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Sheikh Sulaiman Moola discusses the divine light which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought to the world during day 1 of his captivating lecture


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The conversation covers the history of the Prophet sall acceleration, including his journey from Mecca to cities like Afghanistan and the "will" of the Prophet sallam and the "will" of the Prophet sallam. It provides insight into the challenges of human interaction and the importance of avoiding negative emotions, including the use of sharia law and the military in various political systems. The segment also touches on the volatile and challenging moments of Islam, including the return of the Prophet sallama and the return of the woman who shaves her head. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding false accusations and avoiding false accusations of being a Muslim or non- Muslim person. The history of the military and the media, including the rise of nationalism and the use of Arabic culture as a means of pride, also touches on the use of sharia law and the military in various political systems.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam o Ll mobile Ruthie rush metal al Ameen. Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was happy he woman Nita de de wakatobi suniti he did wabag

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for the color gel nawala fee kita Hill Majeed furutani Hill Hamid rubella him in a shape on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Allah de fora bar and a

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lot Duca illa mahad. Por Wahby Allah moment, a bill Buddha woman who have Ebola and imobile or corunna bu sallallahu taala alayhi wa sallam, to Berlin abdeen Jalla Allah who miftah handle a woman Villa condition, outcome aka Allah Allah in His Sunnah to a salam,

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honorable scholars, respected brothers, elders, mothers, mothers and sisters. There is no human in the annals of history, whose life has been captured in such minute detail, like the blessings and sacred life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was expelled from Makkah and banished from his native land.

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And he had to take shelter in the cover of night, so that he was not intercepted and apprehended by the infidels of Mecca, his strategic eye, his intellectual, I opted for an unconventional route. So he traveled on this historical journey from Mecca to Medina. He obviously did not use the common the conventional, the known path, but he opted for the unknown the uncommon path he tread on this path once in his blessed life. History has even captured his route, on which he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam traveled once in his blessed life.

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In Takata, Vanessa in the first volume, on page 180, there is a detailed reference through the different locations through which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went, so it was him in Abubakar the Allahu anhu. By the cover of night, compelling circumstances, he traveled through a place called harar saniya to Mara luck, moody ledger to luxtreme moody ledger to me judgin murgia homie judge button Mr. Raja, but knew that he cashed in alhaja and other theory button, do selam moody ledger, Allah author Nia button will kaha Allah Raj Lj the word algebra or kooba button allottee I'll just jump into a verbi and neurospora until he came to Cova.

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Who else in history, every location at which he stopped, has been captured in the most minutus detail and hacernos arbitraje Alomar anhu, the great poet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is also mentioned in Albuquerque Vanessa? He said la caja de haba como la una be Johan

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la casa haba como nwaba and hoonah bu home. What could this ama yesterday led him to de terre Hala and Coleman fidella Taku home wahala Allah tonin binu de mujer de de de estar de la la comida de Silva, amen. Wa who dare to do nubby movie Teddy nabee Yun er en la casa so Hello, we're here to do kita Bala he frequently machete for in caleffi Yeoman macatawa ebin Fatah's depot haffi, Bahati Yomi au visa de Lita honey Abu Bakr in saya to jet de Bie so that he may use ID La Jolla Sadie Leah Honey Bunny, Robin McAndrew Fateh at him one makakuha Lil muslimeen Abby morosa deal? He said Nakata haba comun. Surely failure is inevitable for a nation who has expelled their prophet. What could this I

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mean yesterday, La Jolla, Teddy and good fortune is inseparable from a nation who has received the Prophet Tara hallahan comin first

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Allah aku hoon. What intellect can be left over pay people who banish the Navy? And what can a nation lack? who embraces the enemy?

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Nabhi yoneyama Allah your oneness, ohana, who in a be who is inspired by Allah regarding future happenings. We're here to Nikita Bala. He frequently mentioned Eddie, and who Grace's every occasion with his melodious recitation. For in Carl Effie, Yeoman, Baka Latifah, eBay. fantastico happy Bahati yummy ofI ruddy, if he prophesizes the future happenings, either it will materialize today or tomorrow, but you will not die without seeing it happening.

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For in caleffi, Yeoman makalah tada ebin you take the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam way he said, a time will come. The Hadith is in very happy. Abu laburnum Asahi Alanna writes it, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a time will come that many people will lose their faith because of their family members because of their spouse and their children. Sahaba said and how will this happen? Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said you IE Runa who built a factory where you can leave food now whom you please, many of their family members will impose

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fines financial burdens upon them, which is beyond their ability, which is beyond the cloud which is beyond their reach.

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I need this I need that and they will turn to them on their financial standing.

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This person will be in a do or die make or break. Either I keep the family piece together, and they will be compelled to explore ill legitimate options to satisfy the worms and the pressures of their family. In doing so they will lose the man.

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He sallallahu alayhi wasallam prophesized that time will come

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where a woman will be declared yet nude.

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The initial scholars of Hadith had difficulty in reconciling between these two phrases nissa one casiotone the hadith of Muslim Sharif kaseya to Nigeria to Camila to enter, they will be clad yet nude seducing men and inclining towards the opposite gender. The initial scholars of Hadith expounded on this hadith to say, clad in the bounties of Allah knew from the gratitude of Allah because they couldn't reconcile and tie these two opposite things together. But today we see it happening and staring before us where a woman or a human is clared yet nude, you know precisely as the master sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had spelled it out. It's there before us.

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In karlovy, Yeoman macatawa been fantastic depot haffi. Bahati laomi oh fiza D, if he prophesies is something of the future. It is inevitable it will happen. He said in Reba. We're in Qatar, for inara t betta, who to see you in a tin, verily interest. And usually, even if it apparently multiplies your wealth, it's inevitable vicious circle will bring you to poverty and penury.

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We see this on a micro and a macro level. We see this on the small scale and we see this on the large platform.

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In the Rebbe verily interests, the system, the lifeline of which his interests

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were in castle, even if it apparently expands. And one scholar explained it very, very beautifully when he spoke about the harms of interest and usury. And perhaps I must share this parable. It's one of the most profound parables I've come across.

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And remember, parables

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that expound on Quran and Sunnah is one of the sciences of Islam. What will kill Luna baribeau her linen see one below her in the moon.

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Wait till Cal gnabry boom ha Lynette see what may or Kealoha in the moon and indeed

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These are the examples of the Quran

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and it is only the people of understanding that relate to it amaroo Coronavirus radi Allahu anhu said

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to mean Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam l for me third, I memorized 1000 examples from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And even a coffee Rahim Allah says, What has he meant Tibetan as Lima. This is perhaps one of the greatest feathers in the cap of armor even as one of the greatest testimonies and accolades, that 1000 examples he learned directly from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So the scholars tell us,

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the parable, the example, this similar tude of growth and expansion in your wealth is pretty much like obesity in your body. So a person is eating unhealthy food is eating fatty foods, because of which he's becoming obese. If you look at him, apparently he's growing. He's expanding.

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It would be the height of foolishness to equate his obesity to strength on Oh, that's a talented guy is muscular. He's He's strong, man, look at how how bloated his belly is, you know, on the lighter side on a humorous note, the gentleman went to the physician, and he says, I've got a bad reflux problem. So he said, You got to do a gastroscopy. He says, No, no, no, no. I'm telling you, this is in my family. And it's you know, it's a long history. So the doctor told him before we deal with your reflux problem, you've got to sort your belly out. You've got this bloated abdomen. He said, Well, obesity runs in my family. Obesity runs in my family. So the doctor retorted and said, I don't

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think obesity runs in your family. The problem is nobody runs in your family.

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It's not obesity that runs in your family. It's nobody that runs in your family.

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That is why you obese.

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And I read recently an article, the world is saying that it's about time we change the word, the phrase obese, because obese kind of sounds a medical condition, we need to be a bit more crude and harsh. And we need to be more abrupt and less sensitive to say, you know what, you're fat. I'm not saying this. Yeah, please, I got to take care of myself here. So I'm just talking about the article, the the caption that I read, they said perhaps we need to come out more crude and harsh, be it as it may. The point I'm saying here is, so here's a person who's eating fatty foods and he's obese. for somebody to say that that's a healthy man. That's the pinnacle of foolishness. You know, and I know

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and the person with half a brain and no medical knowledge will tell you, obesity is not strengthen his body, but rather it increases his risk factors to a host of sicknesses. If you are obese, you are more prone to blood pressure, you are more susceptible to cancer, you are more they say your your the waist, the circumference around your waist should be X amount. And if it exceeds that, then you are prone and susceptible to 10 different illnesses. And if you bring that way down, and you regulate your diet, then surely there is hope for you to reduce the risk factors. In the very same way my brother, the interest money that is expanding your wealth is obesity in your wealth.

