Tom Facchine – LGBT & The Islamic Refuge & Dr. Shadee Elmasry

Tom Facchine
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Salam aleikum up to Allah Welcome back to Imam talk. And we're very, very pleased to have Dr. Shatila Masuri back with us for round two, since round one was kind of cut short a little bit. A lot has happened since since round one. We got a lot to talk about. But you know, minimal NASA, right, something literally just happened to me that I thought that you would appreciate right before I came to the studio. So my, my wife comes in with might, so I got three kids, my two younger ones, age six, and two, my wife comes in and they came back from the library. Okay, I'm in the next room over kind of working on my clipboard. And I hear my oldest start to read one of the library books that

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they brought to my middle child who's six, story about penguins, you know, and she's been, you know, into March of the Penguins or whatever. We don't do a lot of screen timers or stuff like that. But we Okay, March of the Penguins. So she saw March of the Penguins. She's into Penguin, she got this book about penguins. And I hear something. Right. So my oldest is reading it. And it's about Okay, this time of year is the season where the penguins start to pair up into couples to mate. All of a sudden, my spidey senses kick in and the IRS started saying, Oh, it's coming. You know, it's coming. Exactly, exactly. But there were two penguins, two boy penguins who spent all their time together.

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And I was like, You gotta be kidding me. Unreal, unreal. And then, you know, I fully, you know, leaped up out of my seat and like random, an extra room and grab the book. Just before, you know, it gets the part where the zookeeper recognizes that, oh, they must be in love. And they go to make their nest and they want to be like all the other parents and somebody gives you serious, I will love it all the unreal. And so I you know, after it, I snatched the book, and my daughter was confused. And my son's confused. I'll talk to him later about it, because he's 12. And, you know, my wife's like, starting to tear up. She's like, blaming herself. It's like, oh, man, I can't believe I

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didn't notice she grabbed at the last second. And I told her, I said, You know what, don't blame yourself. It's an unreasonable level of costs that people have to exercise these days. Like, you know, to I mean, like, it's easy, it's easy to avoid the drag queen readings and those sorts of things, because they're usually advertised now usually sort of, like pre planned ahead of time. But the subtle propaganda that goes on and it's just placed, you know, here and there and everywhere. It's absolutely unreal. So literally, as Allah says that, accurately Joe mill critical. Exactly, exactly. They will go until they force you out. That's their goal. That's not doesn't mean that that

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will happen. But that's their goal. Definitely. Whoo. Yeah, you can, you won't be in the cereal business, you will not be in the cereal business and the most innocent business to be in or the cake business as a business if you are not a eventually gonna have pride month. And I wasn't thinking about this before. But now that you mentioned that, I mean, that's one of I think, the that I was thinking about, you know, my, my, my my Daigo was up there the whole time over here. And I was like thinking about all these things. My mind was racing, because I was angry, you know, that this thing? Was it was a close call, you know? And I was thinking about exactly that, about how one of the

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biggest mistakes for people who imagine that, that we as Muslims are going to be able to ally with these people, right, is that we're assuming that they're going to do some sort of favor for us down the road, they're going to protect our rights. If, if they come into power, it's game over, like they are the last people who are going to care about our rights to to to have a legal marriage or a religious marriage or to have this or that the other the last people who are going to care. Yeah. And then and they're gonna delete us, they will delete. And why? Because they've done it before. Yes. Let me ask you how many times have Christians

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backspace, other cultures? Yeah. And other religions. Let's just let's see, if something's gonna happen. It's not gonna happen, just like that. You would have had more demands. Right? Right. But you met, like, you're not going to win at the major league level. Unless you first you succeeded at the minor league level, then singulate who play majors, right? Yep. We'll just come out of North who which group of people has silenced people got them fired? ended their careers, controlled industries, which group of people though, and I'm not saying the the right is our front. But who has done it? I think that the left has done it far more times, just from my casual observation, and in

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careers, controlling industries on this subject, where it comes to the intersection of this subject,

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canceling people

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far more.

