Yasir Qadhi – Concept and passing of Time in Islam – Will you regret

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The upcoming year is a focus on achieving a new generation, with a focus on the importance of the sun and the need for a new generation. The sun is the one who has knowledge, and the sun is the one who has knowledge. The sun is the one who has knowledge, and the sun is the one who has knowledge. The sun is the one who has knowledge, and achieving a better state for everyone is a goal. The upcoming year is a focus on achieving a better state for everyone, with a focus on achieving a better state for everyone.
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This week of ours is the very last week of this year of 1435 Hijra. And it is most likely that today will be the last Joomla of this year perhaps next Joomla might be the 30th or most likely we will be the last Juma of this particular year. And we will then be facing a new Hijri year the year 1436. So we stand today bidding farewell to one year, even as we welcome the new upcoming year. We stand today looking back at the previous year. And it is a part of our religion, to assess what has passed and to think about what will come to pass. Our religion tells us to have Maha Sabha and Maha Sabha means you think about what you have done, and our religion tells us to have tilted or planning for

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the future. So as we stand here today, each and every one of us should look back at the last year and what we have accomplished in that year. What has happened in the OMA, nationally and internationally. What has changed in our own lives, what is different in our own communities an entire year, hundreds of days, 1000s of hours, how many memories have we formed that will last with us for the rest of our lifetimes. And how many deeds have we are crude that we will see the results and the fruits of in the next life. One year ago in this very Masjid. There were people sitting that are not sitting here today anymore. In this very Masjid. We have had deaths in our own community.

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One year ago, every one of us had some family or some friends that are no longer here with us today. It is the Sunnah of Allah that no year goes by. Except that we lose some people. It is the Sunnah of Allah, whether they're close family or distant relatives, whether they're acquaintances or friends, no year goes by, except that somebody has gone from our own circle. So as we look back, we remember those that have gone and we realize one day we too will be following that path. And as we sit here today, we think about the year that is about to come upon us, the new year, what is expected, what has been decreed what is in our other, what misfortunes might befall us, we ask Allah as protection,

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What evil has been destined, we ask Allah to protect us from that we do not know, and what good has been written and we ask Allah to increase in that good, what calamities what blessings, and most importantly, as we come to this new year, will we even see the end of this year? And if we do, how many more years has been written for us? All of these are questions that we should be thinking about, not just every day but especially as we begin as we end one year and begin a new and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has told us in the Quran, the miracle that is known as time that that issue of time, the days go into the weeks and the week turn into the months and the months turn into the

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years and the years turned into a lifetime. And then that is it. Our time on this earth is done. Allah tells us in the Quran, what tilaka Yamo nuda we do have a nurse, these are the days we have distributed them to the people. Each one has a distribution each one has a set decree and Allah azza wa jal has plan is that days come and go and people will live in those days for a certain period of time. And then that's it. It is time for a new generation a new people and this is of Allah Subhan Allah subhana wa Tada think about the reality of time your colorable law who later will know how Allah is the one who keeps on substituting the night for the date time goes on every day leads to

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another night every night leads to a new day you're a liberal Allahu Laila wonder how Allah is the one he keeps on bringing the night into the day and the day into the night and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada tells us to think about the reality of the weeks and the months and the years, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, we're here to learn a miracle for them a sign for them to think about what are your two Lahoma Laolu NASA home in Hoonah Hara for either who knows

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The morning think about the night how it is formed. Allah says We strip the day away until they are left in darkness while I do Lahoma Leila nurse la Holman who now the day is literally stripped away. If you look at the sun setting, you will find one layer of the Sun then another layer, then another layer until finally find out who moved the moon, they will find themselves in darkness was shum suttas JD Muscarella and the sun has been destined to go in its orbit Vatika taka doodle Aziza Adeem this mighty powerful globe of helium that is giving us our life by the permission of Allah subhana wa Tada more than 80 million miles away this globe of helium that is giving us this life. Allah says

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who has controlled it so that it is going in a set orbit it is going in such a precise orbit, we can time it down to the millisecond rather I have said this before I'll say it again. We don't time the sun. The sun is so precise. Our time units are derived from the sun. Our time units are actually derived from the motion of the Sun. That is how precise it is. And Allah says who has that hour that he could talk with utilizes it I mean, this is the Father This is the decree of the one who is Isaac is the one who is full of majesty and power, the one who has knowledge so Allah says the sun is going in his orbit and that is the year and then the next verse while Kumar Cadorna him and nozzle