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That is a parent growth to the detriment of your wealth. And that increases the risk factors of misery in your life, depression in your home discord with your partner rebellion children.

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That's not well, that's obesity. flip the coin.

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There is

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a patient who's been treated by a doctor. And he's been put on a laxative because he has a particular bug in his system. And the aim is to flush the bug out of his system. So he's becoming apparently we

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frail, but in reality, he's becoming healthy because the body is flushing out the bacteria that is harmful to his body. So when you're giving charity, you flushing out the dirt from your system, you get rid of the full from that wealth, and you make the conclusion you have a thin healthy man versus effect unhealthy man who is an asset and who is a liability. And I'm afraid Today we are looking at a parent growth but we're not looking at healthy growth neither through the medical eye not through the spiritual eye.

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Lita, honey abubaker

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are the two jet de Sabathia, he may use IE de la jolla Sadie, and then he congratulates Hassan musavat coming back to his couplet. He said We salute the privilege of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. In this historical journey, it was none other than Abubakar, the alano that accompany the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And you would know and if you don't know, let me seize the opportunity to inform you that unroot the province awesome stopped at a woman by the name of omnimaga Pedro de la Mancha, and she ate at his place. And she he also he ate at her place, and he also milked a goat of hers. And this was a very miraculous incident. The goat was thin and weak and frail. And he milk this goat and milk came out, very miraculously. So the poet another poet says, He said cielo taco nansha t ha Tina what he her for in in Lucia Tasha deal that go and as a member of the fortune that fell on her lap when Mohammed Salim came to our house, and if you don't find on the Mahabharata, you can speak to the goat the

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goat will tell you the tail salute Oh, man Shatta Wale inner ear for inoculum in test ello shirt attached ad the topic I propose for tonight was divine light amidst modern darkness. The Quran teaches us

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the different layers of darkness that can engulf an envelope and individual. Again, look at the richness of the description of the Quran. Our Governor Martin FIBA Harrell lo de agua moudgil min phone D Mojo min phone D sahab vadoma burner phone kebab, either Raja demo Lemmy aka Dr. Rhonda woman, Johnny moolah who know from Allah who may know the Quran says there are certain people in whose life there are so many layers of darkness, ochre, blue mud, multiple layers of darkness. And then Allah gives a physical dimension to it. A person in the depths of the ocean who is covered by a wave and that wave is covered by another wave. It is night it is gloomy, it is cloudy, his life is

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gripped in so much darkness in the Raja una miaka diorama in the depths of the ocean if he were to expose his hand. Again hand is that organ of the body that I can draw close to my eye as much as I want. Unlike any other organ. I can literally najiba I can literally touch my eye. The Quran says the darkness in the life of this individual is so much that even if he draws that hand close to his eye, he still won't be able to cite his hand. And Allah concludes by saying, if I have denied you light, none can privilege you with brightness in your life. Woman lamea Jolene oolaboo firmer who mean? No. And honestly, today, we've brought about the physical light, apparent light, but in terms

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of the Celestial light, the divine light that creates that vibe of brightness, meaning and effects that goodness on the planet, I'm afraid I'm afraid that light is dwindling.

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Now I want to share with you in the life of the master sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how he brought light to this planet, and hopefully by our humble discourse here today, and May Allah inspire others through this discourse, that how we can make a change to the earth positively. Let me do a basic exercise with you. Suppose I said to you, my brother into you, my sister, close your eyes for a moment, and I'm not hypnotizing you, please.

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And I say to you visualize the ideal world.

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Sketch an image of the perfect world.

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The common sentiment from all would be with the variation of expression, a place free from discord, from altercation, from bickering, from skirmishes, from battles, from victims, from victims, from divorce from orphans from widows, just this perfect, happy, blissful planet. That is what we all would conclude on. But the harsh reality is, it is inevitable in the real world.

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As you and I speak, a life has been lost, a marriage has been dissolved. And believe it or not, another child becomes an orphan. That's the harsh reality.

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But more painful than this is the average human has become immune to these things. I don't know if the the tragedies and the turbulence and the catastrophes of the planet hurt me more, or the immunity of the broader mankind. That's life move on. That's life, if people died, so

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this marriage broke up. So what we've become insensitive immune, leave the average human, this so called architects of our society.

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God, guardians of our organizations, custodians of our affairs,

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have lost the passion and the drive, to rescue a life to save a soul to defuse a volatile situation, or to avert a hostile moments.

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And to expound on my theory, I share with you a medical metaphor. So here is a patient who's got a chronic condition. The doctor say, you know what, it's incurable. It's a chronic condition is to be on chronic medication, you won't able to alleviate his medical condition. However, if you control his diet, you will reduce his risk factors. If you study the planet from its inception, you would know the earth is a chronic place. There's been no period in history, where it has been free from turbulence. There is no period in history where it was free from discord and bickering and skirmish. However, the difference of yesteryears and today is those that were the pilots of this planet, those

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that were spearheading those that were the forerunners, those that were in the driving seat, they had kept this patient planet under a strict diet, minimizing its risk factors, nobody could alleviate it, because that is that is the nature of Earth. In English, they say what cannot be cured, must be endured. What cannot be cured, must be endured.

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Problems never end, they only differ.

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Problems never end, they only differ as a child, what's your problems differs to a teenager difference to a young man who wants to settle down in life to a married man to a father and so on the dynamics and the demographics evolve and change. But at no point Can you sign with relief and say it's over the chapter is closed. That's the nature of life.

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So I don't have the formula to rescue the world from its chronic condition. But surely you and I have the formula that if we diligently exhibit this formula, we can reduce the risk factors. And you can deal with a diabetic patient who is on a strict diet. He's got tablets to eat, he's got health to monitor is going to control his sugar is going to take his insulin, but that same diabetic patient who doesn't discipline himself, I'm afraid he will tell you the best of physicians also, he will have to be admitted, administer a drug, he will be discharged admitted there will be chaos. Why because the lack of discipline. So let me share with you few examples on a micro and macro level.

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How the province of Allah is brought light to the planet, starting from the simple of examples, which has become very serious and that is marriage related and dealing with children and other social issues in the placid life of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam there is a narration in mathematics Java eight kita Bo allama tinubu The Hadeeth number is one three triple nine. Jabara Yolanda says we were traveling with a prophet sallallahu wasallam in a marketplace. Suddenly a sister came run into him. And she said Dr. sorella, first by Eva zoji, Oprah was awesome. And now my marriage and divorce me from my spouse, were in the home in Abu Dhabi. Hello, tinleigh he in a year.

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My husband is the most despicable man to me, I dislike him the most.

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Now reflect over what I'm going to say.

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problems in marriages happen in the best of areas.

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So if you aspire in not to have a problem in your marriage, I'm afraid you're aspiring for the impossible. We were sitting in one brother said I'm married 15 years and I never had one altercation with my wife. So

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My friend nudged me, he said, I'm sure he doesn't stay with his wife.

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Because if you live in together, the best of religion has it. So my aim is not to have a hiccup free religion. My aim is to have the vision and the maturity to dissolve my issues in a balance in a mature way. That's my aim.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was very calm and composed. And his body language. Body language says a lot in English they say 10% of conflicts are as a result of difference of opinion. And 90% of conflicts are because of the incorrect body language.

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10% of conflict is you have a different opinion I have a different that's fine. But the body language, the tone, the facial expressions, these things perpetuate the entire discord and they give positive or negative momentum to the problem.

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Maybe salsa wiscombe is composed just then the husband comes. The prophet SAW Some said Malika Hola, hajah atish comin caja brother, what's the problem? Your wife is complaining things are not very stable at all. One lady a Chroma cabin. I swear by the Almighty Who has sent you as a prophet. I don't know what you're talking about. I'm like happy with my wife. There's no issues. Everything is hunky dory, Papa cattle Mara and the woman starts crying. A typical emotional breakdown of a woman. What did the provinces him do?

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The first thing he did the best summer Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam smiled. In English they say a smile is the only curve that makes things straight.

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A smile is the only curve that makes things straight. And I read a scientific fact. That suggests when you frown, you exert more facial muscles than when you smile. So you are subjecting your body to more agony by frown in simple language, it's cheaper to smile.

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Long story short,

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by you objecting and frowning. You put in more pressure on your own body, a smile.

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The only curve that puts things straight and somebody made a definition of a yawn. What's a yawn? The only time married men get to open their mouths.

