The Blessing Of Being A Born Muslim

Mohammad Elshinawy


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cycle center on Saudi Arabia with some visionary enveloppe on raising Glory be to raise finance peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad Salah Mario said his family's companions and all those insurances

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you know, in the replay right about a lot, he speaks about just, you know, the

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nature of human perspective.

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And he says that, if you really want to understand something as it is,

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you can't be too far from it. Nor too close to it, it is only the people that were inside, let's say, for example, a certain lifestyle, right, and then stepped away from it

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that are truly able to size it up. You know, like someone who was praying and then made a love for me, they interrupted their commitment to pray for someone and love for me who was in the party life and then guided them away from that. These are the people

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that truly have the right perspective.

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And he cites to that effect that this is why I'm going on the football but the Lavon used to say, don't call the Lebron slamming or whatever. Either wooly, definitely slamming mulitple generally, that Islam will slowly unravel, you know, one bit at a time, once there is born into Islam, those who do not know the age of, you know, the pre Islamic culture of ignorance or ignorant culture. And he says, right, we all love and play him. And that is why some of the children of the Sahaba, as great as they were, they never reached the level of their parents because they were born into Islam. It is a blessing from one angle, but also you should look for the potential downside of such a

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reality to compensate for it. So without taking this too far.

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I went through a similar experience once when someone that I was speaking to or just connected with, he was already ready, he was right to become Muslim. So I met him he just said the Shahada. I just mentioned the story to the youth in the other room. And he was a little bit nervous about like how Muslims would treat him if he comes to the masjid and makes a mistake in prayer. And so I had to sort of like, pull a fast one on him to trick trick him into coming into the Masjid. I caught them off guard and it was ha ha ha time. So I created Asia until no feel, you know, where you can just sit in the back and watch you know, as your comfort, one step at a time. So after the

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the Salah, I told him, how was it? How was your experience is unbelievable. First time in my life to feel what worship actually means. My view is that he was always spiritual. He was like a Christian of sorts before Islam. And so I said, like, what do you I don't get I don't understand. I really didn't know until he was talking about. He said, I know what prayer is prayer is when you put your hands together. And I knew that stuff. Like whenever I need something I pass my exam with a medical student, or was it the time, you know, I just come home for I go to sleep, I get on my knees and elbows in the bed, put my hands towards the sky. I just say God, listen, I'm stuck. And you're

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always there for me. Can I get this better? The third, he said, but I always felt that there was something wrong with this. I felt like it was selfish. Like I do it on my clock. And then I forget God until the next time I have a pressing need. He said and even if it were, you know, aside from the selfishness issue, I also felt in like unsure, like, is this the right way to do it? Or should I spread my finger? I wouldn't know how to do it. He said but this is exactly how he said it. He said what you guys you Muslims, you'll know exactly the procedure that pleases your gun.

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He said procedure

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is a medical students like you know, surgical.

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A laugh, you know, yeah. And so I said to him, I swear to you, I've never looked at my prayer like that before. I first time think about it like that, that we are actually so privileged. You know, I think of now even though I don't want to extend this out that you know, what could not be less than was any random Elisa segment if you look at another holy Aveda COVID and value and who is like your son if you were left alone, meaning at your leisure between your water you go back we'll do whatever you like at your shop and you just enter mandala whether we actually know how to enter one Allah Our Prophet SAW Selim taught us that he showed it to us had he not would never have known it. And so

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sometimes you step back you know they say you know, like make sure you renew your marriage every once in a while because human nature. You take things for granted.

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Did things do get rusty likewise renew your perspective on solid revisit those ahaadeeth that were able to suddenly renew your perspective on solid change they do add that you save so that with this you know renewed perspective you can have a renewed experience. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us and you stand before him and it was properly making the very best day that we stand before me. Did we meet him some kind of all of that? Some of us and a lot of kind of, you know, it was gonna be a dream