How to Make Most of Fasting – Ramadan 2022

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The speaker advises the audience to start fasting early, or it's too late for that. They also explain that fasting is not just about eating and drinking coffee or caffeine, but rather experiencing a holistic meal and experiencing spiritual work. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fasting for achieving spiritual results.

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you can make the most of your fasting by starting early, or it's too late for that right now. But you know, if you have been fasting for a shop and you've been fasting Mondays and Thursdays, you've been fasting the days of the full moon, then you hit the ground running. in Ramallah,

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you're not taking that time to acclimate. Right, you're not gonna go through withdrawal of coffee or caffeine or whatever it is, you know, the first days of Ramadan, so you're gonna take a lot more out of Ramadan, than if you just started fasting.

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The first Ramadan. The other thing is to realize that the purpose of fasting is yes to feel hunger. A lot of people, they struggle with this, where they spend the whole month trying to avoid hunger.

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Right? They'll sleep all day. And they'll stuff themselves at night. And this is contrary to the things that you're supposed to feel you're supposed to feel hungry, right, the hunger we believe is going to do spiritual work on you. So don't run away from it.

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i It makes me think of like, childbirth, right? A woman, when she delivers a child, she has contractions, and contractions are extremely painful. And,

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you know, I've had the blessing to attend all the births for in our family. And there's kind of a decision that has to be made, you have to embrace the contraction. You can't run away from it, you run away from it, it actually delays the birth of the child. But you try to fight it, you try to avoid it. But if you bear down and you confront it, and you face it head on, then it's actually going to do the work that it has to do. The other thing is realizing that fasting is not just about food and water and intimacy, that it's about everything that you look at everything that you say, everything that you listen to. And so if you're experiencing fasting in that holistic way that

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you're going to get a lot more out of your fast