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and the moon as well. We are the one that have approached a portion for it every single night. The man as in the Arabs would divide the moon into 28 or 29 miners in Manziel each man zeal is one of the one of the if you like lunar calendar every night has a Manziel and Allah azza wa jal says well, camara Cadorna, Humann acid and the moon we are the ones who have appointed all of these monazite day by day, the day is going to the months the months go into the years and all of this Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us is a reality of your own life. Hence the color of the journal at the end until the moon will come back, like a dried up palm have a date, bait date stock. So what happens is

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the date Allah Allah subhanaw taala gives an example that all of the Arabs would understand at the time that the date stock the stock upon which the dates grow, it becomes ripe and luscious and green, it becomes strong. When you pluck the grapes from it there is left to stock or a stem. After you pluck it, that stem becomes slowly and surely withered and yellow and old and it becomes curled up until it becomes more fragile than the wind itself the wind will come and take it away. Once this talk was a hard leaf you couldn't break it if you try to and now it is so old that the wind will destroy it. And Allah gives the example of our lives as well in this manner that we grow up young

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and strong we become bright and luscious and green we become vibrant and full of energy and then slowly but surely that energy is sapped away until finally a time will come when we no longer are here just like the date palm as well will one day leave itself and Allah says the shrimp so yum Bella Han to critical karma. What a lay you said on the house what coolant prefer like in your spare one, neither will the sun catch up with the moon or a night will neither will the day catch up with the night each and every one of these celestial objects has their own orbit that they are going in. You know we take it for granted the night and the day the sun and the moon the weeks and the months

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and the years but the fact of the matter is Allah says don't take it for granted. Look at it. Allah says all our item in jail Allahu La como Laila Sarmad and Isla yo mille Piano Man Isla Hoon viral lucha de koombana How's that if Allah asks us imagine, imagine if you were shoved into complete darkness of the night for eternity, what other God would give you the light that you are walking around him? And imagine if Allah azza wa jal gave you perpetual light what other God besides Allah will give you a night that you can find rest and comfort in one meal Mati he died Hola, como Laila one out of His mercy He has given you both the night and the day and this is the passing of the days

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and the nights and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada tells us that even the number of days of the week and the number of months of the year is things that Allah has set for mankind. There is verses in the Quran and Hadith they talk about this. For example, Allah says, in the shooting in the Lord, if natural sharpen the number of months in the eyes of Allah is 12. This is a verse in the Quran. How many of us even know the Quran tells us there are 12 months in the calendar and that is why Subhanallah It is human nature that throughout the globe, all of these calendars that exist why are they 12 months in the year? This was the decree of Allah when did he decree it? Yo Muhammad aka Sama, Swati will

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orb the day he created the heavens and the earth he decreed there shall be 12 months and so societies might have disagreed with the lunar calendar and most other calendars are not lunar

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But they could not change what Allah had decreed that there will be 12 months of the year. So the Western or the Gregorian calendar is based on the sun as we know. But still, the number of months is 12. And our calendar is based on the moon, and the number of months is 12. And of course, four of those months are the sacred or holy months, and we are in a holy month and we're going to come into the holy month, both hedger and Muharram, are both holy months. And in these holy months, warfare is prohibited, and extra good deeds are encouraged. But the point of this code, of course, is to remind ourselves of the passing of time how quickly time goes by, and before we know it, subhanAllah

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brothers and sisters, no matter how old we are, no matter how old we are, whether we're 10, whether we're 50, whether we're at when you look back, you wonder, Where did all of that time go? How quickly did time go by whether you are now a grandfather yesterday, you remember, you had just become a father, if you're not yet married yesterday, you remember you remember, you're in high school, no matter what your age, time is one of those amazing things that you just look back. And literally as the expression goes in English, the twinkling of an eye, this is exactly the way we all feel about time, because time just goes and next thing you know it from 10, to 20, from 20 to 3030,

