Lessons from the Wives of the Prophet- Sawdah

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AI: Summary © The coronavirus pandemic has impacted society and has caused the loss of people and the social media networks. The Prophet's relationship with the woman he was married to was discussed, as well as the importance of finding a way to recover. The segment also touches on the history of the Prophet's life, including his marriage and multiple wives, as well as the jealousy of guests and the need for patience. The segment also describes the woman who chose to give her time to kill herself and her spouse, despite the fact that they were not the right to take that position.
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or accident Have you had more evidence on the walkway he

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was something a little bit more

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during the Meccan period. The oration cheats try that many strategies to stop this from spreading.

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Initially, they tried to ignore this. Then they tried to bribe

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of the Prophet Mohammed bin Salman.

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Then finally they turned to threats and violence. Eventually after the conversion to this by some high profile figures, like Canada, and for the alarm, before he cheats decided to step up the pressure, with the total economic and social boycotts.

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Under the condition of the soy offer, no one would buy from a Muslim.

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No one could sell to a Muslim. No one could sit with a Muslim or live with a Muslim or have a Muslim in any way.

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Remember, at this point is Sam had reached every house. In fact, every single household was a mixture of Muslims and idolaters.

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The effect of the boycott was to the events, the Muslims from the city and to starve them into submission.

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The Muslims I spent three years in these conditions live in at the outskirts of Mecca, and mountain ravines, they had to resort to eating the leaves off of trees, in order to in order to prevent the startup.

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During this period, the Muslims they were tested not only physically but spiritually, without patience and faith. Everyone was turned away from helping one another, they would become selfish and do whatever it took to survive. We find the opposite from these early believers who had pure faith or have both hardship and persecution. They came together to help each other as never before. Leaving them in this beverage was none other benefits of either of

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whom we spoke about last week.

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So he does generosity and selflessness during the boycott helped many of the believers make it through to the end.

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She put everything at her disposal, every resource and talents that she possessed in the surface of the sun. And the believers, even to the point that her own health suffered.

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With a boy costs finally ended, her selflessness had already taken its toll on her health compromised, Felicia passed away just months after the end of the boycott.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was so profoundly impacted by this loss. The loss of his first and greatest support that this year would be known from then on as the year of sadness.

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Sad as he was people sushi suggested as a profit on a nice

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rebound. After all, he still needed supports and companionship, he still had children.

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Someone suggested to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he married a woman who was the subject of today's second series on the wives of the Prophet the son was sober in December.

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So the is one of the least recognize wives of a proper police officer.

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Maybe this is because your story is not as dramatic as either that for the agent

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who came before her or it said who the prophets Allah Almighty He was assumed and married after. It's might also be because of her circumstances.

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She wants to close in age so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, who at this point was 50 years old.

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She was a widow,

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having previously been married to a cyclotron and

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so the Cyclon had both accepted Islam from the very beginning and had migrated to our city to have a show where he passed away

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so we'll return is about to marry a profitable along the way

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was second. And she spent three years as the only wife in the province household.

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When it came time to migrate to the dean of the Prophet sets, Zaid and I brought there to escort the people of this house from that gets in Edina. At that time they were his younger daughters who put so much

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on a

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husana. And finally, his wife said

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some of the was a woman with a sense of humor

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she wants to send to the province of Allah

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I pray that my prayer behind from last time

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and you found for such a long time, I have to hold my nose so I wouldn't get the nose

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at this approximate age such some left and in the books of how do you find that many times when they share documents together

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on the blog article tells us a story where so that visited both her and the properties of the salon for lunch one day.

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So they're all sitting on the floor around with this with the province and the lava lake was sometimes in between the two of them. Alright Isha have prepared the meal. And she's also going to eat

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some of the reviews to eat. And so I took some of the food and then she reached over and smeared it on some of the seat,

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the proper from above audience.

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And he actually raised on his legs to make way for so that to get her revenge. He sent this over now.

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And so she did. And the problem is

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and we'll find in his Sunday narrates another humorous incidents, that's known as the honey incidents, the problems of the

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use, like sweets, especially honey.