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What's the definition of a yawn? The only time some married men get to open their mouths.

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The prophet SAW some smiles

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and then he made a prayer album as an equal lover he the mean humans are heavy all are you unite the to remove the bickering clear the differences reconcile the hearts unite the families for the bisnar Masha Allah and Nell Beth, jabber on Yolanda said we moved on. Sometime later we passed through to the same marketplace. And here the sister was walking and she had a piece of leather in a hand karate edema. She dropped it acapella in a Nabi sallallahu wasallam she came run into the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And she said yeah, Rasul Allah in the woman I have behalten la la Avi over LA, I want to retract and revoke my sentiments By Allah, I love my husband the most. I just

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adore him.

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I just adore him. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was elated and ecstatic. You might think my brother, it's easy to reconcile, in someone that's not your own. And when the same thing comes home, and the sensitivity is increased, it's more difficult. I share with you the hadith of Bokhari Sharif, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam comes home.

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And he observes What did I say? Light emits darkness. The planet is a chronic place, human, we are social creatures, we have to interact and our interaction will breed different challenges. That's bound to happen. That's bound to happen.

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It's inevitable. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam comes home to the house of his daughter Fatima de la Mancha. He asked where's my son in law and my cousin Ali. She hinted to him and whispered to him that things haven't been too stable. And he had to leave.

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If you see in phulbari the commentary of Buhari half is even harder. escallonia writes, Wolfie and Alan fogli cardiaca albina whom verbenas Oh gee, ma Toby. La Hill Basha luminol hubub wakad yet oh Danica Elan hora.

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Whether you have on a from this we learn that turbulence plague the best of relations, or rock the best of unions. They couldn't be a greater union, then Alibaba, Vitali and Fatima out of the 11 house, these are the greatest humans I mean, that the Son in law, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, and the most beloved daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So it happens to the best of homes. And sometimes it reaches such a compelling point that you have to exit and there's nothing wrong from it. But let me qualify that statement and say, if you exit and you don't roam the forbidden places, then that's fine. But if you come out and I'm afraid, just then you get an SMS to say flirt, or just

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just do it or do something else, then you better off at home.

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Say Denali went to the masjid, that's great. Come to the masjid Take, take amnesty there, cool your mind down. You just need a gap. You need a breather. You need to rejuvenate yourself and empower yourself. That's awesome. The proposition came. Now we talk of therapy today. We talk of psychology today. And there are so many you know what flowery words that we use in human interaction, which is great. Look at the psychology of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He didn't. He didn't come on an attacking note. He didn't come condemning his son in law. He came in there Satan and he was lying in the courtyard. And he was kind of envelope with dust because of the dust in the air. So the province

00:31:32--> 00:31:41

of Alaska was seldom to lighten the mood to lighten the atmosphere. He changed at the phrase, and he said komiya

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he said Ollie, you're looking like a dusty character, man. Yeah, you looking like a dusty man. complete different approach, soften it, drop the antagonism. Just Just use a sense of humor, a light hearted approach. And there is the smile on Ali. And there is this chuckle on alira the alano waka de Abu bill Cooney mascara, the prophet SAW some then puts his hand around him, walks him home, no discussion of the issue, just lightening the the atmosphere and then he re united stem and he walks out of the house and his face is glowing and beaming. And someone said What's all this joy about? He said, Why should I not rejoice? When Allah has made me the means of reconciling between two people

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whom I love the most?

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How about the guardians of today? How about the senior folks of today? Do we have that maturity when it comes? Now I have a bone to pick with them. Now we go on a personal note. We go on a sensitive note. We want to take out the baggage of yesterday yours we want to take out all other things cloud the issue, compound the crisis and avoid the discord and aggravate the existing antagonism taken even closer, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in his own blessing the home. Again the point I'm saying the best of relations have these challenges. His own spouse, our respected mother, is noble console reached out to the alarm on Ha. There is this accusation of infidelity against her. Can you

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imagine the gravity of this accusation? This is not an ordinary thing. Can you appreciate the gravity?

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And who is promoting this? The hypocritical elements? And what are the allegations? It is with an innocence Harvey by the name of Swan rhodiola mahalo Isaiah mana said I didn't even know people in Medina are speaking these things about me. And they said that will be law, there's been some contact between Isla de la and San Juan villano. Again, what I'm saying, Look at this year, these type of challenges that can rock the best of religions happened to the Paradorn over last creation.

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It happened to the noblest of Allah's creation. The point I'm saying, challenges is intrinsic. Its inherent, it's in born in this world.

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When when we were studying at our institution, there was a student who came to enroll and study and after some time he left when the students asked him, Why did you leave? He said, No, no, some of the students got very bad habits here. And this place is not pure and sinless. So one of my teachers said tell him if he was looking for a sinless place, perhaps the mystery in the graveyard

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cemetery will be his best option

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because there is no place free from it.

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That is why I often quote this quotation in English they say As humans, we cannot be sinless, but surely we can send less.

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As humans, we cannot be sinless. fallibility is intrinsic to our nature we are fallible, only Allah is infallible. Allah is impeccable, Allah is blemish lis. Allah is flawless. We are fallible creatures. We cannot be sinless. But surely we can send less, we can send less.

00:35:37--> 00:36:08

What God wakad libido Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam isoflurane la you ha la hippy Shay. I saw the Atlanta said an entire month had lapse. And no revelation came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. In the interim, I asked him Can I go home, I'm really hurt over what has been said about me. And he sallallahu wasallam said, You have my permission, you can go home. So I started the Alanna went home. After one month the Prophet sallallahu wasallam addresses the issue head on.

00:36:09--> 00:36:17

He sits down he sits our mother is out of the olana down defuse situations. And if you cannot diffuse don't infuse.

00:36:19--> 00:36:46

Come with water and extinguish the fire. Whatever your quantity is. You're welcome. Whether you come with a vessel or a liter or a bucket. But don't come with a match. There's enough fire in the world. There's enough chaos in the world. There's enough anarchy. We don't need to gather more homes and destroy more lives. Surely whatever your water is coming diffuse it come in extinguishing the planet desperately needs this.

00:36:48--> 00:37:37

The Prophet sallallahu wasallam sat down he addressed our mother Sharia law and her look at his approach. Look at his maturity. He said yeah, I saw cabana, Ronnie and Kiki the worker for Incan teaberry fussa ueber Rio kilda. He started on a note of innocence. Ayesha, I have received some information. Some rumors have been circulated about these allegations. If you innocent, don't even bother very soon Allah will prove your innocence. He started on the note of innocence. He didn't start on an attacking note. I said this is not why I got married to you. This is not what I expected from you, Abubakar daughter, no, no, no, this body language of ours this attitude, this approach,

00:37:37--> 00:37:47

this lack of sensitivity in our situation is bringing the misery on Earth. I shall if you innocent fussa yubari okina. Allah will prove your innocence.

00:37:48--> 00:38:06

What in the album DB them bill and Allah for bed? If there was a whisper of evil, then do not I will just own you this consider this marriage over know, if there was a whisper of evil. Surely the doors of repentance are over repent and Allah will forgive.

00:38:09--> 00:38:11

Do we have this sensitivity?

00:38:13--> 00:38:39

Do we have this maturity? I saw the alarm on her said I glanced at my dad Abu Bakar to say respond. He modestly declined and he said my daughter I love you. But honestly it's you. It's the Navy of Allah excuse me, it's too sensitive for me to speak. I then looked at my mother on aroma and I said mom stand to my defense. My mum modestly declines.

00:38:41--> 00:39:36

She said we're going to haddie fettucine I was a young girl. La otra kathira mineral Quran I don't memorize the great amount of the Quran. I plucked up the courage. I mustered the courier I said laqad summit atoma the hottest aka Rafi new forsaken you people have been hearing this allegation against me to such an extent that I am convinced it's embedded in your hearts for input to Annie Berry, Walla Walla, Mo ne Berea, LA to sakuni. If I were to tell you I'm innocent, and Allah knows I'm innocent, you will not by my tail. And if I were to say to you, well, I have to let him be amarin if I were to concede guilt, you would buy my tail, but then Allah knows I'm innocence.