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The opposite side, which are not our friends and our allies, and Muslim women face, they're probably the wrath more than most the men because we recognizable, but they're just in a comparison between the two. But

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yeah, and honestly, if anybody wants a cautionary tale, all you have to do is look north of the border to Canada because things are even further advanced there. I mean, they have less of a tradition of religious freedom less of a tradition of, you know, of this sort of, of culture of homeschooling and things like that they trust the state a little bit more, as one of my Canadian friends put it, Canada is the America that never rebelled. So,

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you know, trust authorities and experts a little bit more. And getting to the point very soon. And hopefully, we're able to turn this thing around. But getting to the point very soon, where literal Islamic beliefs about sexuality will be labeled as hatred and bigotry.

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The only reason the only reason that this hasn't happened yet, is because most of them still have the minority batch. Yeah. Right. So they tiptoe around Muslims a little bit, right? Because they still got the minority badge in many ways. We have refugees, we have darker skin colors, generally speaking, and Islam is like a minority thing in itself.

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Get past all that stuff. Right?

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They're gonna hunt it down fast. And now it's down Christianity. Yeah. So

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given we've seen, it's going to be a very interesting future as they are obtaining more power yet at the same time, many people are onto this. And it's almost like mainstream in the Muslim community to be aware of this stuff now. Whereas before, it wasn't, yeah, right. I mean, a lot of people and not everybody, and then those people need to be kind of like, clapped on the back and thanked because, you know, there was that sort of ambiguous period where people thought it was gonna go away, or people thought that Oh, naive. Yeah. Now SubhanAllah. We're all sort of, you know, biting on our fingers with regret. And but there were a few people who saw it coming. But that's, that's good.

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Because I wanted to bring it to that. Where are we at? What are the inroads that we have? How can we push back against this thing, whether it's specifically libraries and the placement of books? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and ubiquitous, and it can feel like you can't even go outside? Like Jews coming up? It feels like you can't even go out. I tell my wife don't go to the library in June. Don't take your kids to the library in June. The library is haram in June. Well, what do we what do we have? What can we fight with? What are the the avenues and opportunities we have to turn this thing around? Well, let me let's take a look at this organization. It's called the coalition of

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virtue newsroom. A coalition of virtues sorry, the Coalition of virtue cov. The coalition of virtue is an organization established for sharing news and information regarding protecting Muslim children in schools, from gender ideology, okay. And what they plan to do is have local chapters

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where events like this can be identified and stopped books like this can be identified and fought against, that's one outlet.

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There's also another perspective of when they say like in the airplane, first, put the mask on yourself,

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then help the next person. So

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it's the best thing for our community is that to attach this, if you are a Muslim, every single community has to have an awareness and recognize and have a playbook and have a strategy of educating the next generation. And also making them understanding every single possible question, right? That can be related to this. So that really, this is tied to the Muslim identity. Yeah, if you're a Muslim,

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you are against this thing. And you are supporting

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male and female marriage. That's it that there's no other option, male, female marriage, born that way not identify us, or you

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know, that's part of Islam.

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And they bought it to us. It's not like, you don't find this in in the books of, you know, like the Basic Books of Islam, that it's that ala Muhammad Rasool Allah and then marriage between the male female. They bought it to us. Yes. They're forced us to pick aside. It's very easy to pick aside and this is a non negotiable and this lamp. Yep. Yep.

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Yes. And as a couple other people, you know, that are sort of in the mix with this sort of level of organizing because to be honest, the only thing that's been standing in our way is being organized. Right, because you look at the other side, you look at sort of the LGBTQ lobby and how

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organization, obviously we don't approve of all their tactics, their tactics are very, very dirty trying to get at kids trying to, you know, seize the reins of power. We're not approving all their tactics. But if you give them anything of recognition, recognize that they're extremely organized and extremely well funded. If there was a time in US history to dump our money and our expertise into Islamic schools and into homeschool networks. We've reached that time. Yeah, right. It's like we've we've gone too many sort of decades of people, you know, it's like, Well, okay, I can choose a more Islamic education for my kid, but it's a poor quality. And so I'm going to send my kid to the

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less religious or the less Islamically. Okay, education, that's we got better standards, better chance for college admission, better chance for a career track and stuff like that. If we don't actually drop the money, and put in our skills, we've got people who are product managers, managers, and you know, project managers rather, and all these sorts of skills. If we, if our if our Islamic schools are trash, let's get people in the fixham. Right, if our Islamic schools are poorly organized, let's all hands on deck, let's go, you know, let's build a separate sort of network, like almost like the Catholics did, really. Right, so that we have this refuge so that we're not so

