Tom Facchine – Lessons from those Before Us

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of belief in the existence of God and sharing it with others, as well as the shaky language and "over whelming internet" in Islam. They also touch on the history of Islam, including the use of shady language to avoid loss and the shaky language to establish false expectations. The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the use of Jesus as a template for religion and the use of the word Islam to describe actions and words that cause harm, as well as the consequences of actions and words that cause harm, such as violence and loss of faith.
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you know

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that kind of was everything was so cool whenever we definitely showed campesina when

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they asked me about that I believe we'll make up the

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last question so you get a question on what happened in October so yeah you come in as a couple of law houses are taking that and putting it in our Oh, yeah, you have a national holiday follow up with

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a couple of things as well workers of Informatica picking up on

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WhatsApp Allah the name

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of Hana and nonlocality on

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top of law Whoa, whoa, hold on a second either. Your secretary. Welcome to the over whelming Internet now was

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FEMA and the inner circle

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for accident had some a lot of warnings sometimes, or someone promoting what was the point that is in Milan for?

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This week, we continue our series on silver bullet saw. Starting at verse two, oh, I saw that sentence. Well, I've seen Amazon kita, whatever the Buddha saw here, and that's exactly what we're doing. We're here for bringing us up

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in America harder than Chicago. And we gave to Moses the Scripture and made us a guide for the children of Israel. Same thing, do not take the sides be any other trustee of affairs. They were descendants of those who carry with no heart. He was indeed a graceful servants.

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In this verse, Allah eyes of a gentleman stresses the continuity between our own law and the communities of faith that came before us, especially the followers of Musa on a burning Israel here. Allah subhanho wa Taala points out that both Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and Musa alayhis salam are descendants of Noah, and both were given revelation and science. There are two important lessons here the first, it affirms our faith in the existence

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Revelation. Revelation is the last continuous communication and guidance of humanity throughout the centuries. Allah subhanho wa Taala has expectations for what we believe and for what we do. As a just God, Allah azza wa jal made sure to communicate those expectations to us. With every prophets he said this.

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Last week we talked about the Salena. The prayer and how if we want to have a healthy relationship with Allah azza wa jal taking care of our prayer is our end of the relationship. We can think of revelation as a loss of a relationship. He tells us what to do Alfa mercy, out of love and out of fairness.

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And if someone were to wonder, why is communication stops? Why guidance in keep coming with more profits and more books after the poor man.

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We would respond with the fact that the forehead is the only revelation that Allah azza wa jal preserves 100% Just as it was given to the Prophets, and then spread to every end of a globalized world.

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The second lesson here is that our particular tradition, the poor Angela sadhana, share important points of continuity with the revelation. That was sense before ours. For one hour, I feel that tell feed a lot of students and whatnot also Tammy and I probably have a solid deal that don't really realize the

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taboo. And we never ever said before you have a single messenger accept that we revealed to him there is no true God accept alone, so worship Him.

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Some people observe this and think that Islam is somehow copied from other traditions that came before it. We want to ask them, would it be believable in the same thing with something completely new, something completely different that no one had ever heard of before?

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Of course not. The things that Simon have in common with previous communities of faith is not evidence of fabrication. It is happiness of continuity, and evidence that it comes from the same Divine Source.

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When it comes to our Sherea our law, there is some overlap at some difference with those who came before us. This is to be expected because unlike our feed, which deals with reality, which deals with what is true and what is false, surely it deals with what is best for people. And what is best for people might slightly change from time to time and place to place. This is why I love my soldiers says because they enjoy they'll be able to share

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to each community we gave a difference law.

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Allah subhanaw taala also tells us the endless first about the important parts of caffeine, which is our theology, based upon the laws the oneness and uniqueness. In many places in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us don't take dogs or deities besides Allah.

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This seems easy enough. The images that come to mind are statues or shrines and people perform an acts of worship toward them. This is obviously a violation of the laws, unique oneness. But here, Allah azza wa jal uses slightly different wording. He says, Don't take a look here. Other than him, well, he took from the Arabic roots while we have them meaning to rely upon someone else to do something for you.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah tells us here, not to rely or to place our ultimate trust in anything or anyone other than Him.

