Tom Facchine – Dont Water Down THE DEEN

Tom Facchine
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Come on man you know what the Dean says don't water down the Dean you got to follow the hawk you got to unravel that bandage and you got to do it no apologies and he did it and he die.

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Next Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said min da Illa houden cannula home in an x ray Mithra or Jory Manitoba who made it and yen cosa mean oh god him Cheyenne woman, the Isla de la The Tin Can alley Himmel ism myth Lu Thermae men that tibia, Lilian close with Erica mean, me him shaitan Rolla who Muslim, the Prophet SAW Saddam said this hadith is a little bit scary. He said that whoever calls to guidance, call someone or invite someone to guidance he is going to share or she is going to share in the reward for the person who ends up obtaining that guidance and acting on it etc. without diminishing from that person's reward whatsoever. Neither diminishes from the other.

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But the opposite is true that whoever calls or invites someone to misguidance, and that person falls in the misguidance. And therefore they are sinful that the person who called them to it is going to share in the sin of that misguidance just as the person who did it without decreasing anything from that person's sin. And so we see here one of the core principles of this hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling us is that our actions have very, very serious consequences, that when you call somebody to something, or you encourage somebody to adopt a certain behavior, or to use certain words, or to, you know, anything at all, that you are actually now becoming a

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business partner of sorts with this individual, that if that person takes on that attitude, action, tone statement words, whatever it is, if it's good, then you're going to profit, you're like the investor, you've invested in this person, by your example, or by your advice, and they're gonna go out there and actually put it into practice, and they're going to, if they read good deeds, you're actually going to get reward for those good deeds as well. But if you are somebody who is calling to misguidance, again, through your words, your deeds, through your actions, through your intonation through whatever it could be, and somebody takes you up on it, and follows your example, and then

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goes out and achieves sin, right, or sins, thereby doing these things that you pointed them in that direction, then you're the investor in that act, and you're going to get the loss, just like that person is going to get the loss and there's not going to be any sort of decrease in either of you. Right? It's not that you share and split up the loss amongst yourselves like a normal business transaction. Now you each get the full amount of loss or the for full amount of gain, the prophesy. centum is teaching us to be very, very careful. We all know, the Hadith of the Prophet SAW, he suddenly said, you know, belly Annie, what am I right? He said, that, you know, to relate from me or

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to spread from me, even if it's just a single verse, but those verses have interpretation. And there's sort of an open question whether this particular hadith is talking about rewire I mean, hydro rewire right about sort of keeping like like Pete, people who are narrators, people who are who fall who don't understand what they're narrating but they're simply narrating because they're preserving write the text is that really the same as somebody getting up on Tik Tok or on Instagram that doesn't know what they're talking about? They haven't studied the dean. And they're taking these things to their conclusions. They're giving people advice and telling people you should be

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doing this, or you should be doing that. Or they're taking Finland and Ireland to task for this. They're criticizing or refuting or doing whatever, and they don't have the training and they don't have the skills and they're Arabic is wack and their Koran is fashion. Is this the same thing of just belly on the willow area? It's an open question. I believe that we should be concerned that it's not we should be concerned that this is actually more like the Hadith of the Prophet sly Saddam, where he was talking to two men, or there were a group of men that were traveling and the person had an injury, right? They had a laceration or something and they had a bandage over it. And

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he wanted to make TMM, right, he wanted to, instead of taking the bandage off to make although he wanted to kind of wipe over with dirt. Instead his companions thought they knew something. And they told him, man, come on, man. You know what the Dean says, don't water down the dean. You got to follow the hawk. You got to unwrap it, unravel that bandage. And you've got to do it. No apologies. And he did it and he died.

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From some sort of medical maybe there's an infection or whatever. And then those two men came back to the province. I said I'm in the process. Saddam had very harsh words for them. He said you killed them. You killed him. Why didn't you just say we don't know. Is your belly on the willow area? You're supposed to die? Well, you're supposed to you know, putting yourself forth which hadith is it more like? Is it more like just stating an idea for the sake of preservation and narration? Or are you like the guys who are giving fake advice, phony advice out of your lane to the prophesy Saddam, he wants us to take this seriously. That's why he said if you share in someone's guidance, you're

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going to be rewarded. Okay, if you're a basic Muslim, you haven't studied, you don't know

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Arabic You know, you don't know tweet, you don't know whatever, you can still benefit people. You can point them to guidance, you can relay them to people who are better than you more trained than you more knowledgeable than you. Or you could do the Dow on that basic stuff. Be nice to your parents be good to your siblings, right, your neighbors things that everybody knows, right ever, Bill Maher roof, encouraging the mount roof. It's known good, it's good that everybody knows it's not some sort of, you know, you need his t hat or you need a degree or you need trains to be able to do it. That's something everybody can do. Right? But don't drift from your lane. The things that you

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do have consequences. And so you have to be careful. If you are the result of the cause of somebody's misguidance then you're going to share in that if you're going to share in that sin, and that's something that the prophesy centum wants us to take very, very seriously.

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