed we had a woman and and so

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I can't give you any firsthand spelling experiences. But the point is that obviously logically speaking, if you see a lady with the with the clock, the the via bottom drag on the ground or what do you think is on the ground? So please do not do this. I mean, make sure that the bottom of your garment is at least at your ankle level for the men it has to be the either the the lower government has

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has to be above the ankle This is from the Sunnah and this is something which also has

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ordered us to do so, and also obviously it is something which is which is important, which is clean. To to underline this and I can't think of a more powerful story to underline this is either our uncle Katara Golan, he had been stabbed, he was dying. Literally his, his belly was cut open. They said that if you drank water, it should it came out with auto his belly. So it is interesting that

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at that time, and literally is his last moment, nothing can be done about it. He's like he's lying on.

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He asked his son, Abdullah Navarro vellano I said, Take me outside, put me on the on the ground and put my don't put anything under we let me put me on the soil, like lift my head beyond the soil. He said, why? He said so that Allah subhanaw taala takes pity on me and sees me in this condition when I'm laying on the on the ground in you know, in the in the soil in the mud. So anyway, he was

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he was lying and lying down and a man cave young man from the unsavoury came to see him. And as he was leaving says, oh my god, call him back and he said, raise your ESA he said raise your lower government above your ankles. That is better for your government. And it is better for your taqwa that imagine this here is the ammeter when we need the immediate Commandos, the faithful.

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Obviously, he was, you know, one of the greatest scholars of his time, if not the greatest at that point in time when he was after the passing of Abu Garcia de hora de la know, he was a not just a companion of Assam, but one of his two closest companions, Abu Bakr and Omar are the alarma. And as he is dying, you know, when people when they're dying, they will tell you the last Famous Last Words kind of their, what they have to say to you is something which is really critically important. At that time, he's talking about his details you how important it is to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah SASL.

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Then for

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point number four is lying, telling lies. It's one of that it was it was so

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important to understand this the telling lies today has become almost a norm almost a part of our socio social, makeup and a part of our culture.

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We live in when we advertise. We live and we buy beloved ways when we when we sell, we lie when we make marriage contracts. And that's why marriages go bad because you don't speak the truth.

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And people discover stuff that they didn't know, before they got married.

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We got we constantly tell lies, right? Child is doesn't want to go to school one day, you will not tell the teacher the child didn't want to go to school because you know they will you will get into trouble you don't teach tell the child something, you tell the child okay. You tell the teacher, you tell the school my child was sick yesterday, the child knows he was not sick, you know, he was not seeing the child knows your lie, you know you are lying. But you are telling a lie. Just to get out of, you know some things like this. This is this is the cause of the other of the cover. This is the cause of the punishment in the grave.

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Also was a result of what was his title? Right, even before he announced his new award, a sodic. Well, I mean, the truthful and the trustworthy are obviously both that linked, nobody is trustworthy, unless they are truthful. They're truthful and trustworthy as Sadek well I mean

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and this is our leader, this is our email, this is our So Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa lives there was a

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second one, I mean that that is that was the fourth one the fifth one is not living by the Quran.

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So to the extent possible, we must try to live by the Quran whatever Allah subhanaw taala has ordered must must be a non negotiable for us. Allah Allah ordered us to pray five times a day non negotiable we pray five times a day. If he if it is possible to pray that Salah in the masjid by Gemma we do that before that Tawheed

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the oneness and the uniqueness of Allah subhanaw taala meaning that we do not worship anyone other than Allah non negotiable there's no there's no not even an argue we don't even talk about that.

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Associated with Tory is the Sona and law be that no innovations no additions no subtractions to the deal. The deal is complete

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And we practice it as Rosa Rosa Salem and the Sahaba practiced it non negotiable, what allow it for non negotiable we complete that we fulfill that what Allah subhanaw taala made halal, we eat and we thank Allah subhanaw taala for that, what do you mean Hara non negotiable we do not do it. What is doubtful non negotiable we do not we do not indulge in that which is doubtful. The beautiful hadith of Hassan Ali Raja Allahu anima

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who said that he heard his grandfather Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam saying, leave the doubt believe the doubtful for that which is not doubtful.

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What more do you want?

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So all the, you know, doubtful chickens and whatnot. No. Make sure that what you eat and what you earn is halal.

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That was number six. Number five. Number six is Zina

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is adultery is fornication.

