Tom Facchine – Journey Through The Quran #4

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The importance of preparing for a political party is emphasized, including the need to be prepared for the afterlife and shaping behavior. A court case regarding the Saudi Arabian government is discussed, including actions such as denying wrongdoing, stopping people from working, and warning of forgiveness. The court provides instructions on forgiveness and a recap of history, promising a summary of actions. forgiveness is emphasized as a way to avoid mistakes and bring others to the realm.
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It's Ramadan, we are taking a journey through the poor men

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talking about the main ideas in the forehand section by section to accompany our recitation of the entire book at night.

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Last week, the father of a poor man that we discussed mostly focused on the prophets.

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Allah azza wa jal tells the stories of various prophets over and over and over again, differently each time to teach us lessons and to introduce ideas. One of those lessons, as we had mentioned last week, is that the prophets are told things that no one else knows that no one else can figure out on their own. What happens to you after you die? Only a prophets can tell you that. So we rely on the prophets to communicate the realities of the unseen world, including what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to do. And while Allah azza wa jal wants us to stay away from

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in the next section of the Quran, Allah azza wa jal focuses more on the afterlife. And the first thing that Allah Subhana Allah wants us to know about the afterlife is that it is real, it is coming and that we should prepare for a political party. He was a Muslim.

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Man hurry, he understands I

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mean, the

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mentors are

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all the way that woman was

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better when it came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and asked him when is the hour going to happen? When is the last day going to happen? The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, Woe to you, and what have you prepared for it?

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam was redirecting their attention away from the abstract away from the theoretical facts of when the world is going to end. And he directed them toward the practical side of things. It could happen anytime. Are you ready?

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Yet another narration of the same event, the Prophet Isa

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tells us that as far as we are concerned, the end of the world is the moment when we die,

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or the level of FFR that's kind of what he does. And we know that Bobby Duval has yet to interview some of our biggest SSR saw. For cameo there will be that slowly fade a hole. In the image, Pamela lie, you'll recall, how am I tell her what was going to come? For all Asia being a robot of Motown sound elements is to visit the Prophet. He's supposed to laugh and ask him, where does the hour want to happen? When will it be, he will look at the youngest one that was with them and say, if this one lives until he's very old, then your hour will already have happened. He shall not be there was one of the narrator's is by the hour, he means their death.

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belief in the afterlife is one of the most fundamental parts of our faith. It is the foundation of all morality. And if we aren't sure about the afterlife, our morality is going to waver as Ally's video says in a smaller Husi that were either in the 70 out of whatever be here we want you to muster will show

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that he will do it.

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And when we do still favor upon people, they turn away and they become distance. But when evil touches them, then they're full of extensive supplication. When life is easy, we turn away from Allah. And life is hard. We cling to Allah, we cling to Islam. Most people are not consistent. As a general principle to verses later Allah as well explains why other internal failure to not be him.

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Unquestionably, they are in doubt about the meeting with their Lord. Meaning, if you had certainty about meeting your Lord, if You carried that awareness around with you, wherever you went, you would not be inconsistent. You wouldn't be attached to Allah, you would be attached to Islam and good times and in bad.

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This is part of why so much of what Moran is about giving us vivid imagery of what will happen

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On the day of the resurrection, we have evocative descriptions of Heaven and *. We are given windows into things that people will say on that day, there are conversations between the inhabitants of paradise, revealing what they did right and then doing you know that to help them be successful. There are conversations between the inhabitants of the Hellfire that are expressing regret and blaming each other. There are conversations between the people of the Hellfire that oh Wah, begging from another chance, begging for the punishment to be less than to even a little bit. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to be able to imagine it clearly. So that we are certain of it, and

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that we carry that awareness around with us everywhere we go.

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These make up some of the more emotional parts of the last quarter of the perhaps the end of sorts as little as a good example, after describing the events of the last day allies, but it says we'll see if other kind of Hello either.

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And those who denied will be driven toward hellfire and groups had to eat Agia who have 40 Has the overall health. And so when they reach it,

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it speeds will that be open? We'll call

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it cool muscle. We'll

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see what people do when they

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can have and the keepers the angels of the gates are going to say their poem to you messengers from yourselves. Reciting to you the verses of your Lord warning you of a Meeting of this Day of yours, all the

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while that can help funds getting into the cavity. They will say yes, they will confess Yes, but the word of punishment has come into effect upon the deniers. Peter that has gone

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far enough for me. So that was a Kathleen, so that's going to be sent to them. Go ahead and answer the gates of hellfire, live there and forever and wretched is the residence of the arrogance. Here Allah subhanho wa Taala he emphasizes the encounter with the angels at the gates. Here there's an interrogation. The angels already know the answer, but they want the arrogance to confess, which they do. As opposed to the people of paradise their reception is completely different 180 degrees in the opposite direction Allah says was he already answered

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it tomorrow, but those who fear the Lord will be driven to paradise and groups have tell you that we will have one What would you

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tell when they reach the gates is painful had been already open? Because you had sat down or equal platelets, for those who have fallen in Union and the keeper to the angels of the gates will say, please speak to you, sir.

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You have the computer this day. So answer through the gates and stay here forever, because it will happen.