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dependent upon the mainstream way of doing things. And these people just, you know, I feel so bad for the refugees that come over, because the parents have no idea what's going on. And their courses. Yeah, they need to be told by someone who speaks their language, that if you do X, Y result is maybe 70%. Yeah, right. And let me tell you this, some people say the Islamic schools, their their cost guzzler? Well, look, when you get a heart attack, and you go to the hospital,

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and the insurance says we got you for $5,000. After that you're on your own.

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You don't say how can I turn this incident into a at least breakeven, you don't break even you're empty in the family bank account to save this person. The community has the same thing. That's not what we want to hear. But the endowments take ages to mature. Yes, but right now you need savings. Right? So whether it's the homeschool networks, that Islamic schools, let me tell you the next thing that's popping up. And I have a developer I can connect you to him.

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Housing Units, not apartments. cul de sacs. Yes. Neighborhoods 10. Muslims, yes. Never hits the market. There you go. You built it. He's got the customers waiting, or he just what do they call it out of market or whatever? off market, never gets the market usually get one influential guy gets his friends and they all live, the whole call does that is now a safe area. That's what we need. We reach the point, we reached that point. And America has the freedom you're allowed to do that. You're lucky. You can't do this in other countries. Exactly. You know, Sheikh Abdullah shank, he used to tell me exactly that. In Medina, he used to say, take a group of Muslims go just a little

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bit outside the city. Very, very similar to what you're saying. Right? live next to each other? Yes, strengthen each other. Right? build that infrastructure. And then you're going to actually be able to give and contribute and change and and all these sorts of things. If you're just you know, you're you're one Muslim student in a class of 25. Or you're one Muslim worker and an accompany of 100 or 50 people. That's like, where you're swimming against the stream. You got to be railroad. Yeah. Is that even a reasonable fight? You're oppressed yourself? Yeah. And you're pressing these kits, because kids are not created at that level for spiritual warfare know, now that they're not ready to

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recognize marketing when they see it. And persuasion? When they see it. It's not created for that. Right? You ruin their childhood, if they have to be aware of that just no different than if there's police coming and arresting everybody. And then you have to walk and teach your kid to be it's not a childhood? Yeah.

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I'm very confident in two things I'm very confident

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in in America, believe it or not, I'm confident that they will that we we will not be shut down. I'm with you. We will we will get support

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I'm very confident

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that Muslims will respond. Yes. Right. And I'm very confident that the Muslims who leave Islam and have bought into that world will be replaced by conference. I mean, stuff when did you know what year 2010 2010 Yeah, barely, not even 20 years most of that's nothing, not even 15 years Muslim. And here is contributing to the community in a big way. Allah subhana wa Tada will bring in people who will be the strongest Muslims I'm telling

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on you because the tide when the tide is strongest, that people were able to go against that grain or even stronger. So I'm confident in the future for Muslims. I used to be more sour than I am. But I've seen many signs and indicators that tell me we have a future here. The community has very good futures and my belief, yes, there will be a lot of tragedies as the Prophet said people Yeah, what to do in a minute Dini Africa and used to be a harmonium seeker Farah, yes, there will be many people who leave the belief and Amen. But there'll be so much more positive to say, and it will be something worthy of writing history about and the housing units can be they apartments, small, tiny

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apartments, or actual homes like mini McMansions as people buy nowadays, when Allah opens the doors of this for them, that's also the future. Yep.

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And even if you don't live there, but 10% of your community lives, they're just that have their strength. Oh, yeah. From their strength. Oh, yeah, you go, your kid makes friends with their kid. And then you have to go over into the neighborhood and for playdates and stuff like that, it will be a game changer. Sensor, if there's heat in one area, but it's not red, blue, it seeps out orange, yellow, right. And that's what I think the future is for us, in general, everyday living. I completely agree. And I am optimistic as well, I'm more optimistic than most. So I'm glad to have another optimistic because that doesn't mean that we don't have to take the means, you know, just

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like the Battle of zap, right? The most

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typical Allah and take the means, right? trust in Allah and build the trench. Well, this is our trench, right? This is the trench that we have to take. We have to put our money where our mouth is, too many people live in comfort, it's time to sacrifice, it's time to roll up the sleeves, put the money down into the the housing developments put the money down into the Islamic schools, all hands on deck. We're basically we've reached that point last time. And I think to that I've seen something else. Which is, to me, I've seen little signs and indicators of this.

