The Prayer Will Always Keep You Humble

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the benefits of humility, including a focus on humility and respecting one's own boundaries. The speaker also mentions the importance of humility in addressing one's pride and arrogance, and assures the listener that they will stay in the right position.

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And when you begin your solo, your eyes are fixed onto the ground, when you look down, and when we look down into our place of God now solid, what's that? That's a resemblance of humility, that you're standing before the king. And you have honored Allah Subhana data so much that you don't even dare to raise your eyes up like this. So you're humble and you put it down a solid from the very beginning to the end of it. It's going to teach you humility, and how to humble yourself and how to behave yourself as though he's teaching him that my son, if you breathe correctly, you'll find yourself that there is no room for arrogance and pride in your heart for supanova he gave him the

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solution, and you're worried that you might become arrogant one day, perfect, you're solid and you're solid. We'll make sure that you'll stay in the right position.