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Allah Subhan Allah Allah is letting us know about the internal dimension of worship, battling and prostrating, offering food these things are

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An external dimension for worship funds, our hopes, our fears, our trust. This is the internal dimension of worship just as you violate Satoshi by bowing to something other than Allah subhanahu wa Tada you can buy a race by fearing something or by trusting in something, you know that only a loss of time was either should be feared or trusted.

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The prophets of Allah when he was seven, seven min Tanaka, Shaman will kill.

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Whoever puts all that code in something Allah is going to lead them to it. Meaning that if someone has too much, or too much trust in something, if they hope and trust in a way that should only be for Allah Subhana

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Allah will not help them to Oh,

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instead of a loss of ground Who is Allah will abandon that person to whatever it was that they trusted, just to prove a point, just to demonstrate the futility and uselessness of relying on that thing.

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This is much more tricky to follow than the things that we usually think of as shippers such as prayer. Allah azza wa jal is not saying that we cannot trust or rely on other people at all. If you hire someone to do a job, you are relying on that person to fulfill their agreements. If you are married, you rely on their spouse to help you raise the children and to manage the household.

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What Allah is prohibited here is ultimate trust. Ultimate Reliance simply puts, people will let you down, sooner or later, people will disappoint you. The people you hire will let you down your spouse, every so often will let you down with myself, the man, the administration of the machine, the person sitting next to you right now, at some point in your life, chances are, they will let you down. What Allah is telling us is that our world cannot fall apart. If someone disappoints us, we don't rely on anyone or anything, to the same degree that we rely upon Allah Subhana

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Allah azza wa jal gave us as an example, Ibrahim, and he says, Remember when the king had built an enormous fire to throw deeper heat inside of it, simply because he refused to worship anything other than Allah?

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Why Ibrahim was being catapulted through the air heading towards the fire, the angel came to him and asked him, Do you have a need? Is there anything I can help you if

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you broke him out? He responded, you know, I don't need anything from you rather than rely on Allah subhanaw taala. Alone, a political person

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who didn't listen to

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what he

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Worship, in other words,

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worship Allah, last nationally, nationally, without even shutting the question of empathy, and I was thinking that that will happen in a heartbeat, also a dairy level one some of you are worried

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about me for that way, but suddenly notice even the hero

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in the next verse of sorts of Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us a little history lesson. He says what Elena you know many saw in detail, there's obviously doing nothing other than Valentin. Well, that's how we will never know when Camille and we mourn with the children of Israel. In the Scripture. You will search the cost of your eruption in the last two times and you will be extremely arrogance they were all out there right now. I need more money than that. I've only got seven Chevy here but yes or do whatever you want. In the Florida where the first of these two warnings would come to pass. We would send against you some of our servants, have great flights.

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Who would ravage your homes and this would be a warning because of Phil's talking about another lesson we're going to cover on Saturday and we'll be wearing with an either with your own Apple app store to sell on a hero, then after you retired US, we will give you the upper hand once again over them and age you with wealth and offspring, causing you to outnumber that Allah subhanaw taala. Here is giving us a brief history of the children of Israel after the time of death. And so a man. He says that after that we have so many men have invited the children of Israel and brought in an era of peace and prosperity. Eventually the children of Israel became corrupt. They became unjust, they

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became arrogance. And some of our eyes will punish them in the dunya. With political repression. This is referring to the events of the sixth century BC, about 1000 years before the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, when Allah was sent out to allow a Persian king named never professor to conquer that looks to Russa he slaughtered the children of Israel he destroyed the mystery that so many of them had built. The person who enslaved everyone who was left over, drop that back to the person.

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This is a very curious that they lost the toll on the Torah, cutting off the children of Israel from Revelation and making it necessary that Allah azza wa jal revealed in view of their isa the Sunnah and the number of matches behind syllabub on a Sunday.

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Then Allah azza wa jal says in half central assets have been unforeseeable possible. Wi

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Fi has to have the IP layer so what would you have? Well, he entered a message in

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our number, what do you tend to do? I don't tend to be an off if you act righteously, destroy your own good. And if you do wrong, then it's for your own loss.