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And I'm almost surprised but I shouldn't be surprised is that

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in the eyes of many, many total normals and far from Islam never stopped.

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To see how compelled they are by the biography of the Prophet Seisen.

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Like I'm shocked, and the sense of I didn't expect this. I'm pleasantly surprised. I shouldn't be surprised because this is Allah's Beloved. And if Allah has used him as his communication, of his message, but we shouldn't be surprised people who are far from Islam, I have seen them become almost addicts almost to see the videos, right. And then eventually enter Islam. Yeah, right. And some of them know the Sierra inside out. Very positive, just haven't yet addressed. But to see that after all these years, the most compelling story still, for for a significant mass of people is the story of the prophets of Allah who said that, to me tells us we have the best thing. We just have the we

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just we just have to spread it. Yeah. And it's not like it's our club or something. This is the hub from Allah that Allah blessed us to follow it. And to know it and to be part of it. Now we got to we got to not have worry or hesitation

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to spread the stories and the wisdoms of the Quran. Yeah. We kind of put in the work of swallowing it up. Yeah, I see it in YouTube comments from people not fakes. real humans real accounts. People who, if they're walked across the street never once think they're Muslim, they know a lot about the Prophet. And they like pretty much believe in the Prop. Just don't know, maybe not know at this moment. How to become most so do become also and you'll never know it. Yeah, walking around working in hospitals and places. You'd never once No, they're Muslim. Yet they came upon it in a very organic way, just on YouTube, and became Muslim. Amazing stuff that's happened here. That's why I've

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been very pumped into increases that we have to do more work. We got to do that what you said these three things, the homeschool networks that Muslim schools and the housing complex. Yeah. And may Allah make it easy for us.

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Switching gears a little bit to something else that that took place in between our since our last session that you know, we have a couple

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we have a couple mutual students. Right. There's igloos. Right. And so yes, I was recently down in the city. We had a field trip to the Met. Right. And they have we have an Islamic art sort of exhibit there. It's fairly extensive.

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And so that was kind of the whole idea of the field trip and stuff like that. And, you know, we came across, it was bittersweet

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You know, and this is going somewhere, this is going towards our previous topic of Orientalism and sort of the colonial legacy, it was bittersweet, because you see so much of, of Islamic heritage and Muslim heritage on display. And some of that stuff is given sort of freely or given in a, you know, sort of like lent or borrowed or etc. But some of its not some of its taken some of its stolen, some of it, you know, was the, you know, or the people and this is a common tactic, you know, the Native Americans of North America are very familiar with this, where somebody who didn't have any authority, gave a blank check, to the colonial art archaeologists to go in and take stuff off

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mosques, right, take stuff off of, you know, so it's kind of a crazy experience to see all of this beauty. And it goes through all the different centuries. And it goes through, you know, all the different Muslim lands, you've got Iran, you've got Egypt, you've got North Africa, you've got you know, Shamp all these different areas, but then you feel like, but it's not in the right place. It's in the wrong place. And subhanAllah, you know, was a mess, you know, Rahim, Allah, you know, recently passed away, and I never had the pleasure of meeting him. But obviously, I believe that you, you are somewhat close with him, or at least, we're closer than than I was to him. And one of

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the things that he did that that was so sort of beautiful and famous, you know, when he made the event at the Alhambra in Spain. And so here, here we are in the Met, and there is a metadata from Iran. Okay, hundreds of years old. And the students that we have, that are part of the class, including your students were, were pushing me to make the event, you know, in the same sort of spirit of, you know, this thing was taken from us. Yeah. Right. And it's been cut off. And it hasn't been, you know, you know, how many, how many non Muslims have looked at it touched to taken pictures of it, whatever, and how many Muslims have seen it, but, you know, it's, it's a fish out of water.

