Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #133 – One of My Favorite Stories

Tom Facchine
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Some of my favorite stories from the companions are the ones where I feel like I can really relate to their humanity and see sort of the things that they struggled with. And one of these is the story of biblical writer, when he is basically serving many of the poor companions and the prophets, misdeed, milk. And the setup for the story is, you know, he was part of a sofa, these people that kind of lived in the masjid, and they were very poor, and they didn't have anything. And they were kind of dependent on whatever came their way they didn't know, you know, where their next meal was coming from. And so there was a particular day where they were, yeah, they were extremely hungry,

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and they hadn't eaten for a long time. And he leaves the machine and it comes to the profit of that he set out to sit down. And they're given somehow or other, they're given a bowl of milk. And the profit is that at some gives the bowl of milk that will Herrera and I will write Of course, he's hungry, you know, and he wants to drink it for himself. But the prophesy Selim says, Go and serve this to the rest of your brethren in the message. Okay, now, I will hold it imagine, you know, what he's feeling here. He's so hungry, himself has got feel like he's got, you know, pit in his stomach. And he's looking at this bowl, and he has to carry it to the machine. And there's not any possible

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way that it's going to be enough for everybody. Right? So he's got to be thinking when he's carrying it, he's like, nobody would know. Right? They would, of course, but it would have been tempting to be like, well, if I drank it now, and then you know, whatever, then maybe somebody else doesn't get as much or we run out or okay, but at least I would have gotten my fill, but he struggles against himself, he struggles against himself, and he gets to the masjid. And he kind of, you know, painfully is giving it to every single person. And there's a bunch of guys there, you know, full grown men, and they're drinking from it one at a time. And as I will write as looking down into the

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bowl, he sees that it's not going down, right, nothing's decreasing from the bowl, the amount of milk in the bowl. And so he's kind of watching it and gives it to the next person and the next person, the next person. And it's as if no one had had drunk anything from it, right? It's still full. And so by the time he gets to the end, you know, he's amazed and the privacy setting comes up from behind. So he joins them in the mesquite nonprofit, it sets up some laughs He laughs because he sees like, he sees Abu Hurayrah, you know, being surprised that this, and then so he says that will Hurayrah he's a drink, you know, I will hold it was so afraid that he wasn't going to get anything,

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you know, and then but he was patient, and he fought against themselves, and there are still enough left for him. And so he drank. And then again, the bowl, it's as if no one drank anything from it, it's still full, but he stopped in the province. I said, I'm sad, no, no drink again. And so he drinks more, and then happens again, they drink again until he can't fit anything else. He's completely stuffed, and the bowl is still untouched, as if no one had ever taken anything from it. And so it amazes me that story, because that psychology and that mentality or that fear that we have is so fundamentally human. It's so human nature, the scarcity mindset that there's not going to be

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enough to go around, right? That's why Allah says and sort of the buckler shaytani either Kamala fakra Welcome will fascia is that the devil is the one that threatens you with poverty. The devil is the one that wants to make you think that there's not enough to go around? Right? And so I will hold Ira had to be struggling with the shaytaan you know, thinking that oh my god, there's no possible way I'm gonna get mine. Right. And look at the morality. We talk a lot of time about ethics and how you know, beliefs are essential to having ethics, somebody who doesn't believe in a law on the last day, are they going to give everybody else the milk first? Or are they going to take it and run and

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take their share and not worry about anybody else? He's hungry, but I will hold a perseveres he persevered and he breaks through and he finds that it's not scarcity. Scarcity isn't how the world is set up. It's actually set up with bounty and there is such a thing that's called blessing, blessing is real. And blessing is in it's the providence of Allah azza wa jal that Allah can bless whatever he wants, and whatever you have, whether it's $1, or $100, or $1,000, of Allah subhanaw taala wants to he can make it stretch, he can make it last and last and last. Or if he wants to, he can make it not worth anything and he can make it leave you in the like, with absolutely no Baraka

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at all. That's why Allah says in the end of Surah Baqarah, he says that he compares what Abba to charity and are the opposites he says that Allah basically deprives the blessing out of riba that he takes he sucks all the blessing out of it so that it's the opposite scenario. That's scarcity. When you're involved in Riba and you have this mentality and you're doing these things, that's then you find scarcity because Allah subhanaw taala takes away all the blessing from it, but if you give charity than Allah heaps the blessing, and heaps it up and heaps it up, so that everything that you do, you know, mean hightlight acid, right, you're getting things from places you couldn't even

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anticipate and the law with the little bit that you have a loss bound to all that makes it stretch further than you can imagine.

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