Hadith Series – #47 – He Said, She Said

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The speaker discusses how g comeback is a waste of time and effort, as it is not beneficial for Muslims to engage in such activities. The speaker suggests that Islam should stick to something that has benefit and doesn't get involved in such activities.

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what carry hola como de la appalled that it's disliked. It's not beneficial. This thing called either la Paul, which is like he said she said, right, all the sort of gossip, storytelling. Oh well you heard what happened at school the other day while she did this and oh, he responded like this, or did you see what so and so posted on social media? Oh my god, I can't believe that they said that this sort of talk that is just really entertainment, a cheap form of entertainment, we're not supposed to engage in it as Muslims, right? We're supposed to talk about things that are beneficial. You know, how you doing? How's your family?

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How's your how's your job? Like? What sort of things are you struggling with? Is there anything I can do to help pay? Let's go, let's, let's go do this thing together. Right? These are things that benefit each other. But when you start talking about other people, you start talking about other people's drama. That's something that wastes your time. And it hurts other people, when it gets back to that person that you're talking about, like, Oh, I heard it from so and so they were talking about you. The person starts looking around, it's like, I thought I could trust that person. Now I find that they're talking about me behind my back. So this is something that really takes away from

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community life. Everybody feels worse. If you live in a community or even a family, and everybody's just talking about each other talking about each other behind their back. Everybody's on guard. Nobody trusts each other. And that can't happen. So Islam says stick to something that's useful, stick to something that has benefit and don't get involved in this type of gossip.