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We live in a society today where this has become

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so widespread and so accepted

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that other religions,

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most of them of course, there are there exceptions have delivered. Most of the priests of the Jews and Christians do not even preach against adultery.

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It is standard. Right it is standard it is normal.

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Getting married is an exception.

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Not for us, not for us.

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For us, marriage is the rule.

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You want to have a physical relationship with a person of the opposite gender.

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If you are a man with a woman, if you are a woman with a man, then you're married to them.

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There are no shortcuts.

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Zina also refers to doing Xena of any kind, meaning, not just physical, but it also refers to pornography. It also refers to all that kind of stuff which is Hara. Watching Xena is like Xena.

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What is pornography watching Xena.

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Watching Xena is like Xena.

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That is a cause of punishment in the grave.

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And the number seven is dealing in interest. Rasul Allah is Allah is Salam in the Hadees cursed four people.

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The one who borrows on interest, the one who lent on interest, the one who

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writes that document and the one who witnesses that transaction.

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Allah Serrano della della della, who in the famous ayat of the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah ir 275 Allah Xena coluna Reba la yaku Munna karma yaku Lizzy Yatta hubba to who shaytan with El mas, then he can be unknown Galuh Enamul bioflow Reba will handle Allah who obey our Hora Mareeba for mangia who Marisa to Mirabai Eve Anta father who myself

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well Amaroo who Illa Allah, Mama and I that but we like as Harbin Nari whom V half Holly dune. Allah's regatta data set those who consume interests cannot stand on the Day of Judgment except as one stands who is being beaten by shaitan into insanity. That is because they say trade is just like interest. But Allah subhanaw taala has permitted trade and has forbidden interest. So whoever receives the admonition meaning whoever accept this and changes from his rabid desists may have what is passed, meaning whatever he took it up

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and is a fair rest with Allah. But whoever returns to dealing in interest, those are the Companions of the Fire and they will abide eternally there.

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They will stay there forever.

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Now, whatever this does, really, please do not let us not play games with

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Allah subhanaw taala in the Hadees, in Muslim Sherif narrated by Java or the Alonso, he said, the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam cursed the one who consumes river meaning Kurz, the one who lands on interest and the one who pays it and the one who writes it down and the two who witness it and he said Salah Salem they are all the same

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Right. Abdullah with masala Dillard reported their soul as a reserve said Allah has cursed the one who consumes interest, meaning who is lending on interest.

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And its client meaning the one who's paying interest and it's witnesses and it's recorded.

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There was a reason I'm saying interests and adultery do not become widespread among people, but that they will become vulnerable to the punishment of Allah subhanho wa

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and this is the Hadees in Muslim Imam Mohammed.

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Let us be very clear about not consuming Riba, the somebody Allah subhanaw taala declared war on his behalf and on behalf of Rasulullah salaam, against the one who consumes riba only deals and interest please understand this very clearly.

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I've said this a million times and I'll say till I die.

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And that is that when we meet Allah subhanaw taala and we will meet Allah subhanaw taala there is no doubt about this.

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When we meet Allah subhanaw taala my brothers and sisters, we want to meet Allah subhanaw taala in a state and in a way, where he Gela Jelena who is pleased with us, we do not want to meet him in a state where He is not pleased with us.

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So why would you want to meet him in a state where we will be considered his enemies?

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Because what else you call somebody who has accepted a declaration of war from somebody else?

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Let's not do that. Please don't do this yourself.

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Don't raise your children are haram.

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Your income from your interest base dealings is haram. Don't raise your children Aha.

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Don't do don't raise yourself I

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understand that the quantum of your risk the quantum of your money, the quantum of everything you have to get it has already been written, decreed and Allah subhanaw taala will give this to you.

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And what is not written for you you will not get so don't believe the banker don't believe your analysts financial analysts don't believe your agents.

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You cannot get more than what has been written for you what is given to you is to choose from which source you want it choose halal, or haram. And you will never regret it choose haram or halal, and you will regret it forever. Please don't do that.

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It brings evil in this life.

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It brings illnesses and diseases and conflict in families

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and breakdown or relationships

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and calamities. All of these invites in this life itself. And then if you die that state, then it opens the grave. It opens you to the other but the cover to the punishment in the grave. And on the Day of Judgment you will stand before Allah subhanaw taala as his enemy. As soon as that as Adam said they were like I will give you a sword. And they will say go fight. You had accepted a declaration of war from your dead he is on his throne. Go fight

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in that Illa whenever you

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don't do this yourself, please do not do this to yourself.