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Okay. And so I'm a very shy kind of introverted person by by my sort of, blah, blah. But I, they eventually pushed me and guilted me into it. And so I started making the event. And the security guard came up and said, That's not allowed here. That's not allowed here. And he stopped me.

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And I just kind of looked at him, I said, Yeah, this is this is the wrong place, I guess isn't. And this is this is the wrong place entirely. But this thing is in the wrong place to write. And, and, you know, it was just, yeah, I'm curious if you have any reflections or thoughts about this, because it was kind of an emotional sort of thing for all of us. Be so close to something that's so ours. Yeah. And yet to have that velvet rope, you know, stretched across it and said, You can't touch this as not as often. Or reminds me of those sorts of things remind me of stories of Benny Slade. It's a very simple equation. When you disobeyed. Allah sent

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from my bed and

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we sent a bed here meaning they're just fulfilling Allah's will.

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We sent upon you the punishment in this dunya before the

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right and that's what happened exactly to the Muslims.

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It happened a couple of times in Islamic history, but it seems that Muslims always made total Mongols came and made till the Crusaders came in before that, make Toba fix things.

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You see, and those may tell for the first time what I'll be doing again, may tell the second time, what you're doing came last time, third time third strikes, you're out. You're out of the lens. This is one of those beautiful peninsulas on the earth on the earth, you got the Mediterranean below you, you got the Atlantic next to you, right. Most beautiful areas on the earth. Okay, Boston, and a lot that has no shame in bringing the truth. That's the equation that's the result of the equation. Notah you will lose wars.

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Your leaders will be fools. Your enemies will be strengthened and they will have no fear of you whatsoever. Right so they'll

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get loaded humiliation Cephus you're lucky even alive, right? You're the NSF has cut for many of these people. lineage has been cut. Right? So that's the result and when you look at loss of wars as always connected to the general disobedience of the people. And then and that's that's suited to this rock teachers is that beginning and attend to

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what we witnessing is the result of a come in OMA

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that went astray and I love the Hadith.

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Of course, it's it's very, it's flimsy in its Senate, but CLT talks about it.

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And he says that

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the prophesy centum asks Allah subhanho wa Taala How long does it last and

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala said if they obey, I give them a day. If they disobey, I give them half a day. A CLT took from that then that the first 1000 years of the Omen now he comes at the end of that right. The first 1000 years of the OMA, which is,

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in the Yeoman ended up back again for Senate amendments I would do in one day with Allah is 1000 of our days, right? So

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1000 years for us, one day for Allah is 1000. So 1008 for the Muslim, almost obedient to get 1000 years, then they're gonna get a second chance. If they're disobedient. Right, you get to do it again, just we didn't only half a day, 500 years. So cog says that the first 1000 years was clearly a year of obedience. So they won the worst they dominated the world. Got Yes, had ups and downs, but the general trend was *. Right? He said, There's a general trend now of declined, right? disobedience, lack of interest. And therefore he said, if it's as he thinks, and they get half of it, 500 years, right, of which we're in the last century of that 500 years, right. So but but the

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point being is that it's a nice breakdown in Islamic history for 1000 years, Muslims were generally they obeyed their religion, their got a generally speaking, and the after the 1000, you start to see a decline, right? century after century after century after century, in which you could generally say us, we're an OMA that is generally disobedient towards God. And you want to see Minco manual article, you want to see the the general status of the Muslims look at their leaders, the President's right, look at their presidents and their kings and their tyrants who rule them. That's who you aren't.

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Otherwise, that person could not rule over you. If you did not love the attributes he has, he can't rule over you. That's a law of nature that Allah created law of averages, right? So they're No, no, they're not they're not unique species. They're actually fairly typical.

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Temkin filled out a power in the Earth only goes to the people who are loved by the people who are ruled, or the attributes of those people.