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

Julie welcome methyl and in kumbhakarna abou use of I take solace from the tale of yaku Bani Salaam, when his children had fabricated a tale regarding the disappearance of the brother the use of you know, when they came to the Father, and they said, Yeah, in the Robin

00:40:00--> 00:40:00


00:40:01--> 00:40:03

use of the meta

00:40:05--> 00:40:50

column was warmer and to be more meaningful and welcome so at our dad, we went running and then the wolf came, and it devoured our brother, but you won't believe us. And here is the shirt of our brother stained with blood. Yaqoob was a father added to that he was a prophet amongst the chosen servants of Allah. He had intelligence and wisdom. He said what an intelligent Wolf, it devout my son without tearing his shirts. Wow, what an intelligent wolves. In Arabic they say in Kentucky, for the koora when you're a liar, you have to cover all the holes. You have to cover all the holes and you don't realize how you slip.

00:40:54--> 00:41:05

So I will say to you what YouTube said to his children subgrant Jamil. I saw the Alanna said one a second if enough See, can

00:41:06--> 00:41:19

mean a second Amala houfy IBM bring your killer. I knew Allah loves me. But I never knew he loved me so much that he will recognize me and

00:41:21--> 00:41:39

I knew I was close to Allah and I had no doubt that Allah will exonerate me and Allah will prove my innocence. I ended my tail. The moment was sensitive. There was this pin drop silence, and everybody looked at the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and we realize the revelation was in process.

00:41:41--> 00:42:00

And this pin drop silence, and everybody observing had the end the hula, yet the had the woman who mithril germanium and alarm and this is the honor of Sahaba. They say even at that moment due to the intensity of heat, as revelation was coming, his blessing, perspiration would no less than pearls.

00:42:02--> 00:42:05

At the end, the hula had the Roman woman through Juma

00:42:08--> 00:42:20

philam, Surya and Rasulullah. When revelation had ended, the first words body language, broad smile, A B C, D.

00:42:21--> 00:42:22

A B C D.

00:42:25--> 00:43:24

Bara Barbara key, Ayesha, congratulations. Allah has lashed out against those who have accused you and Allah has proved your innocence. You know Allah Kirby says it very amazing. He said when Maria Maria has Salah was accused, Allah exonerated her and proved her innocence on the tongue of her son Sayyidina. Lisa has said when say the use of was accused was Shahe Tasha Hayden and Leah Inca Khan Academy so who put them in COBOL in for South Africa to Abu amin and VB Allah prove the innocence of Yusuf, on the tongue of a child and in the hadith of Bokhari Sahaba. During an incident also, throughout history, you will find that Allah commonly used children to defend the honor of innocent

00:43:24--> 00:43:49

people, and at times a prophet spoke, but oh my mother Ayesha when you were accused from our Rodley Allah ha, be Bharati sabihin Willa Wu, Allah wasn't pleased and happy to prove your innocence on the tongue of a child. No on the tongue of a prophet, Allah Himself. prudence

00:43:52--> 00:44:44

is Tulum, todo el synergy calm? What up una bebida For ye malissa Lacombe here I am on Metaxa buena whoo hanaa when you were circulating a cylinder, and you were blurtin look at the words of the Quran. And obviously I'm trying my level best to be as accurate. Who can do justice to the words of the Quran? No one besides Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam what's up una PFY he can melyssa Lacombe, he will. And you were blurting things you didn't know anything about what Assa buena who hate you know, and you trivialize the offense, we're having the LA VM and that was the most heinous crime in the eyes of Allah. Now, again, defusing, how often don't you notice, if we have an altercation, and

00:44:44--> 00:45:00

you're trying to patch up they say the revealing is healing, revealing his healing. So revealed to your wife look at these are my issues. These are my concerns. Don't bottle don't harbor vented but in a mature way, but often

00:45:00--> 00:45:25

When we try to reveal, unfortunately, it gets more ugly. When we say, like when it gets ugly, then you see, for one two days, the innocent five year old child now becomes a translator that mommy's asking if you want breakfast. Then he goes to Mum, mum, dad is asking me to buy milk. And this giant is like running to and fro back and forward. Why? What's happening here, my son, you'll understand when you grow up.

00:45:27--> 00:45:34

In English, they say, parenting is more about bonding with your partner than your children.

00:45:36--> 00:45:41

parenting. Becoming a good parent is more to bond with your partner.

00:45:42--> 00:45:46

There's nothing you can do better for your children than love their mother.

00:45:48--> 00:45:52

And there's no better message you can give your children my sister, they love their father.

00:45:56--> 00:46:00

That unity will translate. We want them to love their brothers.

00:46:02--> 00:46:09

We want them to have understanding between siblings, but then they tell you well, you and mum don't have it, what you expected us to achieve.

00:46:11--> 00:46:13

So parenting is more about bonding with your partner.

00:46:14--> 00:46:29

So when we try and rectify we retro grants more than progress. Now look at the prophet SAW some. He said yeah, Isaiah congratulations Allah has proved your innocence. Subhana Allah. So Allah Allah said Kumi LA

00:46:30--> 00:46:50

I shall stand up and please now reconcile with the provinces and and have a warm embrace. Now this is a woman who needs a space. This is a woman who needs to vent she said well la de la como la by Allah I will not stand up and thank him.

00:46:52--> 00:47:00

La Ilaha Illa De Anza la para it It is Allah who is removed revealed my innocence and I will thank Allah

00:47:01--> 00:47:07

now if it was us, we will antagonize this I shall Allah revealed it around Houdini revealing

00:47:08--> 00:47:17

who did the revelation come? And unfortunately, we don't look at the bigger picture and we get personal and we get ugly and then we just lose it.

00:47:18--> 00:47:42

The duration of a sweat was a very vital as well for alpha Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam iPod Navy sauce and then modestly put his hand out to hold me we all do it when we have our issues and we try our luck. Sometimes you get a bit of a slur like oh Mashallah, that ring of yours looks so nice when I'm wearing it for two years. Why did you only see it today?

00:47:44--> 00:47:51

No, I'm just saying My darling looks so beautiful. reserve your comments. I'm tired of your sarcasm. Okay, okay. I'm sorry.

00:47:52--> 00:47:59

I shut down the Atlanta said the Prophet sallallahu wasallam stretched his hand out to God. I put my hand back

00:48:00--> 00:48:04

into profits and Allah says Sallam say to Ayesha, do you know this is the finger that split the moon.

00:48:06--> 00:48:46

Did he say that to her? shake the hand that shook the well. This is the finger that split the moon. He was on track. He gave Ayesha her full space. He gave her her full space. Allow her. She's dealing with the emotions. She needs to vent. She's in her space. Just give her her space. These are petty issues. Allah has cleared the allegations. Allah has implicated those that have accused we can move on with this. The narration of top Ronnie Abubakar Yolanda stands up and he tries to conclude the moment and he kisses the alarm on her on her forehead.

00:48:47--> 00:48:51

She says my Dad, I've got a bone to pick with you.

00:48:52--> 00:49:01

I've got a contentious issue with you have Bella Abubakar kissa and says you've made me proud. I shall have the Atlanta zipper. I've got an issue with you my dad.

00:49:02--> 00:49:49

And Terry, when I looked at you prior to Revelation, and I expected a response. I was a bit disappointed you didn't speak. I was really disappointed. Abubakar villano said and may the words of Abubakar ring in my ears, and ringing in the ears in particular of those that are in the legal fraternity. Some of us speak lines very casually. Some of us just utter things. In English. They say speak the truth. Even when your body shakes and your voice trembles speak the truth. Even when your body shakes and your voice trembles. He said a you summer into the loony. You are the token loony local tamala alum, my daughter if I had to just stand up in your defense and say something regarding

00:49:49--> 00:49:59

which I didn't have information, which guy would shelter your father and which Earth would support your father? How can I just say I loved you but I needed the merits of the case.

00:50:00--> 00:50:23

I needed tangible facts in place. And as much as I was there for you in support and love, but I didn't have the facts before me. We move on. It's the occasion of today be young. It's a very sensitive issue. The point I'm drawing, and I hope you don't lose my focus, the earth always has challenges. It was never hiccup free, it was never free from turbulence.

00:50:26--> 00:51:09

The Guardians of yester years were those that had the maturity, and that's the light we need diffuse. So it's a very, very sensitive and an extremely volatile situation. The Sahaba were denied making Ramadan, and the passion of ombre was foremost in their lives. Maccabee in their native land. They were fought, they were they were driven out of Makkah appreciate the emotions and the fluctuations. So they leave on an exciting note that they're going to make a home run. And coupled with them motivation was the vision of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He seen the Muslims making circumambulation of the Kaaba

00:51:11--> 00:51:15

that the hollowness masjidul hora in

00:51:16--> 00:51:28

a long haul Ernie Mahal at Naru soco one Lucas Siri nyla taco phone, surely you will enter and you will shave your head and you will have no fear.

