Hadith Series – #60 – Am I Wasteful

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The speaker discusses the importance of using one's money for one's own personal purposes, rather than wasting it. They stress the need to focus on one's own belongings and use them for one's own purposes, rather than wasting it. The speaker also mentions the use of clothing for personal purposes, rather than wasting it.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well carry hella calm, a lot of turmoil and wasting money or wasting wealth is not good. We don't like it. It's not something that we support in Islam. So the things that you own, your possessions, your income, all these sorts of things, you don't have a blank check to just do with it, whatever you want. You can't waste it, you have to put it to use because if you have something and it's just sitting up on the shelf, and it's not benefited, right, think about your closet, think about your wardrobe. Think about all the clothes that are hanging up in your in your closet right now, how many of them do you actually wear? Right?

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Maybe there's outfits or pieces of clothing you have that you haven't touched in years? What good? Are they doing anybody, they're not doing you any good. And there's people out there who could really use that. So this is an example of where you have too much, you're in excess of what you really need. And now it's a waste, right? And this is how the companions of the Prophet Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam work, you know, Abu Bakar had no more than one or two pairs of clothes. Now maybe our standards have shifted where we have more than that, but it should be used, the things that you have should be things that you use, and if you don't have or you think you have things that

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you're not using, then you shouldn't be letting them just sit idle and you shouldn't waste things you should give it to somebody else or find another way to have it be useful.