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That's a little off. Yeah, we've got only eight minutes left. So I want to throw something at you, which is kind of full circle from our previous conversation about the difference in that Orientalist sort of Academy versus more studying Islam in a different way. And it's, it's got to tie into with this whole idea of the museum, right? Because the irony is, for somebody who wants to study Islam, seriously, you've got all of these sorts of Orientalist spaces Oxford, Cambridge, etcetera, etcetera, that, you know, they've almost made off with the goods, right? Not just the goods of the masjids. Right? Or the art and the architecture, but also the manuscripts, right? Also, so much of

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what was our took off, or actually what still is our took off? And so there's a pool there. Right? There's a pool there to think that well, okay, if I want to study Islam, then this is where I should do it. And this is where I should go. But, you know, we still have these other at least semi traditional, there's some places that you know, okay, we don't have to comment about those but, but something outside of that that model,

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what would you advise, let's imagine we have in front of us a 19 year old 20 year old, young man or woman and, you know, expenses isn't an issue, whatever, but they want an Islamic education. Okay, they want to understand the deen and not worried about jobs. They're not worried about career security or anything like that. What is the best way forward? And why? Very simple answer to let me ask you a question. How many books did Abu Bakr Siddiq own?

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How many books did all my own? How many books did Othman own? Yes.

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The Sahaba are the most knowledgeable about Allah and His messenger and his religion? How did they get so knowledgeable by living near to and spending as much time with the Prophet peace be upon

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our religion is unique in that it relies upon nearness to the master, meaning the one who has as has

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to be deemed a mastered the action upon this religion.

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What is more valuable to you? A library

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on how to get apps for a trainer with apps trainer without Of course, and no books, you know, that's how many books but you got that trainer, you know, hanging out with them every day.

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Another guy go spend the same amount of time in a library about apps.

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Fill the books with apps who's gonna end

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Without most likely trying to go hang out with straining our religion is a religion that centered around humans.

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If a human relies on a book that's up to him, yep. Right? That's just he just relying upon him. Good. But that's not your source of knowledge. So I would say, follow what Allah says in the Quran in Naramata. Allah He taught EBO men and Watson in the Mercy of Allah is near to the Mycenaean. And Allah calls who are his people, and of Quran,

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people of the Quran, where are the people who have the manuscripts

00:30:38 --> 00:30:42

of Quran, Allah Allahu Akbar sutra, their Allah's people elect?

00:30:44 --> 00:30:49

If you want the Quran, go to people who have who recite it, memorize it, act upon it, pray with it.

00:30:51 --> 00:30:54

If you want to know about the Prophet, go to the people who spend their time loving the Prophet.

00:30:56 --> 00:31:36

If you want Islamic law, go to the people who everyone goes to for photo, forget books, go to the people. That's my advice. And that's great, too. I think a lot of people don't appreciate the ways in which the Enlightenment has kind of put us on extreme rationality and extreme sort of cognitive bias, right? We think about Islam, we think about education, right? And what comes to mind, like you said, books, right, it comes to mind, you know, this sort of cognitive, we talk about IQ, and we talk about these different tests that we that we come up with, that are sort of self fulfilling prophecies. But you know, true education, and the Islamic sense is something that has that embodied

00:31:37 --> 00:32:13

sort of dimension to it. Right, and knowledge. And I mean, we have a paucity of that today, with the online sphere, and sort of how people get, you know, in the polarization of everything, you've got a lot of folks who have a lot of information, they don't have a lot of education, guys, because the education has to do I mean, we tell these stories all the time that we don't, we almost, we almost condemn ourselves. Because we don't actually live according to them. We know that even Maddock Rahimullah, when his mother's wrapping his turban and sending him to study, she tells him to study the etiquette of the scholars first, right. And we know these stories are in our tradition, we tell

00:32:13 --> 00:32:51

them all the time we nod along, we've heard them a million times. But how many of us are actually practicing that? How many of us are actually if we have the chance to go to the Oxford or Cambridge to NYU or whatever it is to study Islamic Studies, versus the unsung Sheikh in the desert somewhere who is not going to give you a master's degree and nobody's going to respect you, and nobody is going to give you a cushy office job, right. But you're going to come out with something that's not just stuck in your head. Yep, something that actually permeates your whole being every cell in your in your spirit. And something that you have a lot to say that obviously nobody can be certain, but