00:51:30--> 00:52:18

Tragically as they leave from Makkah and they draw clothes from Medina and they come close to Makkah they are denied entry into backup and there is a host of back and forward negotiations that take place in the interim say even earthman is sent to negotiate. And there is a rumor circulated that say the northmen has been assassinated. Now look at the fluctuation of emotions going up and down. Amara is gone one side. Now you heard that your fellow companion and the norm of the time was in political terminologies you don't ever kill the messenger. You don't have to kill the invoice. So this was violating all common understanding and all diplomatic relations. Then there were 50 people

00:52:18--> 00:52:36

who were potential assassins who wanted to kill the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they were apprehended and the Quran makes categoric reference to this in the 26 Joseph war who will lead the cafe the Hunan con at Qumran when we bought an iMac ketamine de

00:52:37--> 00:53:23

la him Wakanda la will be metta meluna basura they were apprehended and intercepted the provinces and released them unconditionally. They really say the northmen just to defuse the tension. all said and done. The disbelievers denied the Muslims entry into Makkah. And I don't want to go into the difficult conditions to such an extent. I will just highlight one particular aspect of the treaty. When the prophet SAW Some said let's write up a treaty. This is between Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the disbelievers of Makkah they said Luna Allah Monica Rasool Allah, Masada Naka, and he will bait if we accepted you as a prophet, we wouldn't have denied you entry. So we're not

00:53:23--> 00:53:33

comfortable with the title Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. You must delete this. And you must right this is an agreement between Mohammed the son of Abdullah.

00:53:34--> 00:53:54

So the Prophet says I'm told the Sahaba deleted, the Sahaba said no one was we deleted? Why must we succumb to this pressure? You are the Prophet of Allah and we won't want to mention your name, otherwise we will mention it Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam he said delete it. I am the Prophet of Allah. And I remained the Prophet of Allah even if they choose to deny it.

00:53:55--> 00:54:18

But the strategic is the intellectual eye of the provinces and he himself deleted it. And just on that note, I must tell you amazingly, in the entire Quran, and in particular in this surah what Allah speaks about this tale in Surah, Al Fatah and the 26 Deuce, Allah says Mohammed Dora Rasulullah Well, levena Ma, who I should

00:54:19--> 00:54:45

have rahama obey No, Mohammed Salah Larissa is the Messenger of Allah. And in this verse, Allah didn't refer to Mohammed Salim only by his name Omar Mohammad Rasool Allah said Muhammad Rasul Allah Muhammad says, I'm the Messenger of Allah. And the scholars of the field tell us the wisdom of this is that Allah comforted and consoled his Nabhi they denied your name from a peace treaty. We put it in the Quran immediately.

00:54:46--> 00:54:48

We put it in the Quran immediately.

00:54:49--> 00:55:00

So Subhan Allah, very volatile, extremely challenging. The hadith of Bokhari. The Hadith number is double 193 Mr. Obama from Arabic

00:55:00--> 00:55:28

Alon was one of the innovators of the Hadees it's time to pack up and go back. The prophet SAW some says to the Sahaba Kumu fun Haru some Malibu stand up, slaughter your animals shave your head, and we have to move back from our calm I mean, whom I had not one Sahabi stands up. He said a lot in some repeats. He said, stand up, slaughter your animals shave your hair, we need to go back to Medina and not one time he stands up.

00:55:30--> 00:55:33

He says it for the third time, not one stands up.

00:55:34--> 00:55:48

Can you imagine? Now how often when you travel, you're out on a journey of heights or any other travel, things change their emotions, the volatility? Do we have that maturity? Do we have that wisdom? Can we balance the act out?

00:55:50--> 00:56:21

He goes and takes shelter in the lap of one of those women that this entire oma is proud of and that was none other than our mother, Miss Alma de la mahana. May Allah show his perpetual blessings upon her. It says Miss Alma, I've never had to contend with a situation like this. I am saying to my companions, and they don't comply. And I said stand up and nobody stood up. And I said slaughter the hadith of Bokhari and nobody slaughtered.

00:56:22--> 00:56:47

And look at the wisdom of Selma. She nipped it in the bud, she diffused it. And Marie atolla Tila tutup binny berita was Sufi, de Maha and intelligent woman will bold a ruined nation while a foolish woman will just mental a boat nation

00:56:49--> 00:56:53

and intelligence intelligent woman will build a ruined nation

00:56:55--> 00:57:22

the blocks with which she will build it is her wisdom, her fortitude and her foresight Look at her words. Did she go and add salt to injury and say well oh Prophet sallallahu wasallam look at your companions you thought they were good now look at what the reality is. That's what we will do while the true colors are exposed when days are dark friends are few

00:57:23--> 00:57:44

what they don't necessarily Morrow the Allahu and Hirsi Ali. Is that what you want them to do? He said yes, for Mr. Ma. That's exactly what I want them to do. He said Oh, hold on a viola. Listen to me modestly come out. to Milan, you can leave me home. I don't speak to anyone. Don't make eye contact with anyone. The moment is too sensitive.

00:57:45--> 00:58:07

fatten her butanna. Bring your animal and Swati to muda Allah and then call the person who's going to shave your head and tell him to shave your hair. You just do this and then leave the rest. The prophet SAW some exits from his den. Who is counseling the enemy of Allah it's one woman. This is this is the amazing intellect Allah has given a woman

00:58:08--> 00:58:32

in Salalah ism comes out, is slaughters his animal. His blessing here is shaved for como fernleigh Haru wahala ba ba boom ba ba. Immediately the Sahaba respond 1400 stand up, they then slaughter the animals. They shave their heads, and they follow suit and the entire situation is diffused and return to normality.

00:58:33--> 00:58:41

Do you know how volatile that moment was? The hadith of Bokhari. The back boohoo a young

00:58:42--> 00:58:54

woman that's a hadith of Bokhari. It was so Valentine Sahaba saying we could literally kill one another out of rage and anger.

00:58:55--> 00:59:04

You we're dealing with people whose emotions had been really injured, whose body had been bruised.

00:59:07--> 00:59:14

It was the vision of oma Selma that diffused it. During the reign of amarapura hataoka The Allahu anhu

00:59:15--> 00:59:21

he sends more legible de la manga to benu Caleb benu, Caleb

00:59:22--> 00:59:26

to distribute charity to distribute wealth amongst them.

00:59:30--> 00:59:38

The norm of the time was that whenever anybody distributed wealth as a messenger of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

00:59:40--> 00:59:48

Then the people would acknowledge that individual with a token, they would give him some gift, they would give him something just to appreciate him.

00:59:50--> 00:59:59

While the managable was a great Sahabi he was no ordinary man. While the plegable a prophet SAW Some said he will lead the fraternity of scholars on the day of the AMA

01:00:00--> 01:00:22

I've done an episode said can do shabu Mahajan ba ba him. Allah says in the Quran in a BA he Makana Nitin ponytailed Lillahi hanifa Ibrahim in his submission was a nation and I'm gonna have the Maasai Alanna said amongst us we used to refer to say the namaha villano as a nation, so Mahara, the Alon was a very, very great Sahabi.

01:00:26--> 01:00:49

Anyway, he goes to the new killer, he distributes the money. And he returns he doesn't take any gift or anything from them, comes back reports to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam goes home, his wife says aina magic ebrahimian nyati begin to mean howdy yet in the early him. Listen, whenever people go and they distribute, they come back with some gifts for the family with ours.

01:00:50--> 01:00:54

And I know when I get home, my kids open my bags before I can open it.

01:00:55--> 01:00:59

Right? It happens to the best of homes, the best of relations.

01:01:00--> 01:01:32

So he used a bit of a vague term. And he used a bit of an ambiguous term. And he said katakana marotti, Bosnia to New York's yada yada. I had a diligent Guardian monitoring my affairs, so I didn't want to touch anything, is the reference was that ally is watching me and I said, Why must I take something I discharged my obligation? She interpreted the statement of his that Omar had appointed a guardian to monitor him that he doesn't use up the wealth of anyone.

01:01:33--> 01:01:34

Oh, whoa, whoa.

01:01:36--> 01:01:57

You think this woman is gonna sit quiet? And then if you the wife of Mahatma Jabba who's got all these accolades? So she goes to the respective spouses of Omar Omar had multiple spouses washer, then the caffeine is Swati Homer. She goes to the wives of Homer. And she says, You must tell your husband

01:01:58--> 01:02:02

doesn't mean if he's a mirror, meaning he can push his weight on my husband.