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He also used to visit each of his wives every single day, one at a time, after also,

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one day while he was visiting pops up. He said he stayed there longer than usual. And his otherwise we're waiting for him to come. They notice this but like I said, I asked around to find out what was going on. And she learned that that you're given a large container of honey as a gift, and that she was sharing it with the Prophets all along the way. And that this was making him like

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upon hearing that size, so they

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decided to play a trick on the premises.

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She went to Seoul and to Sofia, and told them to pretend that the proper follow up on a bus and I've had a bad rash. That day.

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The Prophet saw the sound was someone who was very concerned about it, and he used to hate that a bad smell would be found anywhere on his body.

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The plan was when the profits of Huawei was explained that he had only eaten honey. Each of them was saying that the bees must have taken their nectar from some sort of foul smelling flower.

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They would all say the same thing. So the proper audience was not wanting to have any more unconscious honey. And he wouldn't say so long that

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they all executed this plan to perfection. The next day when it was time for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to visit hopslam The freewheelin Sal was the Vietnamese that they gathered nearby for watch and see the results of their handiwork hops again offer coming to the profits in the long run. He was summoned by this time he politely refused

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watching this unfold before them so that felt sorry for the profit assignment she called out to Pamela we've deprived him on his honey

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to which it should set people up not wanting to blow their cover.

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Through some of that, we learnt some of the rules attach

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normally a builder because they leave the area a lot about some sets. Then they spend the heights absolutelly five and then they continue on lievable Celica Rumina after better

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Since everyone is moving through these same areas at the same time, they can be extremely crowded. As anyone who has made high touch can tell you.

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So the assets the profits all of a sudden for permission to leave to study, but early, since the crowd will become very uncomfortable for her.

00:15:22--> 00:15:37

He agreed as this became a well known allowance, during which time anyone who is elderly or who has health concerns can be equals Delica, or minute after midnight, instead of waiting around until pay.

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Through some of that, we also learned that with some things, not all,

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it is enough to do only what is required for us.

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During a Farewell Pilgrimage, the Prophet alayhi salatu was indicated that to his wives, that after this Hajj, it would be better for them to stay home.

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Perhaps this was a prophecy about the chaos of the times to come after his death.

00:16:12--> 00:16:18

So the complied immediately validated to never make Hajj again.

00:16:19--> 00:16:54

So that is said that sense the remainder of her life in her home. This is before the quarantines the lock downs that we are familiar with these days, but very similar. For us lock downs of sheltering in place is something that is forced upon us. We become restless, you can't wait for the restrictions to be lifted. So we can sit next to each other, feel the sun on our faces and go out with our friends.

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For so

00:16:57--> 00:17:08

she chose locked down as lifestyle intended while your phone ring to please Allah. And if necessary, some have already been

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through this summer teaches us the sacredness of a home space

00:17:17--> 00:17:39

and how your accomplishments as a believer. They don't have to be public. They don't have to be easily recognizable. They don't have to be worthy of a resume or a CV. It is possible to do exactly the work but Allah azza wa jal wants from you. Right? As

00:17:41--> 00:18:11

a who probably have you ever stopped to walk anywhere from 4700 exactly how the accent was supposed to add Montana, also under the law

00:18:13--> 00:18:26

will tell me what is happening, or I shall have nothing and I will say that that will happen that our people who have varying requirements, some of you are having your wedding or suddenly with a Stephen King feel

00:18:28--> 00:18:44

so that he is most famous for an act of selflessness that she made during the final days of the Prophet's life, above it who said when she gave up her time, with the prophets of Allah.

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As we observed, just a moment ago, the Prophet alayhi salam had multiple wives. According to the Islamic law, a husband and his position was fairly divided his time among those wives. The Prophet SAW to follow the distance, the mind commanded to be less.

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Each wife knew when her day was coming, and it rotated according to a certain order.

00:19:17--> 00:19:38

The prophets Allah Almighty Joseph actually went above and beyond what was required of him, because he not only made sure he split his time between them evenly the prophets of Allah it was nearly always to manage to visit each and every one of them every day.