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or 4040, or 50. Next thing you know, you might not be on this earth. This is the reality of what Allah azza wa jal has created. And therefore, as we begin a new year and end one year, it is a time once again for us to renew the concept of the importance of time of taking advantage of time. And of course, as we do this, we realize and understand that there's nothing particularly Islamically significant about the change of the year. In fact, as we know, historically, and it's good for us to remind ourselves, it was not the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who instituted the calendar. Rather, in those days, the calendar was based upon a significant event. The year there was an

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eclipse the year that so and so died, they would just name the year. And so the year the process and was born is the year of the elephant. That's how they would do things. But then as the caliphate expanded, it became a global enterprise. The Sahaba realized we need something more specific and academic and scientific. So I'm with a blue hilltop called the gathering of the sahaba. And this was in the 16th year of the Hijra 16th year of the hijra, he called the gathering of the sahaba. And he said, We need a calendar, what year should we begin? At what incident Shall we mark the beginning of the calendar? So some of the Sahaba said with the birth of the Prophet some others said that no with

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the death of the Prophet system, others said that no, let us mark the calendar with the conquest of Makkah even was an opinion that some of them said and finally they settled upon an Omar and Ali and Earth man, they all agreed that we should start the calendar with the Hijra. So in the whole year, in the whole life of the prophet says that I'm the one incident that they consider to be the real game changer. That's what flipped everything around was the Hijra. And so they said that should mark the beginning of the year. That was when Islam began, its actual political glory. So they all agreed to mark the beginning of the year, the first year should be the year of the hijra, then the

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discussion began, what should be the first month because when you don't have a calendar, you don't have a first month there is no January when there is no first year so what is the first month they began discussion, some said Ramadan because it is the holiest month others said this. Others said that until finally Earthman had been a fan suggested let it to be more haram. Why? Because

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Hajj takes place in the hijab, and after Hajj, we start a new we start afresh. It's a new beginning, you're born again, literally as the process and I would say that the one who performs hygiene he doesn't commit to sin, he will come back like the day his mother gave birth to him. So it is literally a new beginning. Now back then the Sahaba most of them would perform Hajj every year not like us, we performed once a lifetime before if even that, if Allah azza wa jal blesses, but the Sahaba would typically perform Hajj every single year. So for them, they decided well haram should be the beginning of the new year, because that is the beginning of the cleansing of the sins, you

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start afresh you start a new And so indeed it was decided to make more hardware than the beginning of the year. So the reality is that yes, let us be fair, that the number 1435 1436 in and of itself, there is not something that is Islamically significant, but what is significant is the time goes on and the days turned to nights and the nights turn into days. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has given each and every one of us enough time for us to live righteous lives. Allah says in the Quran, our lamb no I'm Milcom Maya to the coffee human to the Quran. Haven't we given you enough time given you enough life I want I'm not a miracle. We've given you enough life and time and that time Allah says

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it is sufficient for somebody who wants to be guided and righteous to be guided and righteous. Oh, well, I'm not a miracle man.

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Add to that graffiti man to the curb, the one who wants to be aware and wants to be good, he has the time to be good. And this is the whole point here that Allah azza wa jal has given all of us enough time to think about truth and to act upon that truth. And our prophets, Allah, Allahu Allah, he was selling them as well, therefore encouraged us to think daily about what we are doing to benefit our time. Every single day is a gift from Allah, every week, every month, every year, so every day and week and month and year, we should be having our goals, what do I want to do? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he doesn't say Muslim, that every Muslim wakes up. Everybody wakes up in the

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morning, and he goes out to work. He's giving an example of a businessman that every one of us is as if he has a business that everybody has to take care of that business, and they go out to work for themselves. So some of the people end up freeing themselves as if they're in labor in slave, they'll end up freeing themselves and others will end up destroying themselves. You are the business, your profit and loss is what is at stake here, not something else, and the process. And I'm said What is your commodity that you have time, you have time on your side, and everybody has the same amount of time per unit date, every day, we have the same amount of time, the rich and the poor, the weak and

