Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #027 – Isn’t Circumcision changing the creation of Allah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of circumcision, which is a symbol used in Islam to indicate the creation of a law. They explain that circumcision is a act that is related to trust and ownership, and that it is a mark that is a result of actions taken by individuals. The speaker also discusses the idea of "overcome bounds audit" and how it can lead to confusion and frustration for individuals.
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Some people have doubts about circumcision because Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran that we're not supposed to change the creation of Allah. And so they take that general principle, and then they come back and say, Well, isn't this changed in the creation of a lot? And obviously, you know, the kind of response would be that well, okay, you have an exception to a rule that is divinely sanctioned. Right. So that isn't us changing the creation of Allah, that is a law instructing us to do something that is indicative of something else, okay. It's a symbol. And circumcision is a symbol of the covenant that we have in the last panel, tada, it does require a certain amount of trust,

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right? It wouldn't be intuitive, that you would do this thing to your body. And there's potential harm, right? If you do it wrong, or you know, whatever. So do we trust the last final data in order to do that? Or maybe we'll put it like this? Who owns our bodies? Right? Do we own our bodies, or does the last balance our own our bodies, and we're just caretakers of them. Islam teaches us that a lot owns our bodies, and we're just taking care of them for a short time. So if you take care of something that really belongs to somebody else, then you have to take care of it in the way in which the person or the entity that has entrusted you with that thing wants you to take care of it. And so

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that would be taking care of it in the manner that allows power to audit and structs. And so if He's instructing us, this is not your body, you don't change the creation of a law, but I want you to do this, and this is a symbol of your covenant with me, then you see that those two, those two things are very, very different. Okay, our instruction to not change the creation of a law has to do with of our own doing, right? Because it's not ours, right. It's like, you can take any sort of example, what if somebody lent you a car? Okay, they lent you their nice, Bugatti or their Mazda Rottier, whatever, people are driving these days, and you get a paint job, you paint it a different color,

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fuchsia, magenta, whatever, something nice and loud and bold, and then you give it back to your friend who gave it to you. And I'd be like, What the heck did you do with my car? Right? Oh, well, you know, I was driving around, I was using it, you know, I didn't like the color and I thought this color suited me better. You had no authority to do that. Right? That would be offensive and that would be wrong, that would be an injustice. Now what if your friend lent you the same car and they said hey, you know what, I want you to do this thing I want you to go the shop and to get this changed or to change the color to get a paint job or to get a detailed or whatever, then you would

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actually be fulfilling the instructions of the person who entrusted that car to you. And so that's the difference tirely different apples and oranges night and day completely different things. So the circumcision is an act that symbolizes our trust of loss, Matata, and the covenant that we've entered into it's a mark it's a stamp, just like if people have cows, they branded them right with the the insignia of that ranch. Okay, well, that's our for men. That's our brand. Okay, this is property of a loss bounds audit. I am obedient to law spawns Allah, I am following his religion and what he wants, I belong to him. I am not my own property. I don't own myself. Allah owns me, and I'm

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trying my best to do what he wants.

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