00:19:39--> 00:20:00

Just as we saw in the honey incidents, he would do this after officer he would leave the MSG and he would start visiting them one by one. And he would save for last who's ever day it was staying with them until the following morning. Each one

00:20:00--> 00:20:26

other prophets wives, cherish her time with him, some of our ex post. And also as we saw in the honey incident, yes, there was occasionally rivalry. There is occasionally jealousy between them. Remember, also last week we mentioned the jealousy the nomination of the loved one I felt towards the end of the day.

00:20:27--> 00:20:32

This was not a fluke. These sorts of things happen.

00:20:33--> 00:20:44

Once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was entertaining some guests in our nation's house, when unsellable sent over food to the guests.

00:20:46--> 00:20:56

On his show, it was so angry and jealous by this action of news that she hits the hand of the messenger. So a lot of it is

00:20:58--> 00:21:06

knocking position food out of the stance, falling to the floor and breaking the dish, scattering the food.

00:21:07--> 00:21:27

If I were in the proper place, for the hallway, it was something that I imagine many of them in here would feel the same way. I would find it extremely difficult not to be upset, I would find it extremely difficult not to lecture, you shouldn't be doing this, you should have patience.

00:21:28--> 00:21:31

And I would at least make or cleaning up

00:21:33--> 00:21:45

instead of the promise of a body was to downplay the situation to his guests, telling them as he cleaned up the food himself, your mother became jealous.

00:21:47--> 00:21:53

We recognize that this sort of jealousy is a very understandable human feeling.

00:21:54--> 00:22:18

If we look at things from omniscience perspective, we can imagine the reasons for our actions. What was some settlement trying to say, by sending over food at that time? was on vacation school not good enough? Was she just worried that they wouldn't have enough techniques? Or was she just trying to score points with the profits of the logo I use?

00:22:19--> 00:22:27

The devil, a chiffon is always ready to help us suspects the motives of others.

00:22:28--> 00:22:36

Consider them so does position. She used to be the prophets only wife, Africa, even

00:22:37--> 00:23:03

then the Prophet alayhi salatu salam married our issue is she was young. She was tricky. And she never had been married before. On top of that, it was no secret that the promise of our bodies are solid, and I share a special connection, a type of love that he didn't have with his other wives, even if he treated each one fairly.

00:23:04--> 00:23:34

Any woman in some disposition would feel jealous, she would feel angry, and blame others thinking that this was perhaps all planned from the beginning. And proof of the profits of the law, why suddenly never really loved her at all. She would feel sad and blame herself thinking that if she had only thought this better, or that better, maybe she could have had the proximate look on the altar. So

00:23:35--> 00:23:42

it's actually running the Arabic term for a second wave captures his feelings very well off of

00:23:43--> 00:24:07

from the roots of all along appropriately means harm, injury, and even prejudice. This is not a newly coined term, either the anthropologist Misaki uses this term for what we call a co wife in English in the chapter heading for this exact story. And he intended some negative connotations whatsoever

00:24:08--> 00:24:16

given so this position and the tendencies of the human soul, what she chose to do is remarkable.

00:24:18--> 00:24:27

So when decided to give up her rights to have a time with the profits of a lobotomy, and she chose to give her time to the it shows that

00:24:29--> 00:24:34

most women in so this lace wouldn't get I should have time that if she asked for it.

00:24:35--> 00:24:38

So the judge to give her what she loves the most.

00:24:39--> 00:24:41

How can we explain this?

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

Some historians have speculated that Silva was on the verge of being divorce. And so this was some sort of compromise designed to stay in every event that he says no, he criticizes each of these reports as having no factual basis rather he

00:25:00--> 00:25:05

says what really moved at Sona was simply pure love.

00:25:08--> 00:25:15

It was no secret as we said that the prophets of Allah while he was salam have a special connection. Without.

00:25:17--> 00:25:43

It was also obviously audition was chosen by the law for a very special purpose. She was smart, she asked a lot of questions, she knew so much more about the sun than many of the capacities, it was clear that it should have picked up her age would be able to teach a sound to the children or the Companions long after both the profit. So we're gonna

00:25:44--> 00:25:46

start with some of the things the unthinkable.

00:25:47--> 00:25:49

She took a step back.