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But often,

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what will typically Phoenicia and they will say Praise be to Allah who has fulfilled for us because promised and made us inherit the earth so that we may settle in paradise wherever we will fit any atma as imbb Excellent is the word the word.

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An excellent is the reward of those who work righteousness. The reception here is completely different. They are readers like heroes, greetings of peace. Some of the scholars like that will be quick to be they point out that if you notice there's the addition of a single letter here welcome to have and this base set points out that the kids are already open when they get there waiting for them inviting them in as Allah subhanaw taala ends the verse how lesson is the reward for those who work for him it have to do with all the stuff because lots of

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people will get

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what's up that was a big long scene. I'm gonna show people a lot by

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tapping on the show me what's going on in the city that

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sort of where they're at. That was why

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we were flying.

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In all these scenarios, and situations that will happen on the Day of Judgment, one theme rises to the top in this part of the court and for the people of faith and that is a law of trauma.

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That's mercy. And sorrows will accept the last service whether the job is set up for assault the RV

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motorhome and the one who has brought the truth and they believe in it, those are the righteous that homebuyer Sherman and OBEY HIM delicate singing, they will have whatever they desire with their Lord. That is the reward of the doers of good, you can get a lot more on home. That's what led me to where does he owe me absolutely levy cambiar. Allah as the name removed from them doors to what they used to do, and report them according to the best that they used to do. Isn't this the opposite of what we experience here in the dunya. We have relationships, we have spouses, we have parents, we have children, that siblings and friends, sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we do wrong.

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Sometimes we oppress other people, we trample on their rights, we make their lives miserable. And then if we realize that we were wrong, if we repent, the damage is already done, the Trust has already been broken. And we will spend a long a long time trying to repair that relationship. We remember and we judge people according to the worst things that they did to us because we're afraid of getting hurt like that a second time. But a lot as a joke is always no one can hurt a loss of power. And so from this position of strength, Allah azza wa jal is the most ready to forgive. He will not hold a grudge because of the worst things that we did. The instant we turn our hearts to

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Him in submission, in awe. In sincerity, we have His forgiveness. And so for the people who try their best to submit allies who I feel is going to judge them according to the very best things that they ever did and overlook the worst. Allah azza wa jal says, in an earlier part, those who are those who are either the younger the stuff or other unforeseen.

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Say all my servants who have transgressed against their own selves Do not despair, Allah's mercy in law, filled with minimal visit beyond India, forgives all sins in

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Indeed, it is he who was the most forgiving and the Most Merciful for the most, and then ask him when they should he can call so that

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was a little fact. First of all, the happiness of a loved one.

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For whatever reason either has low to Fiona and Lana Amin, NACA, Vanessa, both employee and Muslim Narrator There was a group of idolaters, who had killed many people, and they committed other horrible deeds. And they came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and said to him, What do you say? What you say what you give the message of this man is beautiful, it's excellent, if only you would tell us that our past deeds would be wiped away. So Allah has revealed this verse. But I mean, give me follow up on this and on the other way around the authority he will be able to go through that DNS for four minutes

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in the afternoon with me

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on a Honda Allah Who gave them filthy, he managed to see half of Allah. Well, let's see how Coppola while Menza and then I use a lot of time and a lot of hands on and they have a lot of my Lulu when

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you already have a leg as

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well, long before he even computer records that I thought when I first set it up this verse Hello, so how's our invites to forgiveness, those who claim that Jesus is Allah, and those who claim that Jesus is the son of Allah, and those who claim that it is the son of Allah and those who claim that Allah is poor, and those who claim that all those hands are tied and those who claim that alive in the Trinity, Allah unites all of them to forgiveness and he says this was a guy had to go in a lot of people will have a whole rocky film, electrocuting them

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went on and on and on, work on now. I need to like come in here and then Allah azza wa jal invites the forgiveness people even worse than that fear on you said I their Lord Most High and who said I don't know of another god for you other than me, God and Monica. Sophia

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gonna tell me once he got up on Jeff and if you tell him, then he would have passed

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All right number seven whoever loses hope your laws repentance after this has been not alone

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no matter what you've done

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no matter how many steps you take away from allies but

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it just takes one step to turn around and head back follow you in a manner they are ultimately what are they able to lead up to that? I have an account of FICO Yeah, we're gonna load

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stuff up today and refer to that was the end meta level and teeny tiny bit overall bill day for fire, don't buy their tickets or be lulled to sleep, be shy.

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To eat before or not feel as good as a bow. So as long as you've called upon me, I'd hoped and me I forgive you, despite whatever you did, and I did not mind. Oh, son of Adam. If your standards have reached the clouds, then you sought forgiveness from me I was forgiving you and I would not mind oh son of Adam, if you came to me but sins nearly as great as the Earth. And then you meant me not associating anything else with me? Why would come to you with that much forgiveness.

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All it takes is repentance.

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Or submission to Allah as he said in a very nice verse word evil you know pecan was removed. Being an authority I am yet to

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return and repentance to one second before the punishment comes upon you. At that time, then you will not be held. We are at the finish line. Run along is almost over. Don't let the last days of Ramadan stuff away without having turned back to Allah subhanho wa Taala in humble repentance as Mojo is waiting for you

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