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Because as Adam said, last night when I was asleep two men came down and grabbed my hand and took me with them. We passed by a man who was sitting and and in whose mouth were two large iron hooks ribbing it until the hooks came out of his neck. I asked Who is this? They did not answer.

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And they took me a lot. Then we came to a place where there was someone lying on his back. And there was a man standing above him with a huge rock, which he would smash down on the head of the man laying down. Then he would go and pick up the rock. Meanwhile, the head would grow back to its original size and shape. And the man would repeat that action. I asked what is this? But they did not answer they took me along. We pass next to an oven which looked like a core. There were some men and women inside it. A fire would erupt beneath them and they will scream from the pain of it and try to escape it because the oven was like a cone they would fall back into the fire. I asked what

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is this but they did not answer. It took me along.

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We reached a place which had a river of blood and a man was feeling it. When he would try to reach the shore there was someone who would throw a big rock into his mouth and he would be pushed back into the river I said what is this

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did not answer and then became to a green beautiful garden. The garden was a huge tree under which was an old man surrounded with lots of children to the side was another man who had a fire between his hands and he was igniting it and making it burn even more than the took me up the tree and we entered a room I have never seen a room more beautiful than that room in the room, they were all and young men and women and children then they took me out of that room and carried me up to another room that was even more beautiful. I went in and there I saw some young men and Orman and I said what is this

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so then they told me

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they said the first man you saw with the Hawks in his mouth is a man who tells a lie and his lies will be carried around the world in it lie

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this is what technology has done for us.

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You tell a lie and you post it on WhatsApp and you post it on Facebook and you post it on Twitter. It has a life of its own it continues and it goes around the world and it will continue to go around the world long after you're dead any correct all that evil for you.

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So as a result of that passing on a lie is as bad as doing the lie yourself so it's simply saying as I received or as received is not an excuse.

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Kill the thing on your on your

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whatsapp itself. Don't send it do not forward.

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If you are dying to forward then verified,

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forwarded only if it is a truth.

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And they said that this this hooks raving about his face is the punishment till the Day of Judgment. All of these refer to the punishment in the grave. The man who was lying down and his head was being crushed with the rock is a man who learned the Quran but would not follow it in the day or not read it in the night. May Allah protect us from that. The people in the oven are people who committed Zina, the man in Xena is adultery and fornication. The man is a river of blood is the one used to deal in interest. As soon as the law Selim said the result of Riba is decrease the result of interest is decrease. Allah subhanaw taala promised to destroy Reba Yamaha por la or Reba you will

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be sadaqa lotta Allah will destroy Riba and he will give increases Allah.

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Allah knows I have seen in my own life I have seen

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friends of mine, good people in in terms of their relationships and in terms of their friendship, but continuing to deal in Riva, Allah gave them many chances and after that,

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completely destroyed

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literally on the streets, people who are millionaires on the street and don't even talk about the humiliation and whatnot. Please don't do it yourself.

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Allah's rounded up promise or destroy Riba. It is lost in the dunya and punishment in the grave and on the Day of Judgment. In the fire of Surah Al Salam said this, he said the result of Riba is decrease. Allah promised to destroy Riba. It is lost in the dunya and punishment in the grave, and on the Day of Judgment, in the fire. On the Day of Judgment, the person will be given weapons and door go and fight with Allah, who is challenged to war, you accept it, then he will be thrown into the fire. The old man under the tree is Ibrahim alayhi salam and the children around him are the children who died before puberty.

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The man kindling the via is the guardian of Johanna, who is known as Al Malik.

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Then they said to him, the Malaika angels explained, they said, the robe you saw on the tree is the room for the believers, men and women. And the room above it is the room reserved for shahada for those shades Fiza villa, martyrs in the bathroom Allah then they say, look up. I am Gibreel and this is mica eel. I saw were up in the sky, what appeared to be like clouds. They said that is your hope.

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I said to them, let me visit my home. This is no you still have some life to spend on Earth. When you have finished it, you can visit it Subhan Allah who we have these vallila The Allah was Allah Allah says Allah Hermelin VALERIE Mama, come later Abraham Allah river human Luca, Majeed llama Varrick Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad, come on over here my wife.