00:32:51 --> 00:33:37

you can be hopeful that Allah subhanaw taala will make it a proof for you and not against you. Right? Like, those are two very, very different ways of considering education. And that's a beautiful reminder, I think we're, we're having a masa, right, we're in, in very extreme need of that sort of reminder these days. And I remember some of my recently, some of my friends telling me that they're like infiltrating Oxford, or centers next to the universities, not only the university itself, but there's like, they make these semi academic connected to Oxford, the centers, and they're trying to really get in there and control their discipline. Right. So maybe that's

00:33:37 --> 00:33:47

happening, but they, I hope they it works out for them. But the general, the general result of those people

00:33:48 --> 00:33:51

who start who graduate out of secular,

00:33:52 --> 00:33:54

you know, some studies programs.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:17

I would say that is probably the opposite of the desired results of someone who's on the spiritual path. Yeah, you can't take it as your muscle at least maybe maybe you have to go do the spiritual path, you know, initiate it first. And then maybe later Later, you know, you can you can start that route as an additional thing as a side thing, but, but to make it to make that your you're also right. I agree. I think that that's,

00:34:19 --> 00:34:22

I find it a complete affirmation of secularism,

00:34:24 --> 00:34:54

action upon secularism, and really, totally antithetical I think you are receiving a disease actually, when you keep the company of people who study Islam for other than the reason of acting upon it. Secularism Yeah, secularize the knowledge disease. And if you get used to that, you're gonna get used to it for yourself. Yeah, very true. Endeavor, a dinosaur to be studied the dinosaur carcass to be or

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

bones to be studied a cadaver to be dissected? No, this is for x.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

In our denas for action, you put a slam in the museum. That's what it is. That's exactly what happened. That's what you saw. But they put the books in the shelves. And the same way that the art historian will go into, oh, this is blue turquoise from Anatolia, this was the technique the Persians used, right? And they ended up learning a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and he gives you an art history does what is there between that and a guy who says what the Ashati said this? And meant to really say that and what does it like say this? And he has no interest in ever practicing anything of it? Yeah. One, they didn't let you call that then the other will not let you

00:35:37 --> 00:35:48

happy men. Allahu Akbar. I reason I said, you know, what I'm done with you. And I'm going to burn this bridge, is when I started to actually go into their seminars.

00:35:50 --> 00:35:55

They just have these seminars, right. And though they would come in and kick around a manuscript,

00:35:56 --> 00:36:13

and I realized that behind closed doors and the non official classes, they're all making fun of Islam. Yeah. All of them in the things that they just do on the side like does not advertise. It's just in a classroom kicked around a manuscript with the head of the department.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:39

All of them load Islam, a loathing they gave the Betty had no part of the stomach, and Arabic department. It was it was stomach departments, theory studies, right. But people in that and Arabic had no problem and approved and mocked the Muslims who were against this, give that Yale gave an award to the person who drew the Prophet freedom speech.

00:36:41 --> 00:36:43

They were making fun of the most of the MSA

00:36:44 --> 00:36:51

and they totally approved it. Of course, the school said it is okay. Yes. Okay. So would you would a would a

00:36:52 --> 00:37:16

let's say a gay person want to do a PhD and LGBTQ life from like, a Baptist School, or university, or a Christian university from Liberty or whatever these are the university is run by these. Event Jellicle wouldn't even be fathomable? No, no. And I would never stand for it.

00:37:17 --> 00:37:41

Would you go to Edward Saeed when he was alive to study Israel and their right to exist and the right to flourish? Never happened? So why is it are we so colonized in our minds and raped and completely as can't remember one clips that molested? You are not right in the head anymore. It's a good clip you have Stockholm Syndrome and you want to study with your *.

00:37:42 --> 00:37:51

You want to study you love and you want the degree of the guys who are doing we're negating your religion. Right?

00:37:52 --> 00:37:58

The heritage and the Senate of Joseph Schatz and all these people who came out to just do nothing but destroy Hadith.

00:38:00 --> 00:38:13

It doesn't make any sense. Well, that is well said and I think that's a great point to end on. Dr. Shetty Always a pleasure ballclub and inshallah next time I'm down in Jersey I'll inshallah get a chance to swing by and

00:38:14 --> 00:38:18

inshallah we ask Allah for sincerity and acceptance

00:38:19 --> 00:38:26

and to bring us upon what he loves. So we have like a shadow Allah Allah antes del fuego what we like Salaam Alaikum after lunch

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