01:02:04--> 01:02:25

My husband was trusted by Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Abu Bakar relied upon him suddenly almost got an issue with him. contaminant Rasulullah amine and the Abbe Baca. So he goes to the first wife, she moans, she grown, she goes to the second wife, she says, Yeah, you must tell your wife and then you must tell your husband and he was telling a woman

01:02:27--> 01:02:28

makes a mountain out of a mole.

01:02:30--> 01:02:32

When seven, Mama comes home, he goes to the first house.

01:02:34--> 01:02:57

He gets sick. His wife tells him listen, Omar, please don't involve us in your affairs. So Omar is that what's happening? Is mas his wife was here and she was throwing a tantrum. And she said that you're you implicating her husband and you don't trust him. And I said, Really, I don't know what you're talking about, but I will probe the issue. Omar then goes to the second spouse, then he gets it again.

01:02:59--> 01:03:37

From place now see how volatile how better the man when properly innocently, sincerely, it got out of control and saying the best of relations the best of times at volatility. There is no formula to read the world of issues, but there is 1000 formulas to defuse situations. So Satan I almost said go cold was legible quickly, while the plegable was summoned, said normal said please explain to me Anna avasarala karateka. I appointed a guardian to monitor you more than a Java when Allah maybe trusted you to I have the rights to have adult you

01:03:38--> 01:03:54

said mama said no, no, no, no, you didn't appoint anyone. He said, but then your wife is making it an issue yet. So marginable said, Sorry, man. When I came home, she blamed me and she asked me for this gift. And I had no cover. So I just blamed you.

01:03:56--> 01:03:57


01:03:58--> 01:04:16

simple as that. straightforward. Look at how simple the life was. So almost at all. Okay, that's fine. One is to say okay, if you blame me, at least you should just tell me you know what lesson I've implicated. You expect a bit of it. But just take it in stride, lurking Neelam as a DJ, and

01:04:18--> 01:04:30

when my wife asked me, where's the gift? I had no excuse, and she caught me off guard. So I just put it on your shoulders. What did Omar do that almost certain stand up and say? You're such a great scholar. How can you lie?

01:04:32--> 01:04:36

No, for Buffy, Omar, Omar Abdullah said Okay, no problem. That's fine.

01:04:37--> 01:04:44

He then took out money from his pocket, and he gave it and he said go buy for her something and make her happy.

01:04:46--> 01:04:59

And let me say to you, my brother and I hope my sister doesn't take offense from this year. Or let me rather simplify it more and then elevate it so that you understand it in a broader context. Children will be children. The issue is when adults become children.

01:05:01--> 01:05:13

woman will be woman and understanding what I'm saying. They are sensitive, and we respect their sensitivity. And that's the beauty. The problem is when men become woman.

01:05:16--> 01:05:29

The problem is when men become sensitive, that's a woman, while his wife took it personal. She went to home his wife, she took it personal. But my husband Omar, they had broad shoulders, they flicked it off their shoulders and they moved on.

01:05:31--> 01:05:37

Now suddenly, I'm not talking there and you're not talking there. Why? I don't know just to keep the peace at home. I don't speak there.

01:05:39--> 01:05:47

So my son is told, whatever happens in the neighborhood, you don't eat food by Antiochus house. Why you don't ask questions

01:05:49--> 01:05:52

like that. What's the reality?

01:05:54--> 01:05:58

You know, this dichotomy the child came home and he asked his dad,

01:05:59--> 01:06:03

he says that from From where have we been created? He said from other.

01:06:04--> 01:06:08

He asked his mom he said we've evolved the Darwin theory.

01:06:09--> 01:06:19

So he comes to his dad he says dad now reconcile between this year. You say we started from other mom says we've evolved. So that is like my boy. I told you from where my family came.

01:06:22--> 01:06:27

Nothing else right. I stopped in my tracks. I told you from where my side of the family came. I'm stopping there.

01:06:29--> 01:06:32

I'm saying my brother. These things happen.

01:06:33--> 01:06:36

Have the broadness of shoulders.

01:06:40--> 01:07:04

issues between siblings can rock the best of marriages. generation of Takashi Vanessa, a great woman in the annals of Islamic history. A smart woman for the love and her asthma being a woman for the Alanna great woman. She was initially wedded to Jaffa, the alano. She migrated with Jaffer to EPA senior, the union they had three children, Mohammed Abdullah.

01:07:05--> 01:07:42

Then after the demise of her husband Jaffer, in in Malta, she then wedded Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. From this realization she had one son Mohammed Abu bakkar. After the demise of Abu Bakar she wedded her former brother in law adira villano, the brother of a first husband Jaffa. So in essence this woman had to leave us as her husband are Iranian llama and who is her husband and Abubakar the Alanna and jafra, the Alon who was her first husband, so she she read it thrice. Great woman, very, very skilled woman as my being to be back here.

01:07:43--> 01:08:20

When she got married to earlier the alarm one day, her son from her first has been her son from a first husband, Mohammed Ebony Jaffer had an issue and an argument and an altercation with her son from his second husband from Abu Bakar Ilana. Now, it's sensitive enough when you are the common parents to your children. Can you imagine how sensitive it is? When you the mother but they have their own fathers. And the best part of it is respectively both the fathers have passed on. The current man in your marriage is not a father to either of the two.

01:08:22--> 01:08:54

Can you imagine how sensitive This is? And I mean, I know this year, and I marvel at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had more than 100,000 Sahaba and every Sahabi believe that the number of Allah loved me the most. And I've got four kids and each child believes I love the other one the most. That is why the scholars say when once a hobby came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said a university Abu la casa de la provinces and who do you love the most? And he said Abu Bakar or the alarm angle. So then the Sahaba said, Mina Nisa

01:08:55--> 01:08:58

and from amongst the woman, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Ayesha.

01:09:00--> 01:09:16

So the scholars say that this person came and asked this question. The academic answer had to be given that Abu Bakr was loved the most. But what motivated this question to ask what he asked because he truly believed he was loved the most?

01:09:18--> 01:09:27

That was the motive. Otherwise, why must you ask if somebody else came up first, you're not going to say Let me see who came up first is because your notion in your perception in your thinking is you have excelled.

01:09:29--> 01:09:49

Now, look at the sensitivity. So you got Muhammad in a jar for her son from a first light has been challenging her son from his second who's also late aboubaker that's sensitive. to elevate the sensitivity, Colombian humor your call and a pharaoh Minka Abby, hi Romain Abby.

01:09:51--> 01:09:59

Each one of them are saying I am better than you and my late dad was much more awesome than your dad.

01:10:01--> 01:10:01

Oh man,

01:10:02--> 01:10:04

this is now kind of serious stuff.

01:10:06--> 01:10:10

You know, on a lighter note, they say this man was married.

01:10:11--> 01:10:27

He came with his child. The woman was married, she had her child. And then Allah bless the union with a common child. So one day there was an argument and there was an altercation. So the husband came in and he said, what's happening? So the wife said, my child and your child hit our child.

01:10:30--> 01:10:37

My son, meaning from my previous marriage, and your son from your previous marriage is hitting our son. How do you deal with this?

01:10:38--> 01:10:54

It's really sensitive. And I feel my wife is too soft on this one, and she feels I'm too harsh on that one. Recently, I had to contend with a three o'clock issue purely on difference of opinion in raising a child in adolescence.

01:10:55--> 01:11:17

Right, the wife was feeling that the husband was too soft and too gentle. And he was feeling she was too harsh. And she wasn't accommodating. Now, you know raising children in adolescence is really don't in English, they say, when does adolescence begin? When children stop asking the questions because they know the answers?

01:11:19--> 01:11:30

When does adolescence start when they ask in and you're like frustrated, but it's good because now it's a curious mind. But when they stop asking they know it all. They know it all. They read it all.

01:11:32--> 01:11:41

Look at the wisdom so they come and the real nono is the husband at the time. And you know the Alanna said I'm not going to involve myself, your people's mother cause your mother to design.

01:11:43--> 01:11:44

Go ask your mother to decide.

01:11:46--> 01:11:53

You know, you you you're this thing here. When a boy excels. Then the wife says you seen my son's results. I was my boy.

01:11:54--> 01:12:18

And when somebody comes in complains about the child in the neighborhood, somebody was complaining about your son. You must take care of your son. Okay, okay. Like you know what put the cap on when it suits you. So when you accept Mashallah you the mother without doubt, but when there's issues that Okay, here's the dad with the broad shoulders, but this is a relations go and together we walk, we fall we stand up and we progress.

01:12:20--> 01:12:24

Look at what what Asmara the Alanna said she said Listen, my children don't make this personal.