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Now, owning money can also be a source of punishment. The grave resource officer

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except one Sahabi pay off owing money. I'm talking about owing money. If you're a borrower if you borrowed and you did not return did not pay back. Think about if you borrowed and you could not pay back meaning you are. We were paying it with the process of paying and you're dying, there's a different issue. But if you borrowed and you deliberately tried to deceive and not pay back, believe me, this will result in punishment.

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owing money can be a source of punishment. As soon as I sort of set once we pay off your brother's debt as it is holding him back from Jana.

00:25:36--> 00:25:38

As soon as I said, I used to

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ask people when somebody died

00:25:43--> 00:25:45

and they asked him to come and do

00:25:46--> 00:25:48

Salah to Gerasa

00:25:49--> 00:26:20

wrestlers or Sam used to ask, does he owe money to anybody. And if you owed money to somebody in the initial days when the reserve also had no money, if the person owed money to somebody said, Let his relatives pay it off. And he would not do the janazah for this person. Later on, he would take the debt on himself, he said I will pay it and he would do what he would not do even the general of somebody who owed money. So if somebody passes away, do check and see if they owe money. Make sure that you do this favor to your brother by paying it back.

00:26:24--> 00:26:35

Another thing which is potentially it can cause pain to the person who died is screaming and wailing and weeping and public body.

00:26:37--> 00:26:47

This is something which is to be avoided, and to instruct all your relatives and so on to behave with dignity when the Fatah or the Rana was dying, and so have a roomy

00:26:50--> 00:26:56

Simon started to weep, says Robert DeNiro said Don't weep because that causes pain to the dead.

00:26:57--> 00:27:02

As soon as as Adam said the grave is the last test of the believer.

00:27:03--> 00:27:49

After this, there is no test meaning that if the question in the grave and so on and answered correctly, then inshallah you are joven. Right. As my been our worker of the Alana, she said one day also Silla made a hotbed in the masjid, about the trials and tribulations of the grave until there was such a loud noise in the magic of crying and weeping that I could not hear a sorcerer. When the night subsided as the man near me, may Allah bless you what it also was awesome said. He said the fitna of the grave is as severe as the fitna of the jet. The trial and test of the grave is as bad as a try to destroy the jet. We see the end of the human being and the grave seeing someone being

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buried and we stand there and we make jokes and Allah and we and we love and we talk on the on the cell phone in the Lair when Elena you May Allah forgive us we be suffer from the disease of the hardness of the heart. And this is a severe disease

00:28:05--> 00:28:12

that needs to be cured. It is a very, very severe disease that needs to be cured. May Allah smart Allah help us to

00:28:13--> 00:28:20

cure ourselves from this disease, may Allah cure us from this disease? My brothers sisters,

00:28:23--> 00:28:29

this hardness of the heart and the curing of this smartlife It is.

00:28:32--> 00:28:40

It is the source of Salah mentioned not as Imam Al Ghazali latterly

00:28:41--> 00:28:42

he made

00:28:45--> 00:28:50

among his advice, among the advice that he gave to people, he said,

00:28:51--> 00:28:53

Do not talk about

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depth. Do not talk about death when you are having your meal. Right when when you have invited people for a meal instead don't talk Don't talk about death. Because if the person is dead, if the person's heart is

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if a person's heart is

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is clear, is the person heart is good, meaning that the person is not heart is not dead and to heart then they will stop eating they will not be able to eat because there's the you know the thought of death is so heavy that they will not enjoy it. So you you invited somebody you took the trouble to cook a good meal and so on and now you tell them something which shuts them off makes no sense. He said don't do that. On the other hand, if the person continues to eat it means that their heart is dead. And obviously you know you don't want to find out that about your guest at that time. So he said don't talk about death when you have invited somebody for me. Number

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other sisters we need to get real without a visa Hamdulillah we have a religion which is radically from a must have valid religion from our Creator.

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It came to us through the best of the best which is also a license.

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Let us respect it it has value it let us follow it because this life of this world is going to end and we have no idea when

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but what we do know is that it will end one day and when it ends the one that begins is has no ending.

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So let us prepare for that. So that when we finished his life and Hamdulillah we do not have regrets. We do not have things oh my God, I wish I wish I'd done this No.

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If do our best until last month that always helps.

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Was Alana we're getting Riley he was having an article