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the strong men and women, Muslim and non Muslim. The one thing we all share exactly the same per unit is time. Every day when I wake up. Every body that is awake at this day has the same potential to do something 24 hours for every day that we have. And this is what I process and I'm saying that every morning they wake up everybody wakes up Kulu NASA y'all do. Everybody wakes up walking out wanting to do some ammo to do some good. And so how did they end up freeing themselves as if they were a slave? You know that they have to free themselves or they ended up destroying themselves. So we are the business and the commodity we have on our side is time and this is exactly the analogy

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that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, so the wise person, my dear brothers and sisters thinks about what are his goals for the short term for the immediate term? And yes, even for the long term, as Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, well, Tombow nostril market definitely let every person think what he has done for tomorrow for tomorrow. Now the idea of course means tomorrow the akhirah. But even tomorrow in this world, what have we prepared for tomorrow? What is our vision? What is our goal? What do I seek to accomplish with the time that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given me and the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu. And the tab your own would be the greatest examples for us in

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how much they cared about time. Even Mr. Ruth Radi Allahu taala. And who said the greatest regret that I have is that a day passes and my end date becomes closer, and yet my deeds do not increase. My greatest regret. He says a day passes and my time diminishes, but my good deeds do not increase. So what does this show us? It shows us Ibn Massoud, Radi Allahu Allah, Allah and every single day he's thinking What have I done today? This is what he's thinking. Every single day he is making Maha Sabha he is thinking to himself, What have I done, and then he tells his students, the biggest regret I have is to look at my day and realize I wasted it in nothing that will actually benefit me

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in the actual tomorrow of the era. He said this is his greatest regret. And indeed our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself said in a hadith reporting and they have to shoot I will imagine that the process of himself said that the people of Jannah will not regret anything, there are no regrets in gender and gender there is no you're there, you're there may Allah make us of its inhabitants, the people of Jannah will not regret anything except Except what is that regret, they will have an hour that passed by in this world in which they did not remember Allah subhana wa Tada. That will be their regret. Why? Because that's it when you are dead, you are dead, your good

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deeds come to an end. And whatever there are places in Jannah, they will go back and they have an eternity to think about they will go back and the Quran tells us that in Jannah, we will have a perfect memory, we will know each and everything that we did, we will remember every incident will remember meeting and greeting and and going to parties and doing all that we are doing will remember all of this. And so what will their regret to be, they will regret every hour that they didn't do something productive that they could actually benefit from in the next life And subhanAllah even if it's just dhikr even if it's just Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Akbar,

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even if it's just sending salata upon the process of something that you do in that hour that you can in the accurate be able to reap the reward of that and no doubt the more that we do, the higher our place will be Brothers and Sisters in Islam. On the Day of Judgment, we have been

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and told the exam that we will be asked, the questions have been given to us. And there are five questions. We all know these questions. And two of those questions deal with time. Two of those questions deal with time, the first of them the most important part of time, and that is your youth that are one of the questions Allah will ask you and Shiva be here on your youth when you were the most energetic. You had the most zeal, the most enthusiasm you could do amazing things. What did you spend your youth doing? So those of us who are fortunate to spend our youth doing something good and hamdulillah but if not, not all, hope is lost? Because another question also deals with time. Why

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and oh my god, he female if now on his life, what did he do with the life that Allah Subhana Allah gave him so the youth is especially important, and by youth, the The Scholars say up until 30, is considered to be the youthfulness amongst the Arabs. So if you're still below 30 More young brothers and sisters that take advantage of this hadith and realize that spending those quality years doing something extra special, memorizing the Quran, doing some extra Ibadah that is really the best time because when you establish the habit and those years, you will never break the habit later on. But for those of us who have passed beyond that age, it is not too late Alhamdulillah Allah has given us

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time we are all here today, we are all alive and benefiting from the reception of the Quran from vicar from dua, so make sure we spend the rest of our lives doing that which will benefit us of course, the other questions for those who might not be aware of the hadith is that two of them also deal with money. How did you earn your money? And then what did you spend it on? So out of the five to deal with time to deal with money? Is your money halal? And then did you spend it on halal? And then the fifth question is your knowledge how much knowledge did you gain of this religion? And then how much did you act upon that knowledge? These are the five questions that will be asked and I

