Tom Facchine – How To Improve Sincerity

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of protecting one's integrity and avoiding embarrassment. They suggest ways to improve one's sincerity, such as making donations anonymous, taking responsibility for one's name off of a list of accolades, and act as a student. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of hiding one's true values and avoiding embarrassment.
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If you want to improve your sincerity, then you have to do two things. You have to do things when no one is looking, and you don't stand to benefit from it at all.

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Right? Make your donations anonymous.

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Take your name off of whatever list of accolades that you get,

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you know,

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the worship that you do,

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some of that has to be a secret, or you have a suck the Annie, one of the early scholars, he used to read Quran at night in the middle of the night. And you know, back then they don't have electricity. They have candles, right. So he's got the candle going, and he's reading the Koran. And then when it came close to Federer, what would he do? Blow out the candle, throw his blanket over and act like he was sleeping. So that his family would come home, wake him up for fetcher.

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And then he'd

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get up for VEGF,

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right? That's sincerity. Nobody's watching, nobody knows. That's number one. Number two are things that actually

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are hard on EFS.

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If you're an it depends on your on your your situation. Like if you are a doctor, let's say you're hotshot doctor, you make you know, six figures, you got like huge house,

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take time to be with the poor people. Take time to be with the homeless people, not just like, let me give you this thing. And I can take a picture and put it on Facebook. But we're like, sit with them in a way where you're not getting any praise, you're not getting any accolades. Humble yourself, right. And everybody's going to have these sorts of different things. If you're an Imam, or you're a scholar or whatever, put yourself as a student with somebody else. Right? Ask questions of other people. What do you think about this? What's your opinion on this? Where should I go for this? What should I read next? Right, everybody's gonna have a different sort of thing. Those are

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the things that help your sincerity because the neffs we love to think highly of ourselves, and in so many different ways, and so many different ways. So yeah, those are those are, I think, are the two biggest things, hide some of your worship, make it a secret, and then do things that humble the neffs service.

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