Hadith Series – #46 – Focus On Yourself

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The speaker discusses the importance of focusing on oneself and not being nosy in businesses. They emphasize the need to be mindful of one's own actions and not to become Don sandwichers. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of developing one's own relationships and being mindful of one's own business activities.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mean Hosni Islam and money tariku Humala Yeah, and he, that part of perfecting someone's faith is not getting into things that do not concern him or her minding your own business, focusing on yourself. A lot of bad things come from being a little too nosy about other people's situations. A lot reminds us in the Koran and sorts of thoughts in the battle. One isn't some assumption is sin. So we need to be really careful, we shouldn't always be asking all the follow ups, right. And I tell a story of my time in Medina, when another student saw that I had recently hamdulillah was able to purchase a car. So that was a game changer.

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I was able to go to different lessons at the Prophet smash Ji that different times and things like that I could bring other students with me.

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And so somebody stopped me outside of one of the small message sheets one day and they said, Is that your car? Yeah. So you go in here, forget where they asked me. And I said, Nope, this, there you go on this other place said nope.

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And then they kind of got the hint. And they said, I should probably stop asking questions, right? I said, Yep. Because it's none of your business. In another Hadith, we talked about how Allah will conceal a person's faults. If that person conceals other people's faults, right? We shouldn't be going into other people's business like that, unless we're invited to or unless there's a very, very, very specific pressing need. There might be situations that occur where you need to investigate the clarify, write something, but don't be Don Quixote. Don't turn it into your crusade or into your special task. You're not the private investigator of the Ummah, you don't have to stick

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your nose into everybody else's business. Focus on yourself. Focus on developing yourself your own relationship with her Creator, your family, your spouse, your kids, your parents, your relatives, your neighbors, right. I promise you if you put half the energy into your neighbors that you put into being nosy into other people's business, that Allah would be very, very happy with that.