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conclude the first part of the hook but my dear brothers and sisters, that each and every person who takes advantage of this time in this world will be happy and joyous in the era and they will be greeting others. Allah says in the Quran whoo hoo Yama now their their faces will be shining bright and they will be telling people come read my results. How are more Clopay Tabea in Nirvana into a nebula in her sabya I knew that I will be meeting Allah and meeting my ASAP but for the one who does not take advantage of his or her time and spends time in frivolous in vain matters when the day is going to weeks and weeks go into months and nothing significant is accomplished. As for this person

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on the day of judgment, He will be begging Allah for a second opportunity for a second chance to be given not money not wealth, not children time he will be begging for time. Oh Allah give me more time send me back and give me a few more years so that I can show you all our build your own Lolly mo Salah and FEMA Tara, he will beg Allah send me back to time send me back in time. And let me do it one more time so that you will see what I have done. And these same people will be begging ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and challenging Allah. Oh Allah, you didn't give us enough time. You didn't give us enough time to do good because they will not believe that they have lived 510 5070 years in this

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world. And they have nothing to show for it in the era, all of their money and their wealth and their fame and their pedigrees. All of this has come to not because they didn't do it for the era. So when they come and they see nothing to show for a lifetime that they have lived. They will then challenge ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and they will say Oh Allah, you didn't give us enough time when Allah says how much time did you have all the come? libitum for all the other that's in in how many years did I give you that you show me nothing. So they will then challenge Allah and they will say to Allah, Allah Allah with no Yeoman. Oh, Bala Yeoman first. Deen in their arrogance and their

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madness. They will go crazy on that day, they will even challenge Allah. Oh Allah. You didn't give us number of years. You gave us one day? No, you only gave us half of a day. And if you don't believe me, they're asking Allah go ask the angels who are counting. So they're so diluted, they're so delirious now that they cannot believe they have spent an entire lifetime and they are doing nothing in this lifetime to show for it. And they're coming on the day of judgment and they challenge Allah. Oh Allah give us one more chance because you didn't give us time. And Allah azza wa jal will say, Allah Elizabeth's in love kalila it is true, you were given a little time but that was

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enough for you lo Quinto to Adam what if you only had knowledge and understanding may Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless us with the message of the Quran BarakAllahu were looking for one and all the wonderful anyway y'all be Murphy Himalaya to addicted Hakeem? Acoma test Marone was stopped for a la la Maria welcome. What is that and Muslim algorithm infrastructure guru in Navajo food or him?

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Halawa headed ahead. Osama bin Laden, Amelia, whatever you want me Akula who phoned ahead, what do as we remember the year that has gone and the year that will happen? Let us also quickly remind ourselves of the significance of why the Sahaba chose that particular incident which is the Hijra. Why the Hijra? Why not the conquest of Makkah? Why not the birth of the process, and why not something else? Why the Hijra? The hijra, really and truly represents the dramatic change that can instantaneously transform the worst to the best time, one incident one second, can literally transform the worst time to the best time, look at pre Hijra and compare it to

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post hijra, pre hit Euro, our Prophet sallallahu, either he was selling was being persecuted physically, that after the death of Abu Talib, and Khadija and that was the worst, the most traumatic year of his life. He lost his wife, he lost a butadiene and on top of that, the pagans began persecuting him because Abu Talib is now dead. As we mentioned, our sera classes that the Quran never dare to physically touch the process of them when people thought it was alive. But as soon as people thought it died that protection, the physical protection of this world was gone. That was when they began publicly rebuking him. That was when they threw the camel the dead camel on him.

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That was when they attempted to assassinate him multiple times. All of this occurred right before the hijra, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tried to find solace and comfort and thought if we know what happened and thought if he with great difficulty was even allowed to come back into the city of Mecca. And so from this situation, what happened? Allah Subhana Allah Allah told him to go to a city, he didn't know the people of that city. He had not visited the city as an adult. He didn't know the reality of that city. And yet he put his trust in Allah and he emigrated to the city of Medina and Subhanallah baina. She is in Malta, her between the morning and the evening, literally

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what happened, going from someone who was persecuted someone who's almost assassinated instantaneously, he becomes the leader of the Republic, he becomes the source of authority. He was the one who emigrated fearing for his life and putting his trust in Allah And subhanAllah that place of Medina became place where other people fled to protect themselves for their lives. The Hijra was to Medina that was the bastion of Islam, the Republic, the source of honor, and there is glory, the capital of the new Islamic Republic, from which Islam would spread all the way to the east and the west. Indeed, if anything, the Hijra for us represents the power of Allah subhanho wa taala, the

