Tom Facchine – Medina Stories #15 – What I Realized As A Student In Medina

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their past experiences studying law and the importance of the method in interpreting differences between schools of law. They also mention their own experience studying diet supplements and the struggles they faced with identifying the differences between their opinion and others. They stop counting and focus on the issue of the method and its impact on their personal and professional lives.
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One of my biggest kind of realizations when I came to study in Medina was the importance of the methods. The fifth method was the schools of law. Before I came in, I kind of was under the impression that the differences that existed between the schools of law were differences of right and wrong, or differences of, well, this one's closer to the truth. And this one's not. And one of the common phrases at the time that was readily deployed to make sense of these differences as well, you know, so and so didn't hear the Hadith, right? If they had heard the Hadith, then they would have kind of all been on the same page. And in just first semester of clinical study of the faculty

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of Islamic law, Medina, I found that that was very, very not true that the differences that exist between the metal hubs nine times out of 10, they are about not one had evidence, and one didn't, or one had better evidence, and one didn't, but how to interpret the same evidence. And that many of these differences, interpretation, not all of them, but many of them went all the way back to the Companions. And I actually counted because we studied diet supplements to hit Biden rushed, I think every semester we had to study 125 Messiah are 125, like fit problems, I made a memorize. This was the opinion of a Shafi and this was the opinion of Abu Hanifa. And this was their evidence, and this

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is how they responded to the other evidence. And this is what we did this is Sharia. And I thought, you know, what, why don't I just count and see how many issues how many 50 issues came down to well, so and so just didn't hear the Hadith. And that first semester, I counted out of 125, one single issue where even was said that, you know, this, this difference of opinion is really not very strong, and perhaps such and such a person didn't come across this hadith. At that point, I stopped counting, because I realized that that was a very, very rare occurrence is that usually the differences had to do with interpretation and many times those methods of interpretation, they went

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back to the Companions

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