01:12:25--> 01:13:01

Mara to Shaban. hygromycin Jennifer, one, two gallon Hiraman Abby bakura. You know what your father My first husband Jaffer. Surely he was the best when it comes to the use of Sahaba and your father My second husband, Abubakar, undoubtedly he was the best when it came to the senior folk. So if you look at them in their own strides, they were the best of their time. diffused it. Sorry Ravi Alanna said your first was the best amongst the youth. Your second was the best amongst the only elder What about your third one? What about me like I'm die.

01:13:04--> 01:13:24

So as far as the Alanna chuckled and she loved she said you came third in the queue. So you are third best Like it or not, like Subhan Allah. What I'm saying is my brother defuse situations defuse on a more serious note coexisting with fellow non Muslims.

01:13:25--> 01:13:32

Throughout the times we've coexisted and throughout the times, Muslims and fellow non Muslims have lived together.

01:13:33--> 01:13:35

I share with you two incidents

01:13:36--> 01:13:38

the monitor the alarm or

01:13:40--> 01:14:17

the monitor the alarm on who? He came to Makkah, and he was indoctrinated empty Islam to such an extent. He used to cure people who are bewitched, or who had a spell on them from SME sofa Makita yaku loon in the Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam imagine noon when he heard people saying that this man has been possessed and he is impaired and he is sick. So let me go and treat this man let me go and treat the man. So he honestly earnestly came with the intention to chiave sallallahu wasallam.

01:14:18--> 01:14:34

And he met him and he said I'm sorry to hear that you are mentally impaired. Now that's a very provocative statement. That's a very very provocative statement. You are saying it to such a man that will have even a Mona being said

01:14:35--> 01:15:00

in a longer Tyler lamb yo teach me a nurse member the dunya in Cuba miniloc Lee Giambi, Hockley, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in la cabeza ROM Lim invading Ramallah dunya that the entire intelligence from the inception of the world to the destruction the collective intelligence of the entire world is like one dust particle and the excellent

01:15:00--> 01:15:04

cluesive intelligence of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is like the deserts of the world.

01:15:05--> 01:15:12

Now a man who possesses so much intellect on his face has been told you are mentally impaired, you are mentally challenged,

01:15:13--> 01:15:14

you are sick.

01:15:15--> 01:15:47

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam doesn't retort, he doesn't react is just come is measured, is balanced. In English, they say, regardless of what life throws at us listen to these words. I read this in a beautiful book. Regardless of what life throws at us, we are responsible for the manner in which we react, we can either be better or better.

01:15:49--> 01:16:00

Regardless of what life throws at us, we are responsible for the manner in which we react, we can be better or better.

01:16:02--> 01:16:09

They say, to be tested is inevitable. To fail is optional.

01:16:11--> 01:16:54

Everyone will be tested, everyone will be challenged, but to fail, that's a choice of yours. You can rise above it. You can be one greater, you can be one better, you can be one smarter, that's a choice. You will be tested and slurs and comments and provocative statements will be made. Surely that's going to happen. But to fail, that's a choice. It's how you choose. Nobody can control your emotions. Remember that you are in charge of your emotions Allah has given you so somebody has told me something nasty, but I can take control of myself. Let me do in English, they say revenge is a dish best served cold.

01:16:56--> 01:16:56

Very deep.

01:16:57--> 01:17:07

Revenge is a dish best served cold in a heat of the moment. When you react and impulsive, you will regret.

01:17:08--> 01:17:13

But there's a time for everything at the correct moment. Be it as it may.

01:17:14--> 01:17:33

The province hasn't said damar Are you done? He said yes, I'm done. He said can I say a few words? He said Oh say so the province or somebody in Al Hamdulillah Nina Meadow who when a stallion who want to start through Maria de la mu Fernando bangarra woman Yoku for la de la. He said, I read the Alinea Kelly motyka Ola.

01:17:34--> 01:17:35

Repeat what you said.

01:17:36--> 01:17:42

Now the province doesn't didn't say I speak once I don't speak twice. You must clean your ears. You got wax.

01:17:43--> 01:18:11

That's the type of comments we make. So no problem, brother. I'll repeat it for you. After having told him all the dirty language. He repeated the words. When he heard the words he said faqad Bella Naka Moo Sal back. This is the pinnacle of of eloquence. I swear by Allah, you are not mentally impaired. But surely mentally impaired is the one who accuses you of being sick.

01:18:12--> 01:18:18

You are not a terrorist, but terrorists is the one who alleges UI terrorists.

01:18:20--> 01:18:25

How to obey Islam, give me your head. I want to embrace your faith.

01:18:26--> 01:19:13

The provinces and gives his blessing at hand and he reverts to Islam. The prophet SAW Some said wahala komik. And what about your nation? He said this allegiance is on behalf of my whole nation to revert to Islam. So we don't know who will as the yesterday in Morocco be naka de mer who are in an Mohammedan haka s nominal walk the weather hub. I wish you could appreciate this in Arabic. So matter of Lima, then came rumoured, well, who will as the from the s thrive? Yes, the B no mo who will be naka de to come in evaluate the situation, ma who are in Mohammed and hottub. He barely heard the sermon of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. As we'll walk through with the hub, he instantly

01:19:13--> 01:19:17

reverted to the faith and became a messenger and an ambassador of the

01:19:18--> 01:19:31

now few points to reflect your in the defusing of situation. The first thing we learned here, the scholars say it was the anti Islamic campaign that made demand a Muslim.

01:19:32--> 01:19:40

It was people speaking bad about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they brought him into Islam. He said the man is sick, the man is mentally impaired. Let me go ahead and demand.

01:19:42--> 01:19:51

So the negative message played out positively. That's the first thing number two, the tolerance of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

01:19:53--> 01:19:59

because he accused him of insanity. Look at the message of the Quran. When the Prophet was said

01:20:00--> 01:20:40

Call me when when the nation said in law Kofi Safa, we're in lonato no criminal can we be that you are an insane person? And you are a deviated person? What was the message of the Prophet? Did you say I'm deviated? Go look in the mirror and you know who's deviated? That's the type of comments we will make. Go say this to your father. You say this to your brother? What did you say? Call me Lisa b balada. My brother, I think you got your facts muddled. Honestly, I'm not deviated to set the record correctly. I'm a divine messenger of Allah, not antagonizing, not provoking, but rather very measured and calculated.

01:20:42--> 01:21:33

tolerance, number three, a few sarathi Islamia, wemod de Luna Allah and Islam Medina and Phaedra and then Rufus either the Java that Mina votive destiny of America. In the hava event after this swift acceptance of the man speaks volumes on the naturalness and the pristineness of this religion. For a person to make such a metamorphosis, such a transformation. Such a turn from a hate into loving the most surely speaks on the purity and the pristine of this religion. And number four, it speaks on the cleanliness of how the prophet SAW some approach the situation, the beautiful approach in how he came forward, captured the heart of Lima rhodiola more and more. I'm going to share one incident

01:21:33--> 01:21:34

quickly and I will wrap up.

01:21:35--> 01:21:56

The Prophet sallallahu wasallam receives wind that has been virar Harris, who was the father of joy Dr. De La Mancha. Neither he was a Muslim at that time, no joy area. Subsequently she became a Muslim and she's one of the wives of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam. And her father, Horace, as well reverted to Islam.

01:22:01--> 01:22:05

So he got wind that they were mobilizing to attack the Muslims.

01:22:07--> 01:22:08

So he responded,

01:22:09--> 01:22:55

and the Muslims went out. And they challenged the their opponents. And this skirmish and shower of arrows happened at a well called Morrissey hotel after yahoo. mallamma. In your car, Luna, who almora was the name of a well this is where this intense exchange of arrows that happened and the Muslims were victorious. There was one setback that one Muslim and this is in sirotkin, a sham. This has been mentioned. One Muslim was killed at the hands of a Muslim unintentionally inadvertently, he Sham Urbanus sababa astray arrow hit him, from someone in the group of about the internet Sameera the olana. So the Muslims had that one setback and one casualty where they lost one Sahabi.

01:22:57--> 01:23:14

Anyway, the campaign was over. The Muslims were victorious. Few people were captured. Now. Here comes the tension. Sometimes you'll be traveling you're going out. You had a good holiday, you had a good break, everything is over. And then suddenly something becomes unpleasant just when everything was fine, and

01:23:15--> 01:23:29

there comes a glitch, there comes a hiccup. There was an altercation that broke out between a fellow muhajir and a fellow Ansari over some water. And the mohajir Sahabi was Joshua

01:23:30--> 01:23:58

and the answering was synonym now what are the NCAA Sham, you can read the whole incident. The muhajir or the olana called out to his fellow mahogany and he said y'all almajiri Oh my muhajir brothers come the answer said yeah lol answer. Oh my I'm sorry brothers come. Now this slogan was breeding tribalism. This had a stench of paganism in it. We saw some sad.