00:25:51--> 00:25:59

I hear many people these days, both Muslim and non Muslim talking about their relationships. In terms of needs.

00:26:00--> 00:26:11

You'll find that people who are in relationships for years decide to separate because their partner isn't giving them what they need anymore.

00:26:13--> 00:26:33

Islamic law recognizes but great many of those means money, food, clothing, shelter, intimacy, safety, goodwill, all of these things are needs that the city ought protects, and requires to be fulfilled in any marriage.

00:26:34--> 00:27:02

But when people talk about their needs today, they often need something less essential. Some people will mean simply that's the honeymoon is over. The days of being a capsulated with one another are long gone, their relationship is less riveting. Instead of being consumed by the flames of love, you're making grocery lists and folding laundry.

00:27:04--> 00:27:15

Not only that, but as you grow into a relationship, you start to uncover the faults and failures of your spouse. And yes, they start to uncover yours,

00:27:16--> 00:27:26

you start to bump heads. And when you argue each side brings up the faults and failures that they noticed in the other. This hurts both people.

00:27:28--> 00:27:40

From then on, everything will be framed and evaluated by the previous arguments. Each side will keep score in order to prove that they were right, or that the other was wrong.

00:27:41--> 00:28:00

In this sort of situation to talk about your knees being best is really a code word. For something else. What's really going on is the realization that it is impossible to completely be satisfied with another human being.

00:28:01--> 00:28:06

It is the realization that some needs only a law

00:28:07--> 00:28:16

can fill. It is a realization that it's time to stop living for yourself and start looking for a law.

00:28:17--> 00:28:19

Marriage is half of our do.

00:28:21--> 00:28:28

Not females. The law wants us to become really good at keeping track of our spouses mistakes.

00:28:29--> 00:28:54

But because Allah azza wa jal wants us to be accountable to someone else, who will point out our own flaws. Eliza No one starts to struggle with our own thoughts and mistakes and bad habits. Allah azza wa jal wants us to be dutiful and good even when the person we are being good at Taurus is not reciprocating.

00:28:56--> 00:29:17

Allah wants us to realize that if our good deeds are conditional upon getting something in return, that these aren't good deeds at all. Allah wants us to realize that our real exchange, our real accounting, is not done with our spouse. But when

00:29:19--> 00:29:56

somebody realizes someone understood this, she didn't give it to show her time for any sort of favor in return or any sort of compensation. She also was spiritually mature enough to realize that life isn't all about her needs. She realized that life is about sacrificing what you love for Allah azza wa jal and doing things please him both if they made things easier for you in your life. And if they make things harder,

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

this ironically, is where it's

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

To satisfaction that we found

00:30:03--> 00:30:13

so this x is therefore a triumph of the human soul and the monuments for believers for all time.

00:30:14--> 00:30:35

This tribe did not go unnoticed by the companions of the mother and father would set themselves and heaps of money. After the policies a lot of a sudden passed away. It showed herself said that she never saw a woman she would like to be like, more than so

00:30:36--> 00:30:50

think of all the righteous women I should have seen and spent time with in real life. And the gravity of this craze starts to sink in. backwards so that is the

00:30:51--> 00:31:35

Mother of the Believers who was supposed to be on camera to make a call in the locker room that we saw during the week. Yeah, we need somebody personally who has seen a lot of the either one or the other they come as always, how are they going What are in business and he was our 101 early blogging and didn't want to be alone. Number one CD was indestructible shaky in whatever we want. Sorry. We need

00:31:37--> 00:31:39

to we have enough money in the Yeah. Oh.

00:31:42--> 00:31:43

What are we

00:31:44--> 00:31:46

watching on foreigner? What's the

00:31:47--> 00:31:51

massacre? Yeah, well come up. It means Oh, my god that

00:31:52--> 00:31:54

was gonna kill out. What

00:31:55--> 00:32:07

I was looking at was up near Seattle, that we had a lot in a lot. A little bit of Hollywood accent and you're looking at the fort. William Howard touchdown, he will tell you want to call the the

00:32:09--> 00:32:14

federal law Hey, a football wash robot and then we come over

00:32:16--> 00:32:16