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source of optimism, never lose hope. And as the saying goes, that the sunrise is at the after the darkest time of the night, that that's when the sunrise of the dawn breaks after the darkest time of the night. And this is what we also learned from the theater of the process, and that it appeared to be the worst situation and scenario and that was when the sun rose in Medina. That was when the New Dawn began. And so indeed, my dear brothers and sisters, the situation of the OMA is dire, the situation of the Ummah is very depressing, but it is a part of our religion, to be optimistic, and to have the best thoughts in Allah subhanho wa Taala and to always put our trust in Allah, even if

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we do not know from where or how help will come in Nasrallah, Hikari indeed, the help of ALLAH is close. Let us remember the Eman that our prophets Assam displayed in Lauderhill and in Hadith ODE when he was in the cave of thoght, literally without weapons without army without support, they didn't even have weapons to defend themselves. It is just him and Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah and Huma Anhu. And around them are the Quraysh zoning in and they're so close and even Abu Bakr begins to tremble and he's terrified. And he says, Yeah, rasool Allah, all they need to do is to look down and there we are, and that's it. And then what did the process and M say? Do you think our

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processing was scared? Do you think he was terrified? This is what Eman does he calmed? aboubaker down. Yeah. Abubaker Marvin, Luca Bethanien. Allah with our youth OMA, what do you think is the status of two people, Allah is the third of those two people, Allah is with us in the Lahoma Anna, Allah is with us. And if we are sincere to Allah, then Allah subhana wa Taala will indeed fulfill his promise. So as we begin our new year, let us be optimistic about our future, the future for ourselves, the future for our families, the future for our children, the future for our communities, the future for our masjid, the future for our land and country and most importantly, the future for

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our ummah. As we look at the new year, let us make it a goal of ours to make it much better than the previous year. And the year after that if Allah blesses us to make it even better than the year before, and we make a dua to Allah, that oh Allah make our best year our last year and the best days our last

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stays and the best hours are last hours. We always want to be better and better and better. And we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us a long life full of righteous deeds, and we seek refuge in Allah from a long life full of bad deeds for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and with this hadith I conclude that the best people are those who have long lives full of righteous deeds, and the worst people are those who have long lives full of evil and unrighteous deeds. We want to have long lives full of Eman and Taqwa and the only way to do that is to take it one day at a time, every single day we wake up and we try to free ourselves from the punishment of Allah and

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enter into Allah's mercy. And if we do this every single day, then in sha Allah, Allah Allah the day that we be our last day and all of us will have a last day that day will be a successful day because we would have ended up freeing ourselves and entering into Allah's Jana Baraka lyric BarakAllahu Li Mo domine aminu Allahu Allah didn't know if you had to meet them and in love of artha wala Hammond Illa for Raja wala Deignan Illa Kobita whether Maria on Illa Shia feta, whether I see Ron Illya Sarita Allah humble fildena, wallet one and Olivia Saba Kouwenhoven eemaan What are a few Cubanelles Linda Linda Dena Amanu Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Houma is Islam Ole Miss steamin Allahumma is

00:31:24 --> 00:32:07

number one Muslim in Allah who is an Islam our Muslim in Allah mama aracena Islaam almost demeanor is so infectious really hope enough say watch out Ted Mira who theta BT yeah call you yeah as he is rebelled Allah in Allah Tada Amara Combi Amerind better behavior NFC within NaVi Medaka de como se was a become a you help me know when I'm in Germany hey we're insane for all the US Supreme Court Nima in hola hola Mila echo saloon Allah Nabi yeah you heard it in Amman also Lu la he was sending them with this NEMA Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Abdullah Kurosu the Como Hamedan while earlier he was so heavy ah Marian rebelled the law in Allah to Allah yeah moto when they will. So

00:32:07 --> 00:32:19

anyway title quarterback 100 fracture it will Moon curry well belly your endo Kamala come to the karoun with Kuru law Haleema Dakota come watch guru who yesterday. What are the Corolla? heeta Allah Akbar. Welcome is Salah.

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