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And when the second warning would come to pass, your enemies would totally disgrace you and enter the temple as they have entered in the very first time and utterly destroyed. Whatever we could get their hands on. Allah subhanho wa Taala first makes a general common sense applies to both the children of Israel and to everyone else. If you act righteously, it's for your own good and if you sin,

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if you do wrong, it is only harming yourself.

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Meaning that Allah subhanho wa Taala is not affected whatsoever by the defeats or oppression of the believers. It is not a reflection upon Allah azza wa jal or has been rather than is merely a reflection of our own choices. And the consequences of the children of Israel live in Persia as slaves for three generations. 70 years later, they were allowed to return to Palestine and Israel Get the lessons. Did they get rights? Yes, more or less they did, was conquered by rather than a football almost upon us all that ends this history lesson with a warning. So people may have hung up on what it really that was, Your Honor. They have an academy that has evolved. Perhaps your Lord

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will have mercy upon me if you repent. But if you return to sin, and we will similarly return with more punishments, and we have the Hellfire impermanence, can find this for the disbelievers.

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In the previous verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that we are related to the people of faith that came before us

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by our common source of revelation and our common lineage of the profits. Here a loss of time without telling us that we are related to these people in a another way, by our history and our fate.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing us how history works. If you are faithful, if you are just Allah subhanaw taala will come to your aid and protect you.

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They know the battle offender. They have silica theme. It does not matter the numbers. It does not matter how strong the enemy as Allah subhanaw taala will make the believers victorious.

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if you get too comfortable with this with you

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If you get lazy with your worship, you start to cheat people. You start to oppress people, you turn them away from our faith you abandon that is also carnivores Allah gave you if that happens, Allah told us, he will let the nations run over us and conquer us, scattered us and destroy us. The promises are lower than some said, either the dynamics of the region

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are the least desirable. But afterwards he had set up a blog where I would

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lay in zero, we'll have that up to you even

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when you get involved in sketchy business dealings, and when you become contempt with merely making a livelihood, and when you abandoned struggling for Allah, Allah will let others conquer you and subjugates you until you return to your religion.

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We live in that reality today.

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From today's strategies I still see in China, in Yemen, and Myanmar. So yesterday's tragedies all over the Muslim world, it's tempting to lay all the blame at the feet of our oppressors. But Allah subhanho wa Taala taught us that if we do some soul searching, we have a responsibility as well. Allah ISIL Jeff seven those aside with the value of laughing that customer has a less lethal vehicle battle than the army due to corruption has appeared on earth due to people's own actions, so that they might taste just a little of the consequences of those actions. And so they might turn back we ask the law isn't the job to rectify us and to not punish us or our fellow Muslims for our own

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shortcomings. We have some hours on the job to guide us back to his obedience. And so that what she follows so make it easy for us, but most of them are sending other kind of animals to Hyderabad in the local ecosystem. So Luminara epi Yeah, when you look at the data for somebody will certainly want to see them on a Sunday.

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can I sell data for me while I'm

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in the family particularly almost from day one, I

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can do it while I'm walking in the Kahani. Machida Allahumma Harrison to sell in Sydney was in a ship going shooting whatever after the one suffering doesn't mean whatever

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going on so as well Sophia put in the cab all of them I

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was going to deny what

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was going on she never yeah in Allah yeah a little bit earlier he will give a second when he tell you that for about four years I'm gonna finish up he will carry with belly the iron foot now move on to that go first.

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Much little PTSD from Allah we

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cover the summer and comment

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of the most valuable

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to be the only one in here Peristeri is the most say Oh 70 sling on me and Terry they're right in the eye and everyone else on

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while also in

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the inland lamina

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Your score is higher

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so there have been words our household will be a swallow

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show me how long time ago

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how long

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how long

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oh boy

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oh boy

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uncomfortable it would be harder than the you know

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the the

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very little bit of fear on the staff savvy say on levena time now I am provided about who we are add him on we

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have solid level

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one and level one

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Sunday on the lawn when I'm hanging out

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all along

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Oh my throat

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oh my god

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good morning

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