01:24:00--> 01:24:01

Well, Jackie de

01:24:03--> 01:24:24

la jolla down in Montana. I belong to this tribe and this group and this creed and this ethnicity. This will divide us this will not unite us. Stop these slogans and put an end to it. They give off a stench the VESA defused it, dismantled it, nipped it in the bud and Sahaba were happy.

01:24:25--> 01:24:55

However, in the context of this argument, Jar Jar the Allahu anhu, who was the muhajir he was somewhat wrong, and synonym blah, blah, blah, who was the I'm sorry, the resident of Medina, he was a victim. Again, all by the m&s summit he realized the tension. So immediately he went to his Ansari brother, he said I'm sorry to hear about the argument that has occurred and I know you have sustained some injuries. I am asking you looking at the bigger picture. Please forgive your brother and move on.

01:24:56--> 01:24:59

If I know my brother has been violated

01:25:00--> 01:25:40

dropping my legal card and say you can sue for defamation lesson Yeah, these are my legal costs, and this is your legal rights. And this is what you can do. He went to Santa Barbara and he said brother forgive him said okay, I'll forgive him no problem. Amongst the answer was obviously, Abdullah being obeyed and salute the need of the minority. He wasn't a Muslim, but he alleged he claimed that he was amongst the answer because he was the resident of Medina. So he was sitting at a distant place. And somebody went and told him, You know what, there was an argument between a mohajir from Makkah and an Ansari. So he wasn't a Muslim To start off, but he gave off this hypocritical, apparent

01:25:41--> 01:25:42

reflection of a Muslim.

01:25:45--> 01:25:52

And you know, in English, they say, I love people who openly hate me, but I hate people who pretend to love me.

01:25:54--> 01:26:08

I love people who openly hate me if a person says he hate and I can understand he's got a difference. But when a person is not accurate, he is not honest. He is hypocritical, he is superficial, then you don't know if he loves you or he hates you.

01:26:10--> 01:26:15

So when a Filipino be heard that there was this altercation, he made some nasty remarks.

01:26:16--> 01:26:20

And he said, Oh, okay, okay.

01:26:22--> 01:26:51

To be an fusi comb, he addressed the fellow anzar. And he said, You brought this misery on yourself. You allow these Mexicans and migrants to come to Medina, and you fed them, some men can Baca Colca there's Arabic proverb, feed someone making your Li and then you feed him so much that he gets Steve to bite and then he becomes your foe and he he consumes you.

01:26:52--> 01:26:58

So, you feed him so much that he becomes your rival. He was nothing you make him something.

01:26:59--> 01:27:06

In English, they say some people are nothing you make them something and then when they become something they think you are nothing.

01:27:08--> 01:27:55

Some people are nothing you make them something you give him prominence. When you give him prominence, he drops you out of the equation. Like I promoted you my brother, no, I don't know you. So you use this Arabic proverb, some mean callback, a spoon, feed him till he becomes your rival. And he said if we go back to Medina, we will expel these downtrodden people. And his influence was to the Maha Julian and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam yopu lunella era jharna el Medina de la regional zoom in hell as they say when we go back to Medina with our honorable will drive out the downtrodden. He made this he thought he was surrounded by his cronies only only to know there was a

01:27:55--> 01:28:12

young boys they didn't like the camera of Allah was planted there. He intercepted he said, Are you making these condescending, derogatory, inflammatory nasty vituperative comments about the Prophet sallallahu Salah

01:28:14--> 01:28:25

So then, he was backtracking No, no, no No Actually there's that they did not come when and he was put this to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam now look at how volatile The situation is.

01:28:27--> 01:28:51

The Sahaba fell very very hurt Is this what Abdullah bin obey Hussein. Nobody saw some called Abdullah bin obey. He said did you say this? He said no. How can I ever say anything like this? This is a young lady just added words is spicing it up? How can you trust the boy like this? And say the outcome said I felt so bad, like as if I was belied and as if I fabricated, but Alan knew I said the absolute truth I was a young boy.

01:28:57--> 01:29:41

Now it became apparent that there was two camps some people were saying only be over la Abdullah bin obey has said this, and I think you need to deal with it head on. And I think you need to now stop him in his tracks. Enough is enough. And others were saying only to be overall I don't think you should make much of it. This is a young boy. I doubt a man like him of his prominence and caliber will say a thing like this. And this now created bickering amongst the Sahaba there was now a gossip, there was distinct camps. Now imagine the whole joy of victory has been eroded. The whole excitement of victory has been consumed. Why over this year these things are gonna happen. These

01:29:41--> 01:29:47

things happen in the best of religions. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam told the Sahaba stand up and move we move in.

01:29:49--> 01:29:59

Now this was not in keeping with his plan of moving in accordance to his common Look at his his strategy. Look at his eye look at his maturity salaria

01:30:00--> 01:30:09

sallam, he would leave at a particular time he would halt at a particular time he would resume at a particular time. He said move as they started moving. He meant to say they

01:30:10--> 01:30:44

say that now they are the Alanna said laqad rock, the FISA at the moon Cara macoun Tata Rafi mithila Allah This is peculiar, strange and uncommon, generally in keeping with your timetable. This is not the time we would travel. He said our Marbella kumbhakarna Sahaba. Don't tell me you didn't hear about the turbulence and the nasty comments. So say even harder said I'm in the dark. What are you talking about? He said, Abdullah bin obey has made these comments and others believe it's true and some say it's not true at this bickering. So I just decided move

01:30:45--> 01:31:04

in with him a sham it's mentioned seguro Rasulullah binaire C, D, usually luminal fitna. The reason why the Prophet of Allah instructed his companions to move at an odd time. He wanted to divert their attention and tire this thread.

01:31:06--> 01:31:09

Get their mind off this.

01:31:10--> 01:31:20

Get them into something else. Today by and large, if you look at the media, it is they're designed to sensationalize.

01:31:23--> 01:31:33

I read amazing. quotation the other day. Have you ever thought regardless of how much news happens in the world, it just fits exactly in the newspaper.

01:31:34--> 01:31:43

Whoa, I said somebody said some real true words. Regardless of what happens in the world. It just fits exactly in the newspaper.

01:31:46--> 01:31:47

We did to

01:31:48--> 01:32:01

not to sensationalize but to drop it. And from ashore Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yona whom zanic had the answer whether you let the Dalai

01:32:03--> 01:32:49

Lama him Dallek that Hamas Shams he's allies and told them travel so they started traveling. until nightfall came they said can we retire he said we traveling throughout the night. Now you move in you busy everything gets forgotten because you're on the run. Home night they travel. It came to morning. They said can we drop can reset perform further and we move in. They perform further and they resume the remaining part of that day. Then tire night the following day had that humo shampoo until the intensity of the heat had actually paralyzed them. They said only be over luck and we lie down. He said go down the narration of sera dibny Sham. They barely put their head down and they

01:32:49--> 01:33:44

were out and gone. There was no time to gossip or Baker they were so exhausted. And when they got up revelation came and exposed the whole tale. So there was no more time. Allah review the entire verse, enemies awesome. Call the young lads a diviner. He said de la hora de sakarya Allah, Allah has proven the veracity and the truthful nature of your words. What a la de la la la la yes de la cumbre caso de la la la, Rue de La Russa, O'Meara, a Taiwan, Dona who must take the road. Now there was no grounds for him to defend or shield or insulate himself because he had been blatantly, emphatically exposed. But up to that point, the promises and kept the tension at bay by his physical

01:33:44--> 01:34:29

strategy by making the move and travel. In essence, I'm saying, and I hope I have adequately communicated effectively a message to you, my brothers and sisters, that we need this divine light and how do we need this divine light, we will not be able to read the planet of its challenges. But we need the maturity we need the wisdom, we need the foresight and we need the vision with which the Prophet sallallahu wasallam dealt. And I'll leave you with these two words. If you cannot defuse a situation, for heaven's sake, don't infuse it. And somebody said in the English language, some people bring happiness wherever they go, and others bring happiness whenever they go.

01:34:30--> 01:34:47

Some people bring happiness wherever they go, and others bring happiness whenever they go. May Allah make us amongst those people, that wherever we go, we bring happiness, and it's not when we leave that people sigh with relief or throw down on Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen